Does WordPad or Notepad Have Spellcheck? Find Out Here!

Have you ever wondered if WordPad or Notepad has spellcheck? Well, let me tell you, it’s a question that many have asked before. In this article, we’ll dive into whether these common text-editing tools have the ability to catch those pesky typos and misspellings.

Does WordPad Have Spellcheck?

When you’re typing away in WordPad, you might be curious if there’s a handy spellcheck feature lurking somewhere. WordPad, the free word processor that comes with Windows, unfortunately, does not have a built-in spellcheck function. However, don’t let that discourage you! There are other ways to ensure your document is free of spelling errors.

Step 1: Write Your Document in WordPad

Write your text as you usually would in WordPad.

Even though WordPad doesn’t have spellcheck, it’s still a great tool for writing without distractions. It’s simple and straightforward, which can make for a focused writing session.

Step 2: Copy Your Text

Select all your text and copy it.

This step is a breeze. Just press Ctrl+A to select everything, and then Ctrl+C to copy your text.

Step 3: Use an Online Spellchecker

Paste your text into an online spellchecker.

There are plenty of online spellcheckers that you can use for free. Simply paste your copied text, and these tools will check your spelling in a jiffy.

After completing these steps, your text will have been checked for any spelling errors using an online spellchecker. Now, you can correct any mistakes and have greater confidence in the accuracy of your document.

Tips for Avoiding Spelling Errors in WordPad

  • Always proofread your text before considering it final.
  • Use a separate spellcheck tool or program to check your work.
  • Consider typing your document in software that has spellcheck, then pasting it into WordPad.
  • Be extra vigilant with homophones – words that sound the same but have different meanings and spellings.
  • Don’t rely solely on spellcheck; it’s always good to have a human eye look over your work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Notepad have spellcheck?

No, just like WordPad, Notepad does not have a spellcheck feature built-in.

Can I add a spellcheck feature to WordPad or Notepad?

There are no official add-ons to integrate spellcheck into these programs, but you can use external tools or programs to check your spelling.

What are some good spellcheck tools I can use with WordPad?

Online spellcheckers like Grammarly or the spellcheck feature in Google Docs are great tools to use alongside WordPad.

Is there a keyboard shortcut to check spelling in WordPad?

Since WordPad doesn’t have spellcheck, there is no keyboard shortcut for this function.

Why doesn’t WordPad or Notepad have spellcheck?

WordPad and Notepad are designed to be simple, basic text editors. As such, they lack many features that more complex word processors have, including spellcheck.


  1. Write your document in WordPad.
  2. Copy your text.
  3. Use an online spellchecker to check your work.


In the end, it’s clear that neither WordPad nor Notepad comes with a built-in spellcheck feature. But don’t let that hold you back from using these tools for your writing needs. Whether you’re jotting down quick notes or drafting a longer piece, there are always ways to ensure your spelling is on point. By incorporating the simple steps of copying your text to an online spellchecker, you can easily sidestep the lack of spellcheck in these programs. Combine that with a solid proofreading strategy and the use of reliable external tools, and you’ll be well on your way to creating error-free documents. Remember, technology is here to help us, and with a little creativity and resourcefulness, we can overcome any feature gaps in our favorite text-editing softwares. Keep on writing, and may your spelling always be correct!