How to Connect ZAGG Keyboard to iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide

Connecting a Zagg keyboard to an iPad is pretty straightforward. You’ll need to turn on the keyboard, enable Bluetooth on your iPad, and pair the devices. This guide breaks it all down into simple steps.

How to Connect Zagg Keyboard to iPad

Connecting your Zagg keyboard to an iPad can transform your device into a mini laptop, perfect for typing essays, sending emails, or even writing stories. Follow these steps to get started.

Step 1: Turn On Your Zagg Keyboard

First, power up your Zagg keyboard by sliding the on/off switch to the “on” position.

You’ll know the keyboard is on if you see a light indicator. It’s usually on the upper-right side. If your keyboard doesn’t light up, you might need to charge it first.

Step 2: Enable Bluetooth on Your iPad

Next, go to your iPad’s settings, tap on Bluetooth, and toggle it to the “on” position.

Your iPad will start scanning for available devices. Make sure your Zagg keyboard is nearby and in pairing mode.

Step 3: Put the Zagg Keyboard in Pairing Mode

Press the Bluetooth button on your Zagg keyboard to put it in pairing mode. This button typically has a Bluetooth icon on it.

When the keyboard is in pairing mode, the indicator light will start flashing. This means it’s ready to be paired with your iPad.

Step 4: Select the Zagg Keyboard from the List

On your iPad, find the Zagg keyboard in the list of available devices and tap on it.

You might need to wait a few seconds for the keyboard to appear in the list. Once you see it, tap it to connect.

Step 5: Enter the Pairing Code

If prompted, enter the pairing code displayed on your iPad using the Zagg keyboard and press the “Enter” key.

This step is crucial for a secure connection. Once you’ve entered the code correctly, your devices should pair instantly.

Once paired, your Zagg keyboard will be connected to your iPad, and you can start typing away!

Tips for Connecting Zagg Keyboard to iPad

  • Keep your devices close. Make sure your keyboard and iPad are within a few feet of each other.
  • Charge your devices. Ensure both the iPad and keyboard have sufficient battery life.
  • Restart if needed. Sometimes simply restarting both devices can solve connectivity issues.
  • Forget and reconnect. If your iPad doesn’t see the keyboard, try forgetting the device in Bluetooth settings and reconnecting.
  • Update firmware. Check for any firmware updates for your Zagg keyboard to ensure compatibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t my Zagg keyboard connecting to my iPad?

Make sure your keyboard is in pairing mode and Bluetooth is enabled on the iPad. Also, check the battery life of both devices.

How do I know if my Zagg keyboard is in pairing mode?

A flashing light on the keyboard indicates it’s in pairing mode.

Can I connect my Zagg keyboard to multiple devices?

Yes, but not simultaneously. You will need to disconnect from one device before connecting to another.

What if my Zagg keyboard stops working?

Try forgetting the keyboard in the Bluetooth settings and re-pairing it. If that doesn’t work, restarting both devices might help.

Do I need a special app to connect my Zagg keyboard to my iPad?

No, you don’t need any additional apps; the built-in Bluetooth settings on your iPad are sufficient.


  1. Turn on your Zagg keyboard.
  2. Enable Bluetooth on your iPad.
  3. Put the Zagg keyboard in pairing mode.
  4. Select the Zagg keyboard from the list.
  5. Enter the pairing code.


Connecting a Zagg keyboard to your iPad can significantly enhance your productivity. Whether you’re typing out long documents, responding to emails, or simply browsing the web, a physical keyboard can make the experience much smoother. The steps are easy to follow and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. If you encounter any issues, remember there are always solutions like restarting devices or updating firmware. So go ahead, connect your Zagg keyboard today and take your iPad experience to the next level. If you found this guide helpful, share it with others who might be looking to do the same!

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