How to Use Currency Formatting in Google Sheets

how to format currency in google sheets

Proper formatting in a spreadsheet can make it much easier for your audience to interpret the data that they are looking at. When the data in a row or column is uniform, it's easier to spot problems or errors. This is particularly useful when you … [Continue reading]

How to Double Space a Document in Google Docs

how to double space in google docs

Formatting requirements can vary significantly depending on the situation involving the documents you are are creating. Some requirements are meant to minimize the length of documents, while others are focused more on making the document … [Continue reading]

How to Download from Google Docs as a Microsoft Word File

how to download as .docx from google docs

Google Docs is gaining a lot of popularity as an affordable word-processing solution. Many people have Google accounts, and the ability to use a powerful application like Google Docs, for free, is very appealing. But Microsoft Word is still very … [Continue reading]

How to Remove Fill Color in Google Sheets

how to remove fill color in google sheets

Fill color is a helpful tool for highlighting data in a spreadsheet. It has long been used for a number of purposes in Microsoft Excel, and the Google Sheets application continues that tradition by offering its own tool that you can use for fill … [Continue reading]

How to Copy Formatting in Google Docs

how to copy and paste formatting in google docs

When you are researching a paper or putting together a document that includes information from multiple sources, it's common to simply copy and paste relevant information. Unfortunately many of the places from which you may be copying that … [Continue reading]

How to Export a Google Sheets File for Microsoft Excel

convert google sheets to microsoft excel

Google Sheets is a great, free spreadsheet application that is available to people with Google Accounts. You can create, edit and manipulate data using this powerful program, and you can accomplish many of the things that you might otherwise do in … [Continue reading]

How to Delete a Reminder from the Reminders App on an iPhone 7

how to delete reminders on iphone 7

Having a to-do list is a really helpful way to manage a busy schedule. When you have a lot of tasks on your mind, it's easy to forget one of them. But putting everything on a list helps to ensure that things have a better chance of getting … [Continue reading]

How to Turn Off the Reminder Alert Sound on an iPhone 7

how to disable iphone reminder alert sound

Your iPhone can make a lot of different noises to let you know about things that are happening on the device. Often these sounds are distinct from one another, making it easy to tell if you have a new text message or email. One other alert that you … [Continue reading]

iPhone 7 – How to Tell if Siri is Turned On

how to enable siri on iphone 7

When Siri was first introduced as the voice-control feature on the iPhone, people were skeptical about how effective it would be, and the rate at which iPhone owners would adap to its use. But Siri has become more and more helpful, and can make … [Continue reading]

How to Add Yellow Shading to a Row in Google Sheets

how to use fill color in google sheets

Large spreadsheets can be much easier to manage when you use fill colors to highlight rows that are important, or share similarities. For example, highlighting multiple rows with a yellow fill color could let you highlight good months in a sales … [Continue reading]