How to Wipe an iPhone 15: A Step-by-Step Guide

Wiping an iPhone 15 is a simple process that can be done in a few steps. It’s important to do this if you’re selling your phone or just want to start fresh. After reading this quick overview, you’ll understand how to erase all the data and settings from your iPhone 15.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Wipe an iPhone 15

Before we dive into the steps, let’s clarify what this process will do. Wiping your iPhone 15 will erase all the data, including your photos, messages, and apps. It’s like giving your iPhone a fresh start!

Step 1: Back up your data

Before you wipe your iPhone, make sure to back up your data to iCloud or your computer so you don’t lose anything important.

Backing up your data is crucial. You don’t want to lose those precious photos, do you? An iCloud backup is the easiest way, but you can also connect your iPhone 15 to your computer and use iTunes.

Step 2: Sign out of iCloud and the iTunes & App Store

Go to Settings, tap your name, scroll down and sign out. This will ensure that your personal information is not left on the phone after the wipe.

This step is often overlooked, but it’s important for protecting your privacy. Don’t skip it!

Step 3: Erase all content and settings

Head to Settings, tap ‘General’, then ‘Reset’, and select ‘Erase All Content and Settings’. This will completely wipe your iPhone 15.

When you select ‘Erase All Content and Settings’, you’ll be asked to enter your passcode and then to confirm that you want to erase your iPhone. Take a deep breath and go for it!

After you complete the action of wiping your iPhone 15, the phone will restart as if it were brand new. It will display the “Hello” screen, and you’ll have to set it up again if you plan to use it. If not, it’s ready to be sold or given away without any of your personal information on it.

Tips for Wiping Your iPhone 15

  • Make sure your iPhone is fully charged before starting the process.
  • Remove your SIM card and any external storage devices before wiping.
  • If you’re going to sell your iPhone, remember to clean the exterior as well.
  • Consider resetting your iPhone in Recovery Mode if you have issues with the standard wipe process.
  • After wiping, you can restore your data from a backup if you’re continuing to use the phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I forgot my iCloud password?

If you forgot your iCloud password, you’ll need to reset it before you can sign out of iCloud and proceed with the wipe.

You can reset your iCloud password by going to the Apple ID account page or by using the ‘Forgot Password’ option on your iPhone.

Can I wipe my iPhone 15 remotely?

Yes, if you have Find My iPhone enabled, you can wipe your iPhone remotely through

Just log in to your iCloud account, find your device, and choose the ‘Erase iPhone’ option.

Will wiping my iPhone remove the activation lock?

Wiping your iPhone will not remove the activation lock. You’ll need to disable ‘Find My iPhone’ before wiping to remove the lock.

Remember to sign out of iCloud to remove the activation lock.

What should I do if my iPhone won’t wipe?

If your iPhone won’t wipe, you can try resetting it in Recovery Mode or seek assistance from Apple Support.

Sometimes, you may need to use iTunes and a computer to reset your iPhone.

Can I still find my iPhone after wiping it?

Once you wipe your iPhone, the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature will be disabled, and you will not be able to track it anymore.

Make sure you really want to wipe your device before you proceed.


  1. Back up your data.
  2. Sign out of iCloud and the iTunes & App Store.
  3. Erase all content and settings.


Wiping your iPhone 15 is a fairly straightforward process that can give you peace of mind when handing off your device to someone else. It’s a necessary step to ensure your personal data stays personal. While the thought of erasing all your data might seem daunting, remember that with a proper backup, you can always restore your information to a new iPhone. Plus, in the technology-driven world we live in, it’s always smart to take these precautions to safeguard your digital footprint. Whether you’re upgrading to the latest model or simply decluttering your life, wiping your iPhone 15 is a smart move. Don’t forget to follow the above tips and answer those FAQs for a smooth and secure transition. Happy wiping!

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