How to Edit Your Name on Facebook: A Step-by-Step Guide

Changing your name on Facebook is straightforward. Go to your account’s settings, find the name section, and enter your new name. Save the changes, and you’re done. This process does have some restrictions, like name-change limits, which we’ll cover in more detail below.

Step-by-Step Tutorial to Edit Your Name on Facebook

Changing your name on Facebook is simple, but you need to follow these steps to do it right. Let’s break it down.

Step 1: Log into Your Facebook Account

First, log into your Facebook account.

Ensure you’re using the correct login credentials. If you can’t remember your password, use the “Forgot Password” feature to reset it.

Step 2: Go to Settings & Privacy

Click on the downward arrow in the top-right corner and select “Settings & Privacy,” then “Settings.”

This will take you to the main settings page where you can manage your account details.

Step 3: Select “Name” from the General Account Settings

Under the “General” tab, you’ll see “Name.” Click on “Edit” next to it.

Here, you can see your current name and the fields to enter your new name.

Step 4: Enter Your New Name

Type in your first name, middle name (if any), and last name into the appropriate fields.

Make sure you follow Facebook’s naming policies. Avoid using symbols, numbers, or unusual capitalization.

Step 5: Review Changes and Enter Your Password

Click “Review Change” and then enter your Facebook password to confirm.

You’ll see a preview of how your name will appear. Double-check for any mistakes.

Step 6: Save Changes

Finally, click “Save Changes” to update your name.

Your new name will now be updated on your profile. It might take a few hours for the change to reflect everywhere on Facebook.

After you complete these steps, your new name will display on your profile, in search results, and in messages. Keep in mind that frequent name changes might trigger Facebook’s security checks, delaying the update.

Tips for Editing Your Name on Facebook

  • Avoid using special characters: Stick to letters only.
  • Follow Facebook’s name policy: Use your real name as it appears on official documents.
  • Don’t change your name too often: You can only change your name once every 60 days.
  • Double-check spelling: Make sure everything is correct before saving.
  • Keep it simple: Avoid adding unnecessary middle names or initials.

Frequently Asked Questions about Editing Your Name on Facebook

Can I use a nickname instead of my real name?

Facebook prefers you use your real name, but you can add a nickname in the “Other Names” section.

How often can I change my name on Facebook?

You can change your name once every 60 days.

What happens if I enter an incorrect name?

You can edit it again, but you might have to wait 60 days to change it.

Can I use symbols or numbers in my name?

No, Facebook’s policy does not allow symbols, numbers, or unusual capitalization.

Why is Facebook not accepting my new name?

Make sure your new name follows Facebook’s naming policies and guidelines.


  1. Log into your Facebook account.
  2. Go to Settings & Privacy.
  3. Select “Name” from the General Account Settings.
  4. Enter your new name.
  5. Review changes and enter your password.
  6. Save changes.


Changing your name on Facebook is a pretty straightforward process, but it’s important to follow the steps correctly to avoid any issues. This guide has shown you how to navigate through your settings and update your name, ensuring that everything is done by the book. Remember to follow Facebook’s naming policies, and you won’t face any hiccups along the way.

If you found this guide helpful, keep an eye out for more tips and tricks on making the most out of your social media experience. Whether it’s updating your profile picture or securing your account, knowing how to tweak your settings can make a world of difference. So go ahead, make that name change with confidence!

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