How to Use Large Page Numbers in Word 2013

how to use large page numbers in word 2013

You may already know how to add page numbers in Word 2013, but there may come a time when you would like to use a different format for those page numbers than some of the options you are accustomed to using. Luckily Word 2013 has some additional page … [Continue reading]

How to Switch from LTE to 3G on an iPhone 7

how to switch from lte to 3g on iphone 7

When you are at a large event, you may notice that it is difficult to send text messages, make phone calls, or use data. This can occur because there is a lot of traffic on the LTE network, and that congestion is making it difficult for you to use … [Continue reading]

How to Refresh Pivot Table Data in Excel 2013

how to refresh a pivot table in excel 2013

Pivot tables in Excel 2013 are very helpful tools that let you quickly view the data from your spreadsheets in whatever way you need. Pivot tables can be easily manipulated and sorted without requiring you to edit or delete any of the important … [Continue reading]

How to Enable Javascript on an iPhone 7

how to enable javascript in safari on iphone 7

Javascript is a type of code that is often used by websites for many of the more complex interactions or content that you see on a Web page. But Javascript can also be used maliciously or ineffectively, which can lead to a sub-par browsing … [Continue reading]

Macpaw Bundle Discount on Macpaw Gemini and Macpaw Clean My Mac

Macpaw's Gemini and CleanMyMac programs are two of the most useful programs you can have on your Macbook, so luckily they offer a discount when you buy both of the programs together. View the Macpaw Bundle Discount here to check the combined … [Continue reading]

How to Convert PUB to PDF in Microsoft Publisher 2013

convert publisher to pdf

Learning how to convert .pub to .pdf is important if you often have files created in Microsoft Publisher that you need to share with other people that do not have the program, and are unable to open that file type. While you can use online conversion … [Continue reading]

How to Double Underline in Excel 2013

how to double underline in Excel 2013

There are many different types of formatting that you can apply to the numbers or words in your Excel spreadsheet, and even very experienced Excel users are unlikely to encounter, much less use, all of these options. One of the formatting options … [Continue reading]

How to Turn on High Quality Cellular Streaming for Music on an iPhone 7

how to stream high quality music on the iphone 7

Are you an audiophile who likes to listen to the highest-quality music from the services apps that you use? If you find that streaming songs through the Music app on your iPhone isn't as good as you could hope, then you may be looking for a way to … [Continue reading]

How to Enable Notification Reminders in Android Marshmallow

how to enable notification reminders in android marshmallow

Your phone can give you notifications when you get a text message or an email. There are also tons of different scenarios where other apps might notify you about impending information within that app. If your phone is nearby, then you will likely … [Continue reading]

How to Lower the Ringer and Volume Alert on the iPhone 7

how to lower the ringer and volume alert on the iphone 7

The volume of your phone ring and your alert notifications on your iPhone is likely something that you will adjust periodically. The ringer and alert volume can be too loud in a quiet environment, or too quiet in a loud environment. Fortunately it is … [Continue reading]