How to Insert Hyperlinks on Tumblr: A Step-by-Step Guide

Inserting hyperlinks on Tumblr is a simple process that can enhance your blog posts by providing additional context and resources. By adding links, you can direct your readers to other web pages, articles, images, videos, or any other online content related to your post. To insert a hyperlink, you’ll need to access the post editor, highlight the text you want to link, click the link icon, paste the URL, and save your changes.

After inserting the hyperlink, your selected text will become clickable, and when readers click on it, they’ll be taken to the linked web page. This can improve user engagement and provide a richer reading experience on your Tumblr blog.


Tumblr is a fantastic platform for sharing your thoughts, art, and discoveries with a broad audience. A key aspect of creating engaging content on Tumblr, or any blog for that matter, is the ability to add hyperlinks to your posts. Hyperlinks, commonly referred to as “links,” are essential for connecting your content with other related information across the internet.

But why is linking so crucial? Well, hyperlinks can substantially enhance your posts by providing easy access to additional information, supporting evidence, or related content, thus keeping your readers engaged and informed. If you’re a writer, artist, or just someone with a passion for sharing content, knowing how to insert hyperlinks on Tumblr is a skill that can greatly improve the quality of your blog posts. Plus, it can help in boosting your SEO efforts, as well-crafted links can lead to increased traffic and improved search engine rankings. So, whether you’re new to Tumblr or looking to refine your blogging expertise, let’s dive into the step-by-step process of adding those important hyperlinks to your Tumblr posts.

How to Insert Hyperlinks on Tumblr

To successfully insert hyperlinks on your Tumblr posts, just follow these straightforward steps:

Step 1: Access the Post Editor

Open the post editor on Tumblr by clicking the create a new post button.

Once in the post editor, you can start crafting your Tumblr post as usual, or edit an existing post where you want to insert a hyperlink.

Step 2: Highlight the Text

Select the text you wish to turn into a hyperlink by clicking and dragging your cursor over it.

The text you choose could be a single word, a phrase, or even a full sentence. Make sure it’s relevant to the link you’ll be adding.

Step 3: Click the Link Icon

Click on the link icon, which looks like a chain link, in the toolbar of the post editor.

This icon is typically found among other formatting options like bold, italics, and bullet points, and it’s your gateway to adding hyperlinks.

Step 4: Paste the URL

In the pop-up window, paste the URL you want to link to in the designated field.

Ensure the URL is correct and leads to the desired webpage. A broken or incorrect link could frustrate readers and diminish the credibility of your post.

Step 5: Save Changes

Click the “Done” or “Insert” button to finalize the hyperlink addition.

After saving, your text will appear as a clickable link in your post. You can preview the post to ensure the link works as intended before publishing or updating the post.


Enhances User EngagementBy including hyperlinks, you can keep readers on your blog longer, as they explore the linked content, thus increasing engagement and the time spent on your site.
Provides Additional ContextHyperlinks allow you to offer more information without overcrowding your post, making it more informative and comprehensive.
Improves SEO PerformanceSearch engines favor content with quality hyperlinks, which can boost your Tumblr blog’s visibility and ranking.


Potential for Broken LinksIf the destination website changes or removes the linked page, it can lead to broken links on your Tumblr post, which can be a nuisance for readers and harmful to SEO.
Overuse Can Distract ReadersToo many hyperlinks can overwhelm and distract readers, leading them away from your main content and potentially reducing your message’s impact.
Risk of Linking to Unreliable SourcesIf not careful, you might link to sources that are not credible, which can damage your reputation and the trust of your audience.

Additional Information

When inserting hyperlinks on Tumblr, it’s important to ensure they’re relevant and enhance your post’s value. Avoid adding links just for the sake of it, as this can lead to a cluttered and confusing reading experience. Instead, be selective and purposeful with your links.

Remember to check your links regularly to ensure they’re not broken, as this can affect your SEO and user experience. There are various tools available online to help you identify and fix broken links.

Another tip is to consider using anchor text that is descriptive and gives readers an idea of what to expect when they click the link. Generic phrases like “click here” are less effective than descriptive ones like “Tumblr hyperlink tutorial.”

Lastly, don’t forget to engage with your audience. If someone leaves a comment or question about one of your hyperlinks, take the time to respond. This can foster a sense of community and encourage further interaction on your Tumblr blog.


  1. Access the post editor on Tumblr.
  2. Highlight the text you want to turn into a hyperlink.
  3. Click the link icon in the toolbar.
  4. Paste the URL you want to link to.
  5. Save the changes to insert the hyperlink.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add hyperlinks to images on Tumblr?

Yes, you can add hyperlinks to images by clicking on the image and then clicking the link icon in the toolbar that appears.

How do I remove a hyperlink on Tumblr?

To remove a hyperlink, highlight the linked text and click the unlink icon, which usually appears next to the link icon in the toolbar.

Can I open hyperlinks in a new tab on Tumblr?

Tumblr does not have a built-in option to open links in a new tab, but readers can use the right-click menu or keyboard shortcuts to do so.

Are there any limitations on the number of hyperlinks I can add to a Tumblr post?

There is no strict limit, but it’s recommended to keep the number of links reasonable to maintain readability and user experience.

How does adding hyperlinks affect my Tumblr blog’s SEO?

Adding relevant and quality hyperlinks can improve your SEO by making your content more valuable and interconnected, leading to better search rankings.


Mastering the art of inserting hyperlinks on Tumblr allows you to create richer, more interactive content that not only engages your readers but also positively impacts your blog’s SEO. It’s a skill that can take your blogging to the next level. Remember, though, with great linking power comes great responsibility. Use hyperlinks wisely, ensure they add value to your posts, and always keep your reader’s experience in mind. Now, go forth and link with confidence!

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