How to Deactivate Facebook on iPad: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide

Deactivating Facebook on iPad is a straightforward process that involves navigating through your Facebook app’s settings. Here’s a quick guide: Open the Facebook app, access the settings menu, select “Account Ownership and Control,” and follow the prompts to deactivate your account.

How to Deactivate Facebook on iPad

Deactivating your Facebook account on your iPad will temporarily disable your profile, making it invisible to others but preserving your account data for later reactivation. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Open the Facebook App

Open the Facebook app on your iPad by tapping on its icon.

Once the app is open, you should see the home screen with your news feed.

Step 2: Access the Menu

Tap on the three horizontal lines, usually found at the bottom right corner of the screen.

This will open a menu where you can access various Facebook features and settings.

Step 3: Go to Settings & Privacy

Scroll down and tap on “Settings & Privacy” to expand more options.

Under this section, you’ll find several settings related to your account and privacy preferences.

Step 4: Select Settings

Tap on “Settings.”

This will take you to a new screen with a multitude of options for managing your account.

Step 5: Tap on Account Ownership and Control

Scroll down and select “Account Ownership and Control.”

This section is where you manage your account’s deactivation and deletion.

Step 6: Choose Deactivation and Deletion

Tap on “Deactivation and Deletion.”

You’ll be given two options: Deactivate Account or Delete Account.

Step 7: Confirm Deactivation

Select “Deactivate Account” and follow the prompts, including entering your password if prompted.

After completing these steps, your account will be deactivated.

After you deactivate your Facebook account, your profile becomes invisible. People won’t be able to find you, but your messages in group chats will still be visible to others. You can reactivate your account anytime by logging back in.

Tips for Deactivating Facebook on iPad

  • Backup Your Data: Before deactivating, consider downloading a copy of your Facebook data for safekeeping.
  • Review Linked Apps: Some apps use Facebook for login. Make sure you have alternative login methods for these apps.
  • Manage Notifications: Turn off Facebook notifications on your iPad to avoid unnecessary alerts after deactivation.
  • Inform Contacts: Let close friends and family know so they won’t worry if you suddenly disappear from their friend list.
  • Explore Alternatives: If privacy is your concern, explore Facebook’s privacy settings to see if they can address your issues without deactivation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reactivate my account after deactivation?

Yes, you can. Just log back into Facebook using your credentials to reactivate your account.

Will my data be deleted after deactivation?

No, deactivation is temporary. Your data remains stored on Facebook’s servers.

Do I need to delete the app after deactivation?

No, you don’t have to delete the app. You can keep it installed in case you decide to reactivate your account.

Can people still message me after I deactivate?

People can still send you messages, but you won’t receive them until you reactivate your account.

Will my comments and posts be deleted?

No, your comments and posts will remain visible but your profile and name will appear as “Facebook User.”


  1. Open the Facebook app.
  2. Access the menu.
  3. Go to Settings & Privacy.
  4. Select Settings.
  5. Tap on Account Ownership and Control.
  6. Choose Deactivation and Deletion.
  7. Confirm Deactivation.


Deactivating Facebook on iPad is a hassle-free process that offers a break from social media without permanent consequences. Whether you need some time off or wish to safeguard your privacy, this guide ensures you know the exact steps to take. Don’t forget, deactivation is different from deletion; your data remains intact and ready for you whenever you decide to return.

If you ever feel the need to reactivate your account, just log back in, and everything will be as you left it. For those concerned about privacy, Facebook’s settings offer a range of options that might help you achieve your goal without deactivating. So, take a moment, consider your options, and make the choice that best suits your needs. For further reading, check out Facebook’s Help Center for more detailed guides on managing your account.

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