How to Take a Long Screenshot on iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Taking a long screenshot on an iPhone is simple. You just need to use the built-in screenshot feature and then select the “Full Page” option. This lets you capture content that goes beyond what’s visible on your screen, such as a full webpage or a long conversation in a messaging app. Ready to learn how? Let’s dive in.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Take a Long Screenshot on iPhone

Long screenshots can be super handy, especially when you want to share or save more than what’s just on your screen. Here’s how to do it step by step.

Step 1: Capture a regular screenshot

Press the side button and volume up button at the same time to take a screenshot.

When you take a regular screenshot on your iPhone, a thumbnail temporarily appears in the bottom left corner of your screen. You can tap on this thumbnail to enter the screenshot editor, which is where the magic happens.

Step 2: Tap on the screenshot thumbnail

Tap on the thumbnail to open the screenshot editor.

After tapping on the thumbnail, you’re taken to the screenshot editor. Here, you’ll see the option to switch from the current screen to the full page.

Step 3: Choose the ‘Full Page’ option

Select ‘Full Page’ at the top of the screenshot editor.

By choosing ‘Full Page,’ your iPhone will capture content beyond what is visible on the screen. This is perfect for saving entire articles, long chat threads, or extensive lists.

Step 4: Save or share your long screenshot

Click ‘Done’ and choose to save the entire page in a PDF or share it with others.

After you’ve captured the long screenshot, you can save it to your Files app as a PDF, or you can share it immediately with friends, colleagues, or social media platforms.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll have a long screenshot saved on your iPhone. This can be particularly useful for sharing information that requires more context than a single screen can provide.

Tips: Taking a Long Screenshot on iPhone

  • Ensure your iPhone’s software is up to date for the best screenshot experience.
  • You can edit your long screenshot by adding text, signatures, or magnifying certain areas before saving it.
  • The long screenshot feature works with Safari and Apple’s Mail app. It may not be compatible with all apps.
  • If the “Full Page” option isn’t showing, you might be in an app that doesn’t support long screenshots.
  • Remember, long screenshots are saved as PDFs, not images, so they won’t appear in your Photos app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take a long screenshot in any app?

No, this feature only works in certain apps like Safari and the Mail app.

Do I need any special apps to take a long screenshot on iPhone?

No special apps are needed; the feature is built into the iOS.

Can I edit the long screenshot after taking it?

Yes, you can add text, signatures, and use other markup tools before saving it.

Where is the long screenshot saved on my iPhone?

It’s saved as a PDF in the Files app, not the Photos app.

Can I share the long screenshot right after taking it?

Yes, you can share it immediately or save it for later use.


  1. Capture a regular screenshot
  2. Tap on the screenshot thumbnail
  3. Choose the ‘Full Page’ option
  4. Save or share your long screenshot


Taking a long screenshot on an iPhone is a useful skill that can enhance the way you share and save content. Whether it’s for work, saving a recipe, or keeping a record of an important conversation, this feature can be incredibly handy. Remember, while it’s part of the iOS, not all apps support this feature. As technology continues to evolve, there may be even more seamless ways to capture and share information from our devices. For now, mastering the art of the long screenshot is a simple yet effective tool in your tech-savvy arsenal. Happy screenshotting!

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