How to Add Animations on Google Slides on iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide

Adding animations to your Google Slides presentation on an iPad is a great way to make your slides more engaging and visually appealing. This guide will take you step-by-step through the process so you can easily add animations to your slides. By the end, you’ll be able to animate text, images, and other elements to enhance your presentations.

How to Add Animations on Google Slides on iPad

In this section, we’ll walk you through the steps needed to add animations to your Google Slides on an iPad. These steps will cover everything from opening the app to applying your chosen animations.

Step 1: Open Google Slides App

First, open the Google Slides app on your iPad.

Make sure you have the Google Slides app installed on your iPad. Open it and sign in with your Google account if necessary.

Step 2: Select Your Presentation

Next, select the presentation you want to edit from the list of available files.

Scroll through your presentations or use the search bar if you have a lot of files. Tap on the one you wish to add animations to.

Step 3: Enter Edit Mode

Once your presentation is open, tap the slide you want to animate to enter edit mode.

Tapping the slide will enable the editing options. This is where you can add or modify elements on your slide.

Step 4: Select the Element

Tap on the text box, image, or object you wish to animate.

Make sure the element is highlighted or selected. You should see a border around it indicating that it’s ready to be edited.

Step 5: Open Animation Options

Tap on the “Format” icon (a paintbrush) and then navigate to the “Animate” tab.

The “Format” icon will open various formatting options. Under the “Animate” tab, you can choose the type of animation you want to apply.

Step 6: Choose Your Animation

Select the type of animation you want from the available options.

You can choose from various animations like fade in, fly in, and more. Pick the one that best suits your presentation.

Step 7: Adjust Animation Settings

Fine-tune the animation settings like duration and delay if needed.

Adjusting these settings can make your animation smoother and more aligned with the flow of your presentation.

Once you’ve completed these steps, the selected element on your slide will be animated. You can preview the animation to ensure it looks the way you want.

Tips for Adding Animations on Google Slides on iPad

  • Keep it Simple: Overloading your slides with too many animations can be distracting. Stick to a few key elements to highlight.
  • Consistent Timing: Make sure your animations are timed consistently to create a smooth flow.
  • Use for Emphasis: Use animations to draw attention to important points, not just for decoration.
  • Test on Different Devices: Preview your presentation on different devices to ensure animations work well everywhere.
  • Save Frequently: Always save your changes frequently to avoid losing your work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove an animation?

To remove an animation, go back to the “Animate” tab and select “None” or delete the animation from the animation list.

Can I animate multiple elements at once?

Yes, you can animate multiple elements by selecting each one and applying animations individually.

Do animations work offline?

Animations may not work properly if you are offline, so ensure you have an internet connection when presenting.

Can I customize animation effects?

While customization is limited on the iPad, you can still adjust basic settings like duration and delay.

Will animations work in shared presentations?

Yes, animations will work in shared presentations as long as they are viewed through Google Slides.


  1. Open Google Slides App.
  2. Select Your Presentation.
  3. Enter Edit Mode.
  4. Select the Element.
  5. Open Animation Options.
  6. Choose Your Animation.
  7. Adjust Animation Settings.


Adding animations on Google Slides on an iPad may seem daunting at first, but it’s actually a simple process once you get the hang of it. These animations can really make your presentations stand out and keep your audience engaged. Whether you’re a student presenting a project or a professional giving a business presentation, knowing how to add these animations can be a valuable skill.

If you found this guide helpful, why not explore other features of Google Slides? There’s a world of possibilities out there to make your presentations even more dynamic and interactive. So go ahead, experiment with different animations, and take your slides to the next level!

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