How to Tell is Someone Has Read Your Message on an iPhone 5

check if iphone text message has been read or not

Text message conversations provide a really convenient way to communicate for both parties that are involved. You don't need to be available when a message is sent, and can instead view it and send a reply when you are available. This passive method … [Continue reading]

How to Display Battery Percentage on Samsung Galaxy On5

how to enable battery percentage on galaxy on5

There is a small battery icon at the top-right corner of the Samsung Galaxy On5 which provides a rough estimate of your remaining battery life. This is helpful for broad information, but you might be looking for something that is a little more … [Continue reading]

How to Enable an iCloud Backup on an iPad

start backing your iPad up in iCloud

It is helpful to create regular backups of your computers and devices, and Apple has made it possible to create automatic backups of your iPhone and iPad. These backups can occur wirelessly, and can even back up to iCloud so that you do not need to … [Continue reading]

How to Find the Android Version on Your Samsung Galaxy On5

what version of android is on galaxy on5

If you are following a tutorial for your Samsung Galaxy On5 and are finding that certain menus and apps are not where they are supposed to be, it can be somewhat frustrating. However, inconsistencies like this are usually related to differences in … [Continue reading]

How to Make the Samsung Galaxy On5 Screen Stay on for Longer

keep the galaxy on5 screen on longer

The screen on your Samsung Galaxy On5 will automatically turn off after a certain period of inactivity. This is meant to both save your battery life and put your phone behind a level of protection in case you walked away from it without manually … [Continue reading]

Why Isn’t the Original Message Included When I Reply in Outlook 2013?

how to include the original message when replying in outlook 2013

If you send a lot of emails throughout the day, then it's very possible that you do not remember the context of every conversation you had. One way to re-familiarize yourself with an email thread is to go back and read the entire conversation. By … [Continue reading]

How to Uninstall an App on the Samsung Galaxy On5

how to uninstall an app on the samsun galaxy on5

Installing new apps is one of the best ways to get the most out of your Samsung Galaxy On5 and there is a huge selection of options that you can choose from. Plus, many of these apps are free, so you can download, install, and try them without using … [Continue reading]

How to Put Your iPhone Keyboard in All Caps

how to activate caps lock on an iphone

Typing in all capital letters in a document or digital communication is typically understood to represent shouting. For this reason, many people will avoid typing in all capital letters entirely. However, certain situations will warrant typing in all … [Continue reading]

Why Don’t I Have a Smiley Face on My iPhone Keyboard?

where is smiley face key on iphone

If you have used or seen someone else's iPhone, you may have noticed that they had a small key with a smiley face on it that appeared when they typed text messages or emails. But if you open the keyboard on your own iPhone, that key might not be … [Continue reading]

How to Turn Off the Passcode on a Samsung Galaxy On5

remove passcode on galaxy on5

Your passcode or security pattern on your Samsung Galaxy On5 provides some security over the access to your phone. If someone wishes to use your apps, or view information that is stored on the device, then they will need to pass this security … [Continue reading]