How to Change Font Size on iPhone 12: Easy Steps to Follow

Changing the font size on your iPhone 12 is a simple process that can enhance your reading experience. By following a few quick steps, you can adjust the font size to suit your visual preferences.

After you change the font size on your iPhone 12, the new size will apply to most of the text displayed on your device. This includes text messages, emails, and many third-party apps. However, some apps may not support the new size, so you might have to adjust settings within those apps individually.

Step by Step Tutorial: Change Font Size on iPhone 12

Before we dive into the steps, let’s clarify what we’re about to do. Adjusting the font size on your iPhone 12 will make text easier to read. Whether you need bigger text or you want to fit more content on the screen, these steps will get you there.

Step 1: Open Settings

Tap on the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone 12 home screen.

The ‘Settings’ app is typically found on the home screen, but if you can’t find it, swipe down on the home screen and use the search feature to locate it.

Step 2: Access Display & Brightness

Scroll down and select ‘Display & Brightness’.

In this menu, you’ll find options for adjusting screen brightness, text size, and more.

Step 3: Tap on Text Size

Tap on ‘Text Size’ to open the font size adjustment tool.

This is where you’ll be able to increase or decrease the size of the font.

Step 4: Adjust the Slider

Use the slider to adjust the font size to your liking.

As you move the slider, you’ll see the font size change in real-time, so you can decide what size works best for you.

Step 5: Check the Changes

Exit ‘Settings’ and check your apps to see the changes.

Remember, if the text size doesn’t change in certain apps, you may need to adjust the font size within those specific apps.

Tips for Changing Font Size on iPhone 12

  • If you need even larger text, you can turn on ‘Larger Accessibility Sizes’ in the ‘Display & Brightness’ settings.
  • Some apps have their own font size settings, so if the change doesn’t apply, check the app’s settings.
  • If you find that the new font size is too big or too small, you can always go back and adjust the slider again.
  • Consider the impact of larger text on your screen’s layout – more text may mean more scrolling.
  • Be aware that changing the font size can affect battery life as more content may need to be rendered on the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will changing the font size affect all apps on my iPhone 12?

Most apps will adapt to the new font size, but some may have their own independent settings.

Can I make the font size even larger than the maximum slider allows?

Yes, by enabling ‘Larger Accessibility Sizes’, you can access additional larger font options.

Does changing the font size impact battery life?

It can, as rendering larger text may require more processing power, which can reduce battery life.

Will the new font size apply to websites in Safari?

Yes, the font size change will apply to most websites, but some may have fixed font sizes.

Can I change the font size for specific apps only?

Some apps allow you to change the font size within the app’s settings, but not all apps offer this feature.


  1. Open Settings on your iPhone 12.
  2. Select ‘Display & Brightness’.
  3. Tap on ‘Text Size’.
  4. Adjust the font size using the slider.
  5. Exit Settings and check the changes in your apps.


Changing the font size on your iPhone 12 is all about making your device work for you. Whether you’re struggling to read tiny text or just want a different visual experience, the customization options are there for a reason. Remember, your iPhone is designed to adapt to your needs, so don’t hesitate to tweak the settings until you find the perfect balance.

And let’s be real, eye strain is no joke. By adjusting the font size to a comfortable level, you can help alleviate some of that unnecessary stress on your eyes. Plus, with the additional accessibility options available, even those with significant vision impairments can find a setting that works for them.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, it’s crucial to ensure that your tech isn’t holding you back. That’s why knowing how to change font size on iPhone 12 can be a game-changer. So, go ahead, give your eyes a break, and personalize your text size to match your reading preferences. Your eyes will thank you, and you might even find yourself enjoying your device more than ever before.

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