How to Close Apps on iPad Without Home Button: A Step-by-Step Guide

Closing apps on an iPad without a home button is super easy once you know how. Simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen to the middle and hold, then swipe up on the app you want to close. This quick guide will teach you how to manage your apps efficiently with just a few swipes.

Step-by-Step Tutorial on Closing Apps on iPad Without Home Button

These steps will guide you through closing apps on an iPad that lacks a physical home button, such as the newer models like the iPad Pro.

Step 1: Swipe Up from the Bottom of the Screen

Place your finger at the very bottom of the screen and swipe up to the middle.

This gesture will bring up the App Switcher, where you can see all apps currently running in the background.

Step 2: Hold Your Finger in the Middle of the Screen

Once you swipe up to the middle, hold your finger there for a second.

Holding your finger in the middle will reveal all the open apps as cards that you can swipe through.

Step 3: Locate the App You Want to Close

Scroll sideways through the app cards to find the app you want to close.

The App Switcher shows all running apps, so you can easily scroll left or right to find the app that needs closing.

Step 4: Swipe Up on the App to Close It

Swipe up on the app card you wish to close until it disappears from the screen.

Swiping up will force the app to close, freeing up system resources and improving performance.

Step 5: Return to the Home Screen

Tap anywhere outside the app cards or swipe up once more to return to the Home Screen.

This will take you back to your main iPad screen, where you can continue using other apps or start new tasks.

After completing these steps, the app you swiped up on will be closed, and you’ll notice an improvement in your iPad’s performance.

Tips for Closing Apps on iPad Without Home Button

  • Swipe Smoothly: Make sure to swipe smoothly from the bottom to the middle to activate the App Switcher.
  • Identify Unnecessary Apps: Only close apps that are unnecessary to free up system resources effectively.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: It might take a few tries to get the hang of it, especially if you’re new to gestures.
  • Check Battery Usage: Regularly check your battery usage in settings to see which apps consume the most power.
  • Restart Regularly: Restart your iPad occasionally to clear out any lingering processes and improve performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I close an app on my iPad?

Ensure you are swiping up from the very bottom of the screen to the middle. Holding your finger in the middle is key to revealing the App Switcher.

Is it necessary to close apps regularly?

Not necessarily. iOS is designed to manage apps efficiently, but closing unused apps can free up resources and improve battery life.

What happens if I force close an app frequently?

Force closing apps can sometimes result in slower app launches and reduced battery life, as the system has to reload the app from scratch.

Can I use this method on older iPads with a home button?

No, older iPads with a home button use a different method—double-clicking the home button to access the App Switcher.

Will closing apps improve my iPad’s performance?

Closing unused apps can free up memory and processing power, which may improve performance and battery life, but it’s usually not necessary for iOS to run smoothly.

Summary of Steps

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen.
  2. Hold your finger in the middle of the screen.
  3. Locate the app you want to close.
  4. Swipe up on the app to close it.
  5. Return to the Home Screen.


Closing apps on an iPad without a home button is a breeze once you get the hang of it. A few swipes and taps, and you’ll have those unused apps shut down in no time. This gesture-based method is not only intuitive but also helps keep your iPad running smoothly. Whether you’re a seasoned iPad user or new to the game, mastering this technique is a must for efficient device management.

If you’re interested in more tips and tricks for your iPad, check out the Apple support page or tech forums for user experiences and advice. By staying informed and practicing these steps, you’ll keep your device in top shape, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable user experience. Happy swiping!

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