How to Remove Parental Controls on Android: A Step-by-Step Guide

Parental controls on Android devices are a great way to keep your kids safe online, but there comes a time when they may no longer be necessary. Removing these restrictions can be a straightforward process, provided you have the necessary information and access. Let’s dive into how you can regain full control of your Android device.

Step by Step Tutorial: Removing Parental Controls on Android

Before we start removing parental controls, it’s essential to understand that this process will give you complete access to all the features and apps on your Android device. Make sure that this is what you want before proceeding.

Step 1: Access the Parental Controls Settings

Open the device’s main settings menu and navigate to the parental controls section.

This step may vary depending on the device and version of Android, but typically, you’ll find the parental controls in the ‘Users & accounts’ or ‘Digital Wellbeing & parental controls’ sections.

Step 2: Enter the Parental Controls PIN

You will be prompted to enter the PIN that was created when the parental controls were first set up.

If you’ve forgotten the PIN, you might need to reset it. This process can also vary, but often, you’ll have an option to reset it via email or security questions.

Step 3: Disable Parental Controls

Once you’ve entered the correct PIN, you should see an option to turn off or disable the parental controls.

Disabling the parental controls will remove all restrictions previously set, including app limitations, content filtering, and purchase restrictions.

After you complete these steps, your Android device will no longer have any parental control restrictions. You’ll be able to access all apps and features, and make changes to settings without any limitations.

Tips for Removing Parental Controls on Android

  • Always remember the PIN you set for parental controls, as you’ll need it to remove restrictions.
  • If your child is old enough, talk to them about responsible device usage before removing parental controls.
  • Keep in mind that removing parental controls will also remove any content filtering, so ensure you have discussed this with your child if necessary.
  • Consider using alternative apps with built-in parental control features if you still want some level of oversight.
  • Make a backup of important data before making significant changes to the device settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I forget the Parental Controls PIN?

If you forget the PIN, you can typically reset it using the email address associated with the account or by answering security questions.

Will removing parental controls delete any apps or data?

No, removing parental controls will not delete any apps or data. It simply lifts the restrictions that were in place.

Can I set up parental controls again after removing them?

Yes, you can always set up parental controls again by going back into the settings and re-enabling the features you desire.

Is it possible to remove parental controls without the PIN?

Generally, you need the PIN to remove parental controls. If you can’t remember it, look for an option to reset it.

Can I remove parental controls remotely?

In some cases, if you manage the device through a family account or third-party app, you may be able to change settings remotely.


  1. Access the Parental Controls settings in the main settings menu.
  2. Enter the Parental Controls PIN when prompted.
  3. Disable Parental Controls to remove all restrictions.


Ah, freedom! Removing parental controls on your Android device isn’t too tricky, right? With a few taps and the right PIN, you can take back full command of your digital companion. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility—especially if you’re lifting restrictions for a younger user. Make this transition a teachable moment; have a chat about online safety, responsible usage, and the vast ocean of content they’re about to set sail on. If you ever need to reinstate those boundaries, Android’s flexible enough to let you do just that. So go on, enjoy your unrestricted access, but stay savvy, secure, and smart online. After all, that’s what being in control is all about when it comes to removing parental controls on android.