How to Screenshot on iPad 9th Gen: A Step-by-Step Guide for Users

Taking a screenshot on your iPad 9th Gen is a piece of cake. Simply press the top button and the volume up button simultaneously. You’ll see a quick flash on the screen, and voilà, your screenshot is saved in the Photos app. There you have it—easy as pie!

How to Screenshot on iPad 9th Gen

This section will walk you through the steps to capture a screenshot on your iPad 9th Gen. Ready? Here we go!

Step 1: Press the Top Button and Volume Up Button

Hold down the top button (the one that locks your screen) and the volume up button at the same time.

These buttons are located on the edge of your iPad. The top button is on the upper edge, while the volume up button is on the right side. Press them together quickly to avoid triggering other functions.

Step 2: Wait for the Screen Flash

Once you press both buttons, your screen will flash briefly to indicate the screenshot has been taken.

The flash confirms that the iPad has successfully captured the screen. If you don’t see a flash, you may need to try pressing the buttons again.

Step 3: Find Your Screenshot in the Photos App

Open the Photos app to view your newly captured screenshot.

The Photos app is where all your images and screenshots are stored. You can find your screenshot in the “Recents” folder.

Step 4: Edit Your Screenshot

Tap on the screenshot within the Photos app to edit it.

Editing tools like cropping, drawing, and adding text are available in the Photos app. This can help you highlight important parts of the screenshot.

Step 5: Share Your Screenshot

Use the share button in the Photos app to send your screenshot to friends or upload it online.

The share button looks like a box with an arrow pointing up. Tap it to share your screenshot via email, social media, or other apps.

After you complete these steps, your screenshot will be saved and ready for viewing or sharing. You’ll see the captured image in the Photos app, where you can edit or share it as needed.

Tips for Screenshots on iPad 9th Gen

  • Ensure your volume is up. A sound indicates the screenshot was successful.
  • Practice pressing the buttons simultaneously to get the timing right.
  • If you accidentally press the wrong button, simply try again.
  • Use AssistiveTouch if you find pressing buttons difficult. It allows screen captures through on-screen controls.
  • Keep your Photos app organized by creating folders for different types of screenshots.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my iPad doesn’t capture the screenshot?

If pressing the buttons doesn’t work, make sure you’re pressing them at the same time. If the issue persists, check your iPad’s settings or restart your device.

Can I take a screenshot with AssistiveTouch?

Yes! Go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > AssistiveTouch. Turn on AssistiveTouch and use the on-screen menu to take a screenshot.

How do I edit my screenshot?

Open the Photos app and tap on the screenshot. Use the edit button to crop, draw, or add text.

Where are my screenshots saved?

Screenshots are saved in the Photos app under the “Recents” folder.

Can I share my screenshots?

Absolutely! Use the share button in the Photos app to send screenshots via email, social media, or other apps.


  1. Press the top button and volume up button simultaneously.
  2. Wait for the screen flash.
  3. Find your screenshot in the Photos app.
  4. Edit your screenshot.
  5. Share your screenshot.


Taking a screenshot on your iPad 9th Gen is super simple once you get the hang of it. This handy feature can save important information, capture high scores in games, or even create memes. With just a quick press of two buttons, you can immortalize anything on your screen.

Remember, if the physical buttons are tricky for you, AssistiveTouch offers a great alternative. Practicing these steps will make you a screenshot pro in no time. For more tips and tricks, keep exploring your device’s settings and make the most out of your iPad 9th Gen.

Happy screenshotting!

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