How to Change WiFi on Chromecast: A Step-by-Step Guide

Changing the WiFi on your Chromecast device is simpler than you might think! In just a few steps, you can update your device to a new network and get back to streaming your favorite shows and movies.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Change WiFi on Chromecast

Before we dive into the steps, let’s understand what we’re aiming to achieve. Changing the WiFi on Chromecast is all about updating the device to connect to a new network. This is useful when you’ve changed your WiFi password, moved to a new place, or simply want to switch networks.

Step 1: Make sure your mobile device or tablet is connected to the same WiFi network as your Chromecast

This step is crucial because you need to communicate with your Chromecast to change its settings.

Your Chromecast can only be configured from a device that’s on the same network. So, grab your smartphone or tablet and hook it up to the WiFi network that your Chromecast is currently using.

Step 2: Open the Google Home app

The Google Home app is your command center for all things Chromecast.

Once you’ve made sure your device is on the same network as your Chromecast, open the Google Home app. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Step 3: Tap on your Chromecast device

In the app, you’ll see a list of devices. Tap on the Chromecast that you want to change the WiFi for.

After you open the Google Home app, look for the device list and find your Chromecast. It should show up by its name, which you might have set up as “Living Room TV” or something similar.

Step 4: Tap on the settings cog icon

The settings cog is where you’ll find the option to change your WiFi settings.

In the top-right corner of your Chromecast’s device page, you’ll see this cog or gear icon. Tap on it to open the device settings.

Step 5: Tap on ‘WiFi’ and then on ‘Forget this network’

This will disconnect your Chromecast from its current WiFi network.

By choosing “Forget this network,” you’re telling your Chromecast to erase the current WiFi details. Don’t worry; this is exactly what you want to do to set up a new connection.

Step 6: Follow the setup process to reconnect to a new WiFi network

Now, it’s like setting up your Chromecast for the first time, but just for the WiFi part.

After forgetting the network, you’ll be prompted to set up your Chromecast again. This time, when asked for WiFi details, enter the new network’s information. Make sure you have the new WiFi password handy!

After you complete these steps, your Chromecast will be connected to the new WiFi network. You can start streaming content again, just like before, but on the new network.

Tips: How to Change WiFi on Chromecast

  • Make sure your mobile device’s Bluetooth is turned on during the setup process, as this can help with connecting to your Chromecast.
  • If you have multiple Chromecast devices, repeat these steps for each one to change their WiFi networks.
  • Keep your Chromecast firmware updated to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of the Google Home app.
  • Double-check that you’re entering the correct WiFi password to avoid connection issues.
  • Remember, if you change your WiFi network’s name or password in the future, you’ll need to update your Chromecast settings again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t find my Chromecast in the Google Home app?

Make sure that your mobile device is connected to the same network as your Chromecast. If it still doesn’t show up, try restarting both your Chromecast and the mobile device.

Can I use a different device to change the WiFi on my Chromecast?

Yes, you can use any mobile device or tablet that has the Google Home app installed, as long as it’s connected to the same network as the Chromecast.

What happens if I enter the wrong WiFi password?

Your Chromecast won’t be able to connect to the network. You’ll need to go back and enter the correct password.

How do I update my Chromecast firmware?

Your Chromecast should update automatically when connected to the internet. You can check for updates in the Google Home app settings for your device.

Can I connect my Chromecast to a hidden WiFi network?

Yes, you can. During the setup process, there’s an option to enter the network name and password manually for hidden networks.


  1. Ensure your device is connected to the same WiFi as Chromecast.
  2. Open the Google Home app.
  3. Tap on your Chromecast device.
  4. Tap on the settings cog icon.
  5. Tap on ‘WiFi’ and then ‘Forget this network.’
  6. Set up a new WiFi connection for your Chromecast.


Changing the WiFi on Chromecast is a breeze once you know the steps. It’s a simple process that involves forgetting the current network and reconnecting to a new one through the Google Home app. With these steps, you can quickly update your Chromecast’s WiFi settings and get back to enjoying your streaming content without any hassle. Whether you’re moving to a new place or just got a new router, knowing how to change your Chromecast WiFi is a handy skill. So, go ahead and give it a try, and if you have any questions, remember that the Google Home app and Chromecast support are just a few taps away.

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