How to Screenshot on iPad 9: A Step-by-Step Guide for Easy Captures

If you need to take a screenshot on an iPad 9, it’s super easy. Just press the top button and the volume up button simultaneously. A thumbnail of your screenshot will appear in the bottom-left corner of your screen.

How to Screenshot on iPad 9

Want to capture what’s on your iPad 9 screen? Here’s a simple step-by-step guide that will have you snapping screenshots like a pro in no time.

Step 1: Locate the buttons

Identify the top button and the volume up button on your iPad 9.

These buttons are crucial since you’ll be using them to capture your screen. The top button is generally used for waking up or putting your iPad to sleep. The volume up button is one of two buttons controlling your device’s audio levels.

Step 2: Press the buttons simultaneously

Press the top button and the volume up button at the same time.

Timing is everything here. Pressing both buttons simultaneously ensures that your iPad captures the exact screen you wish to save. You should hear a camera shutter sound if your volume is on.

Step 3: Check the thumbnail

A thumbnail of the screenshot will appear in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

This thumbnail offers a quick preview of your screenshot. You can tap it for options to edit, share, or save it right away. If you ignore it, the screenshot will be automatically saved to your Photos app.

Step 4: Edit the screenshot (optional)

Tap on the thumbnail to open the screenshot editor.

Opening the editor allows you to make quick adjustments. You can crop, add drawings, or highlight important parts. This is useful if you need to share the screenshot immediately and want it to be perfect.

Step 5: Save or Share

Decide whether to save the edited screenshot or share it directly from the editor.

After editing, tap “Done” and choose “Save to Photos” to keep the screenshot. Alternatively, you can use the share icon to send it via email, social media, or other apps.

Once you’ve completed these steps, your screenshot will be stored in the Photos app. From there, you can view, edit, or share it whenever you like.

Tips for Screenshot on iPad 9

  • Make sure to practice pressing the buttons simultaneously to get a hang of it.
  • Use the screenshot editor to add annotations or highlights.
  • If you miss the thumbnail, don’t worry; it’s automatically saved to the Photos app.
  • Turn on “AssistiveTouch” in settings for an alternative method of taking screenshots.
  • Keep your software updated to ensure the screenshot feature works smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take a screenshot without using the buttons?

Yes, you can enable AssistiveTouch in your accessibility settings, which allows for a virtual button to take screenshots.

Where are my screenshots saved?

They are automatically saved in the Photos app, under a folder named “Screenshots.”

Can I take a partial screenshot?

No, but you can crop the screenshot afterward using the screenshot editor.

What if my buttons don’t work?

Using AssistiveTouch can be a reliable alternative if your physical buttons are malfunctioning.

How do I take a screenshot during a video call?

The method is the same. Press the top button and the volume up button simultaneously. Just remember to do it quickly to capture the right moment.


  1. Identify the top and volume up buttons.
  2. Press both buttons simultaneously.
  3. Check the thumbnail.
  4. Edit the screenshot (optional).
  5. Save or share the screenshot.


Taking screenshots on an iPad 9 is a quick and handy way to capture important information, memorable moments, or anything you want to save and share. With just a simple press of two buttons, you can capture your screen, edit it, and save it for future use.

Remember to practice the timing of pressing the buttons together. If you ever find the physical buttons tricky to use, AssistiveTouch offers a great alternative. The screenshot feature is incredibly versatile and can be used in various scenarios, from saving online recipes to sharing snippets of conversations.

Keep exploring and make the most of your iPad 9’s capabilities. Happy screenshotting!

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