How to Change Administrator Email on Windows 11: A Step-by-Step Guide

Changing the administrator email on Windows 11 isn’t as daunting as it sounds. In just a few easy steps, you can update the email associated with your admin account. This quick guide will show you how to do it, ensuring your system stays secure and your information remains up-to-date.

How to Change Administrator Email on Windows 11

In this section, we’ll break down the process of changing the administrator email on Windows 11. Follow these steps to seamlessly update your email address.

Step 1: Open Settings

First, open the Settings app on your Windows 11 device.

To do this, click on the Start button and then select the gear icon. You can also press Win + I on your keyboard. The Settings app is your control center for everything on your computer.

Step 2: Go to Accounts

Next, navigate to the Accounts section.

In the Settings window, find and click on “Accounts.” This section manages all user-related settings, including your email.

Step 3: Select Your Info

Choose the “Your info” option from the menu.

Under Accounts, click on “Your info.” This is where you will see your current admin email and other personal details.

Step 4: Sign in with a Microsoft Account

Click on “Sign in with a Microsoft account instead.”

If you are using a local account, you will need to switch to a Microsoft account to change the email. Enter your current account details when prompted.

Step 5: Add New Email

Add the new email and sign in.

Once signed in, go to the “Manage my Microsoft account” link. Here, you can add a new email address. Make sure to verify the new email by following the instructions sent to your inbox.

After completing these steps, your administrator email will be updated. Any notifications or settings linked to your admin email will now be associated with the new address.

Tips on How to Change Administrator Email on Windows 11

  • Backup Your Data:
    Always back up important data before making changes to your account.

  • Use a Strong Password:
    Make sure the new email account has a strong, unique password.

  • Verify Your Email:
    Don’t forget to verify the new email address to ensure everything works correctly.

  • Check Sync Settings:
    After updating, check your sync settings to see if any adjustments are needed.

  • Review Security Settings:
    Revisit your security settings to confirm that they are still configured correctly with the new email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I revert back to my old email?

Yes, you can revert back by following the steps above and entering your previous email.

Is my data safe during this change?

As long as you verify your new email and have a strong password, your data will remain secure.

What if I forget my new email password?

Follow the password recovery steps provided by Microsoft to regain access to your account.

Will I lose my settings?

No, your settings and preferences should remain intact when changing your email.

Can this be done with a local account?

No, you need to switch to a Microsoft account to change the administrator email.


  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to Accounts.
  3. Select Your Info.
  4. Sign in with a Microsoft Account.
  5. Add New Email.


Changing the administrator email on Windows 11 is simpler than it seems. By following the steps outlined above, you can ensure that your system remains secure and your email address is up-to-date. With this new email, you’ll continue to receive important notifications and access to your account features.

Remember to back up your data, use a strong password, and verify your email to maintain security. Whether you’re switching emails for personal reasons or because of a security concern, knowing how to make this change efficiently can save you a lot of headaches down the road.

For more detailed guides on managing your Windows 11 settings, be sure to check out our other articles. And don’t hesitate to revisit this guide whenever you need a reminder on how to change the administrator email on Windows 11. Happy computing!

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