How to Change MAC Address on Windows 11: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide

Changing the MAC address on your Windows 11 machine can be a simple and quick procedure. You’ll need to access the Network Adapter settings, find the Network Address property, and input the desired MAC address. This process involves just a few steps and can easily be completed in under ten minutes.

Changing the MAC Address in Windows 11

In this tutorial, we’ll go through the steps to change the MAC address on a Windows 11 device. This will help you bypass network restrictions, enhance privacy, or troubleshoot network issues.

Step 1: Open Device Manager

First, open Device Manager on your Windows 11 computer.

To access Device Manager, right-click on the Start button and select Device Manager from the context menu. This will launch the Device Manager window where you can see all the hardware components connected to your computer.

Step 2: Locate Network Adapters

Next, expand the Network Adapters section.

Click the small arrow next to Network Adapters to see a list of all network adapters installed on your computer. This includes both wired and wireless adapters.

Step 3: Select the Network Adapter

Choose the network adapter you wish to change the MAC address for.

Double-click the network adapter that you want to configure. This will open the properties window for that specific adapter, allowing you to change various settings.

Step 4: Access the Advanced Tab

Navigate to the Advanced tab.

In the properties window, click the Advanced tab to find a list of properties that you can modify. This is where you’ll find the option to change the MAC address.

Step 5: Find and Select Network Address

Find the Network Address property.

Scroll through the list of properties until you find Network Address. Select it, and you will see a field where you can input a new MAC address.

Step 6: Enter the New MAC Address

Enter the new MAC address in the Value field.

In the Value field, type in the new MAC address you want to use. Make sure it is a 12-digit hexadecimal number (e.g., 00A1B2C3D4E5).

Step 7: Save Changes

Click OK to save your changes.

After entering the new MAC address, click the OK button to apply the changes. Your new MAC address will now be in effect.

Once you complete these steps, your computer will start using the new MAC address you entered.

Tips for Changing the MAC Address in Windows 11

  • Make sure to write down your original MAC address before making changes, just in case you need to revert back.
  • Use a unique MAC address to avoid conflicts with other devices on your network.
  • Restart your computer if the changes do not take effect immediately.
  • Verify the new MAC address by using a command prompt and typing “ipconfig /all”.
  • Be cautious when changing the MAC address, as some networks may have restrictions on permitted addresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a MAC address?

A MAC (Media Access Control) address is a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications on a network.

Why would I need to change my MAC address?

You might need to change your MAC address to avoid network restrictions, improve privacy, or troubleshoot connectivity issues.

Is it legal to change my MAC address?

Yes, it is legal to change your MAC address. However, be aware that some networks might have policies against it.

Will changing my MAC address affect my internet connection?

It might temporarily disrupt your connection, but generally, it should resume with the new MAC address. If not, restarting your computer or router should help.

Can I revert back to my original MAC address?

Yes, you can revert to your original MAC address by selecting the Not Present option in the Network Address property or by manually entering the original address.


  1. Open Device Manager
  2. Locate Network Adapters
  3. Select the Network Adapter
  4. Access the Advanced Tab
  5. Find and Select Network Address
  6. Enter the New MAC Address
  7. Save Changes


Changing the MAC address on a Windows 11 machine is a straightforward task that can be completed in several easy steps. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can quickly alter your MAC address to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking to bypass network restrictions or enhance your privacy, knowing how to change your MAC address is a handy skill. Before you embark on this procedure, ensure you are aware of any network policies that might prohibit such changes. For further reading, you might want to explore more network management tips and tricks to make the most out of your Windows 11 experience.