How to Change the Ring Doorbell Sound: A Step-by-Step Guide

Hey there, fellow Ring Doorbell users! Have you ever thought about changing the sound of your Ring Doorbell? Well, it’s actually pretty simple to do. All you need is the Ring app on your smartphone, and you’ll be able to customize your doorbell ring to something that suits your style. Let’s get into how you can make that change, shall we?

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Change the Ring Doorbell Sound

Before we dive into the steps, let’s talk about what we’re aiming to achieve here. Changing the ring sound of your doorbell can make your home feel more personalized. Maybe you want a seasonal jingle for the holidays, or perhaps you just want something different from the standard chime. Whatever the reason, the following steps will guide you through the process.

Step 1: Open the Ring App

Open the Ring app on your smartphone to get started.

Once you’ve opened the app, you’ll be greeted with the dashboard. This is where you can control all the settings for your Ring devices.

Step 2: Select Your Device

Tap on the Ring Doorbell device that you want to change the sound for.

If you have more than one Ring device, make sure to select the correct one. Each device has its own settings, so changes to one won’t affect the others.

Step 3: Go to Device Settings

Once you’ve selected your device, tap on ‘Device Settings’ to access more options.

In ‘Device Settings’, you’ll find all sorts of customization options for your doorbell, including motion settings and alert settings.

Step 4: Tap on Alert Settings

In ‘Device Settings’, find and tap on ‘Alert Settings’.

‘Alert Settings’ is where you can manage how your Ring Doorbell notifies you of activity. This includes motion alerts and, of course, the ring sound.

Step 5: Select ‘App Alert Tones’

Inside ‘Alert Settings’, tap on ‘App Alert Tones’.

‘App Alert Tones’ is the specific setting you’ll need to change to customize your ring sound. Here, you’ll find a list of different tones to choose from.

Step 6: Choose a New Ringtone

Browse through the available ringtones and select one that you like.

You can preview each ringtone by tapping on it. Take your time to find one that you really enjoy!

Step 7: Save Your Selection

After selecting a new ringtone, make sure to save your changes.

Don’t forget this step, or your new ringtone won’t take effect. You should get a confirmation that your settings have been saved.

After completing these steps, your Ring Doorbell will now chime with the new sound you selected. Visitors will be greeted with your personalized ringtone, adding a unique touch to your home’s entrance.

Tips: Enhancing Your Ring Doorbell Experience

  • Keep your app updated to ensure you have access to the latest ringtones.
  • Consider the volume of your new ringtone; you want it to be audible but not disruptive.
  • Think about the context of your ringtone. Is it appropriate for all seasons and occasions?
  • Remember that changing the ringtone on your app doesn’t change the chime from the doorbell itself.
  • Experiment with different sounds until you find the perfect one for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I change the ringtone on my Ring Doorbell?

You can change it as often as you like; there are no limits to how many times you can customize your ringtone.

It’s your doorbell, so feel free to switch things up whenever the mood strikes you!

Will changing the ringtone on my app change it for everyone in the house?

Yes, the change will apply to anyone who gets alerts from the Ring Doorbell on their device.

Make sure your household is on board with the new ringtone, or there may be some confusion at the door!

What if I can’t find a ringtone I like?

Ring periodically updates the list of available ringtones, so keep an eye out for new additions.

In the meantime, explore other settings in the app. You might find other ways to personalize your Ring experience.

Can I use my own recording as a ringtone?

Currently, Ring doesn’t support custom recordings for ringtones.

Stay tuned for updates, though, as Ring is always adding new features based on customer feedback.

Is there a cost associated with changing the ringtone?

Nope, changing the ringtone is completely free.

Feel free to change it as many times as you want without worrying about any hidden charges.


  1. Open the Ring App.
  2. Select your device.
  3. Go to Device Settings.
  4. Tap on Alert Settings.
  5. Select App Alert Tones.
  6. Choose a new ringtone.
  7. Save your selection.


In conclusion, customizing your Ring Doorbell sound is a fun and simple way to add a bit of personality to your home. With the easy steps outlined above, you can have a new ringtone set up in no time. Just imagine, instead of the usual ding-dong, your guests could be welcomed with a cheerful jingle or a soft chime that perfectly matches your style. It’s these little touches that make a house feel like a home, right?

So go ahead, give it a try! Who knows, you might just become the envy of your neighbors with your cool, new doorbell sound. And if you ever get tired of it, well, you know exactly how to change it again. Have fun with it, and let your Ring Doorbell ring in a way that’s uniquely you.

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