How to Add Music to iMovie on iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Adding music to iMovie on your iPad can give your videos the extra kick they need to stand out. It’s a straightforward process: just import your desired music, drag it to your timeline, and adjust as necessary. In no time, you’ll have a professional-sounding video.

Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to Add Music to iMovie on iPad

In this section, we’ll guide you through the steps to add music to your iMovie project on an iPad. Follow these steps, and you’ll be rocking out to your customized video in no time.

Step 1: Open iMovie and Create a New Project

First, open the iMovie app on your iPad and start a new project.

To do this, tap on the “Create Project” button. Then, choose the type of project you want, either “Movie” or “Trailer.” Most people will select “Movie.”

Step 2: Import Your Video Clips

Next, import the video clips you want to edit by tapping on the “Import” button.

Select the clips from your Photos library or other sources. Once chosen, they’ll appear in your project timeline, ready for editing.

Step 3: Tap on the ‘Add Media’ Button

Now, tap on the ‘Add Media’ button that looks like a plus sign.

This will open a menu where you can choose from various media options. You’re looking for the “Audio” section to add your music.

Step 4: Select ‘Audio’ and Choose Your Music

Under the ‘Add Media’ menu, tap on “Audio,” then choose from “Soundtracks,” “My Music,” or “Imported.”

Browse through the available options and select your desired track. Make sure it’s something that fits the mood of your video.

Step 5: Drag the Music to Your Timeline

After selecting your music, drag it down to the timeline where your video clips are.

Adjust the music’s length to match your video by dragging the edges of the music clip. You can also move it to start at any point in your video.

Step 6: Edit the Audio Settings

Tap on the music clip in the timeline to bring up audio settings.

Here, you can adjust the volume, fade-in or fade-out effects, and other audio settings to make sure your music fits perfectly with your video.

Once you’ve completed these steps, your music will be added to your iMovie project, giving it the perfect soundtrack.

Tips for Adding Music to iMovie on iPad

  • Ensure your music is royalty-free or you have permission to use it to avoid copyright issues.
  • Use fade-in and fade-out effects to make your music transitions smooth and professional.
  • Adjust the volume so the music doesn’t overpower any dialogue or important sounds in your video.
  • Experiment with different tracks to find the perfect fit for the mood of your video.
  • Save your project frequently to avoid losing any progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Apple Music tracks in iMovie?

No, tracks from Apple Music are protected by DRM and cannot be used in iMovie. You can only use music that you own or have imported without DRM protection.

How do I adjust the volume of the music in iMovie?

Tap on the music clip in the timeline, then use the volume slider in the audio settings to adjust the volume.

Can I add sound effects in iMovie?

Yes, you can add sound effects by tapping on the ‘Add Media’ button and selecting ‘Audio’, then ‘Sound Effects’.

How do I trim the music to fit my video?

Drag the edges of the music clip in the timeline to shorten or lengthen it. You can also split the clip by tapping on it and selecting ‘Split.’

What audio formats are supported in iMovie on iPad?

iMovie supports a variety of audio formats, including MP3, AAC, and WAV.


  1. Open iMovie and create a new project.
  2. Import your video clips.
  3. Tap on the ‘Add Media’ button.
  4. Select ‘Audio’ and choose your music.
  5. Drag the music to your timeline.
  6. Edit the audio settings.


Adding music to iMovie on your iPad can transform a simple video into something truly special. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily import, place, and adjust music tracks to fit your project’s needs perfectly. Remember, the right soundtrack can evoke emotions and set the tone for your video, making it more engaging for your audience.

So, why not give it a try? Open up iMovie on your iPad and start experimenting with different tracks today. Your future self might just thank you for the effort you put into making your videos stand out. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks on iMovie, stay tuned for our upcoming articles. Happy editing!

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