How to Block a Website on iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide for Parents

Blocking a website on an iPad is a straightforward process that involves adjusting the device’s settings. By following a few simple steps, you can restrict access to specific websites, making it a valuable tool for parental controls or personal productivity. Here’s how you can do it: Go to Settings, open Screen Time, enable it if necessary, then go to Content & Privacy Restrictions, and finally, add the websites you want to block.

Blocking a Website on iPad

In this section, we’ll walk through the steps to block a website on an iPad. This will help you control access to certain websites, making the iPad safer for children or more focused for work.

Step 1: Open Settings

Go to your iPad’s Home screen and tap on the Settings app.

The Settings app is usually represented by a gear icon. Make sure you have your iPad updated to the latest iOS version to ensure all features are available.

Step 2: Access Screen Time

Scroll down and tap on Screen Time.

Screen Time is a feature that helps you manage how you use your devices. If you haven’t set it up yet, you’ll need to follow the prompts to enable it.

Step 3: Enable Screen Time (If Not Already Enabled)

If Screen Time isn’t already enabled, tap “Turn On Screen Time” and follow the prompts.

You’ll need to set up a Screen Time passcode. This passcode will be necessary to change any Screen Time settings in the future, so choose something you’ll remember.

Step 4: Tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions

Within Screen Time, tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions.

Content & Privacy Restrictions allow you to control the type of content available on the iPad. Make sure this feature is turned on by sliding the toggle switch.

Step 5: Add Websites to Block

Scroll down and tap on “Web Content,” then choose “Limit Adult Websites” or “Allowed Websites Only.” To block specific websites, add them under “Never Allow.”

In the “Never Allow” section, you can add URLs of the websites you want to block. Simply tap “Add Website,” enter the URL, and save it.

After you complete these steps, the specified websites will be blocked on the iPad. When trying to access them, a restriction message will appear instead.

Tips for Blocking a Website on iPad

  • Use a Strong Passcode: Make sure your Screen Time passcode is something difficult to guess.
  • Regularly Update: Keep your iPad updated to the latest iOS version for the best security features.
  • Check Restrictions Regularly: Periodically review the websites you’ve blocked to ensure they’re still relevant.
  • Use for Productivity: Blocking distracting websites can help improve focus and productivity.
  • Explore Screen Time Features: Beyond website blocking, explore other Screen Time features like app limits and downtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I block websites on an iPad without using Screen Time?

No, the Screen Time feature is necessary for blocking websites on an iPad. It provides a centralized way to manage various content restrictions.

Can I block specific pages within a website?

No, the blocking feature works for entire websites. If you block a domain, all pages under that domain will be restricted.

Is it possible to block websites on Safari only?

The restrictions apply to all browsers on the iPad, not just Safari. This ensures comprehensive blocking across all internet access points.

Can children bypass these restrictions?

If they know the Screen Time passcode, they can change settings. Ensure the passcode is kept confidential.

Does this method work on all iPad models?

Yes, as long as the iPad is running an iOS version that supports Screen Time, these steps will work.


  1. Open Settings.
  2. Access Screen Time.
  3. Enable Screen Time (if not enabled).
  4. Tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  5. Add websites to block.


Blocking websites on an iPad is a handy feature that can enhance both safety and productivity. Whether you’re a parent wanting to safeguard your child’s online experience or someone looking to minimize distractions, the steps outlined above make it easy. With iOS’s built-in Screen Time feature, you have a robust tool to control web access.

It’s important to remember that keeping your device updated and your passcode secure will ensure continued effectiveness. Explore other Screen Time features to further tailor the iPad experience to your needs.

Blocking specific websites is just the beginning. Consider using this feature alongside other tools and techniques to create a balanced, focused, and safe digital environment. Whether for work, study, or leisure, these settings can help you or your loved ones make the most out of an iPad. For more detailed guides and tips, be sure to check out additional resources or consult Apple’s support site.

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