How to Run Windows on iPad: A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide

Running Windows on an iPad might sound like an impossible task, but it’s entirely doable with the right tools. By using a remote desktop application, you can seamlessly access and control a Windows computer from your iPad. Here’s a quick guide to get you started: you’ll need a Windows PC, a stable internet connection, and a remote desktop app installed on both your Windows machine and iPad.

How to Run Windows on an iPad

Here’s a detailed, step-by-step guide that will walk you through running Windows on your iPad using the Microsoft Remote Desktop app.

Step 1: Download Microsoft Remote Desktop

First, download the Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the App Store.

This app is free and should only take a few moments to install. You’ll also need to install the app on your Windows PC. Visit the Microsoft website or the Microsoft Store on your PC to get the Windows version.

Step 2: Set Up Your Windows PC

Next, configure your Windows machine to allow remote connections.

Go to your PC’s settings, click on “System,” then “Remote Desktop.” Toggle the switch to enable Remote Desktop. Make sure your PC’s firewall settings allow remote connections.

Step 3: Note Down Your PC’s Name

Find and note down your PC’s name for future reference.

You can find this information under the “System” section in your PC’s settings. This name will be used to connect from your iPad.

Step 4: Open Microsoft Remote Desktop on iPad

Launch the Remote Desktop app on your iPad and click on the “+” button to add a new connection.

You’ll be prompted to enter details about your Windows PC. Use the PC name you noted down earlier.

Step 5: Enter Your Credentials

Enter the necessary credentials to establish the connection.

You’ll need to input your Windows username and password. This security step ensures that only authorized users can access your PC.

Step 6: Start the Connection

Click “Save,” then select your PC from the list to start the connection.

The app will establish a connection, allowing you to see and control your Windows desktop from your iPad.

After you complete these steps, your iPad will display your Windows desktop. You can now run Windows applications, access files, and perform tasks just as you would on your PC.

Tips for Running Windows on an iPad

  • Ensure a strong, stable internet connection on both devices to avoid lag.
  • Adjust display settings in the Remote Desktop app for better performance.
  • Use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for easier navigation.
  • Regularly update both the app and your Windows OS for security reasons.
  • Close unnecessary programs on your Windows PC to improve the remote session’s speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I run all Windows applications on my iPad using Remote Desktop?

Yes, you can run any application installed on your Windows PC, as the iPad is merely a display and control terminal.

Is the Microsoft Remote Desktop app free?

Yes, the app is free to download and use on both your iPad and Windows PC.

Do I need a Microsoft account to use Remote Desktop?

No, a Microsoft account is not required, but you will need the username and password for the Windows PC you are accessing.

Can I use Remote Desktop without an internet connection?

No, a stable internet connection is mandatory for both devices to establish and maintain the remote connection.

Is there any noticeable lag while using Remote Desktop?

Lag depends on your internet speed and the performance of your Windows PC. A strong, stable internet connection minimizes lag.


  1. Download Microsoft Remote Desktop.
  2. Set up your Windows PC.
  3. Note down your PC’s name.
  4. Open Microsoft Remote Desktop on iPad.
  5. Enter your credentials.
  6. Start the connection.


Running Windows on an iPad can be a game-changer, especially if you need to access Windows-specific software or files while on the go. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily set up a remote desktop connection between your iPad and Windows PC. This setup not only broadens the capabilities of your iPad but also offers the convenience of having your Windows environment accessible from virtually anywhere. If you found this guide helpful, why not dive deeper? Explore additional functionalities of the Microsoft Remote Desktop app such as multi-monitor support or custom display resolutions. Start maximizing your productivity by combining the best of both worlds—Windows and iPad—today!

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