How to Connect Ubotie Keyboard to iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide

Want to connect your Ubotie keyboard to your iPad? It’s really simple! Just follow a few steps, and you’ll have your keyboard up and running in no time. We’ll guide you through turning on Bluetooth, pairing your devices, and ensuring everything works smoothly. Let’s dive in and get you typing away on your iPad with your new keyboard.

How to Connect Ubotie Keyboard to iPad

In this section, we’ll walk you through the steps to pair your Ubotie keyboard with your iPad. Each step is straightforward, and we’ll provide additional details to make the process as easy as possible.

Step 1: Turn on Bluetooth

First, open the Settings app on your iPad and navigate to the Bluetooth section. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on.

Bluetooth is the bridge that connects your keyboard to your iPad. When you turn it on, your iPad can discover and communicate with nearby Bluetooth devices.

Step 2: Power on Your Ubotie Keyboard

Next, locate the power switch on your Ubotie keyboard and turn it on.

Your keyboard needs to be powered on to pair with your iPad. Ensure it’s charged or has fresh batteries to avoid any interruptions during the pairing process.

Step 3: Enter Pairing Mode

Press and hold the Bluetooth button on your Ubotie keyboard until the indicator light begins to flash.

This step puts your keyboard into pairing mode, making it discoverable by your iPad. The flashing light signals that the keyboard is ready to connect.

Step 4: Select Your Keyboard on the iPad

On your iPad, look for your Ubotie keyboard under the list of available devices in the Bluetooth section. Tap on it to start the pairing process.

Your iPad will scan for nearby devices. Once it finds your keyboard, you just need to tap on it to initiate the connection.

Step 5: Confirm the Connection

A prompt may appear on your iPad asking you to confirm the connection. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the pairing.

This final step often involves entering a code displayed on your iPad using your Ubotie keyboard. It ensures that the right devices are connected.

Once you’ve completed these steps, your Ubotie keyboard should be successfully connected to your iPad. You can now enjoy the convenience of typing on a physical keyboard.

Tips for Connecting Ubotie Keyboard to iPad

Here are some extra tips to ensure a smooth connection process:

  • Make sure both your iPad and Ubotie keyboard have sufficient battery life before starting the pairing process.
  • If the keyboard isn’t showing up on your iPad, try turning the Bluetooth off and on again to refresh the list of available devices.
  • Keep your devices close together during the pairing process to ensure a strong Bluetooth signal.
  • Update your iPad to the latest iOS version, as software updates can resolve connectivity issues.
  • If the connection fails, restart both your iPad and keyboard and try the pairing process again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t my Ubotie keyboard showing up on my iPad?

Make sure the keyboard is in pairing mode by checking the indicator light. Also, ensure Bluetooth is turned on and your iPad is nearby.

How do I know if my Ubotie keyboard is in pairing mode?

The indicator light on the keyboard will flash when it’s in pairing mode. If it’s not flashing, press and hold the Bluetooth button.

Can I connect my Ubotie keyboard to multiple devices?

Yes, but you will need to disconnect from one device before connecting to another, as it can only pair with one device at a time.

Do I need to pair the keyboard every time I use it?

No, once paired, your iPad should remember the keyboard and connect automatically when both devices are on and within range.

What should I do if my keyboard stops responding?

First, check the battery level. If the battery is fine, try restarting both the iPad and the keyboard, then re-pair them if necessary.


  1. Open iPad Settings and enable Bluetooth.
  2. Power on the Ubotie keyboard.
  3. Press and hold the Bluetooth button until the light flashes.
  4. Select the keyboard from the list on your iPad.
  5. Confirm the connection.


Connecting your Ubotie keyboard to your iPad can transform your typing experience. Whether you’re typing out emails, working on school assignments, or simply browsing the web, a physical keyboard can make everything more efficient. Remember, the steps are simple: turn on Bluetooth, power up your keyboard, enter pairing mode, and connect. With these steps, you’ll be ready to enjoy a seamless typing experience.

If you run into any issues, refer back to our tips or FAQ section for additional help. Ensuring both devices have enough battery and keeping them close during pairing can make all the difference. So, go ahead and give it a try. Happy typing, and enjoy your new setup!

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