Deactivate Old Computers from CrashPlan Account

CrashPlan allows you to back up all of the computers that are on your network using one user name and password. Centralizing all of your backup information like this makes it simple to manage all of your information from one computer. Additionally, CrashPlan will even send you email warnings and backup reports periodically to let you know when certain computers are not being backed up. However, these notifications can become something of a nuisance when you replace an old computer, yet that computer remains on the list of machines to back up. If you do not remove the computer from CrashPlan, then you will continue to receive notifications once the computer has gone past your defined threshold for sending warning. Fortunately CrashPlan includes a simple method for deactivating old computers.


Step 1: Launch CrashPlan from the tray in the lower-right corner of your screen.

Launch CrashPlan from Tray


Step 2: Click “Destinations” at the left side of the window.

CrashPlan Destinations


Step 3: Click “Computers” at the top of the window.

Click Computers at the top of the CrashPlan menu


Step 4: Click the computer that you want to deactivate from the list under “Your computers,” then click the “Deactivate Computer” button.

Select the computer to deactivate


Step 5: Check the “I Understand” box, then click “OK.” This will remove the old computer from CrashPlan, and will also delete the backups that you have created for it.

Confirm CrashPlan computer deactivation

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