How to Bypass Touch ID on iPad: A Comprehensive Guide

Need to get past Touch ID on your iPad? Whether you’ve forgotten your fingerprint or just need quick access, you can do it. Here’s a quick way to bypass Touch ID: simply press the Home button and enter your passcode. This will let you into your iPad even if Touch ID isn’t working.

How to Bypass Touch ID on iPad

These steps will help you bypass Touch ID on your iPad. This guide will show you how to use your device when Touch ID fails or isn’t available.

Step 1: Press the Home Button

First, press the Home button on your iPad.

When you press the Home button, it wakes up the iPad and brings you to the lock screen. This step is crucial to start bypassing Touch ID.

Step 2: Choose the Passcode Option

Next, choose the option to enter your passcode.

You’ll see a prompt asking for your fingerprint. Instead of trying again, click on the “Enter Passcode” option below the screen.

Step 3: Enter Your Passcode

Now, enter your passcode.

This is the code you set up when you first configured your iPad. After entering the correct code, your iPad will unlock, bypassing the need for Touch ID.

Step 4: Access Your iPad

Finally, access your iPad normally.

You’ll now be inside your iPad, able to use all your apps and features as usual.

After you complete these steps, you’ll bypass the Touch ID and gain access to your iPad. Just remember to keep your passcode handy in case Touch ID fails again.

Tips for Bypassing Touch ID on iPad

  • Keep your passcode simple but secure. Don’t use common numbers like ‘1234’ or ‘0000’.
  • Regularly clean your Touch ID sensor. Dirt can interfere with the fingerprint.
  • Update your iPad software. Sometimes, software updates fix issues with Touch ID.
  • Re-register your fingerprint if Touch ID frequently fails. Go to settings and set it up again.
  • Use other security measures like Face ID if available on newer devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my passcode if I forget it?

If you forget your passcode, you will need to reset your iPad through iTunes or iCloud. This will erase the device, so you should back it up regularly.

Can I use Face ID instead of Touch ID?

Yes, if your iPad model supports Face ID, you can set it up in the settings under “Face ID & Passcode.”

Why is my Touch ID not working?

Touch ID may fail due to dirty sensors, software bugs, or misconfigured settings. Try cleaning the sensor and updating your software.

What should I do if my fingerprint isn’t recognized?

You can always fall back on your passcode. Also, try re-enrolling your fingerprint in the settings.

Is Touch ID secure?

Yes, Touch ID is generally secure, but always have a strong passcode as a backup.


  1. Press the Home button.
  2. Choose the passcode option.
  3. Enter your passcode.
  4. Access your iPad.


Bypassing Touch ID on your iPad is straightforward if you know your passcode. While Touch ID is a convenient feature, it’s good to have a backup plan in case it fails. Following these steps ensures you always have access to your device, even when technology lets you down.

Always keep your passcode memorized or securely stored. Regularly update and maintain your device to avoid issues with Touch ID. If you encounter frequent problems, consider consulting Apple support for further assistance.

This guide aims to provide a quick yet comprehensive solution to bypassing Touch ID on your iPad. Remember, having multiple security layers can save you a lot of hassle. Stay informed and keep your iPad secure!

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