How to Change Page Orientation in Excel Online

how to switch page orientation in excel online

The online version of Microsoft Excel looks similar to the desktop version, and lets you perform many of the same tasks that you would do there as well. But one conspicuously absent element is the Page Layout tab, where you care able to choose things … [Continue reading]

How to Download a Copy of Your File to Your Computer in Excel Online

open the file to download from excel online

Online productivity apps, like those offered by Microsoft Online and Google Drive, are a great alternative to the physical copies of these programs that you might have purchased in the past and installed on your computer. These online options are … [Continue reading]

How to Change the Brightness on a Roku TV

how to adjust brightness on the roku tv

The Roku TV provides a good mix of settings that are specifically for the television that you have and the Roku software that you use to control that TV. But, if this is the first time you have used Roku TV, then it's probably a little different than … [Continue reading]

How to Reboot Roku Premiere Plus

how to reboot the roku premiere plus

Many of the electronics in your home can be left on for an extended period of time. The Roku Premiere Plus is one such device and, if you have owned one for a while, you may have noticed that you can often go weeks or months without needing to power … [Continue reading]

How to Enable Closed Captions on the Roku Premiere Plus

how enable closed captions roku premiere plus

Closed captions are an important part of the viewing experience for people with hearing problems. By displaying the video dialogue, as well as information about sounds and music, much of the experience can be communicated without sound. But there … [Continue reading]

How to Turn Off Menu Clicks on the Roku TV

how to turn off roku tv menu clicks

When you think about the volume of your TV, it's pretty likely that the first thing to come to mind is the sound level of the programs that you view on that TV. These can be adjusted using the volume buttons on your remote, but you might also be … [Continue reading]

How to Remove an Extension from the Google Chrome Desktop Browser

how to remove google chrome extension

Extensions for the Google Chrome Web browser offer additional functionality that can make it easier for you to perform certain tasks. Many popular websites and services have extensions, and there is much to be gained from installing useful … [Continue reading]

How to Apply a Default Layout to a Slide in Google Slides

how to apply a layout in google slides

While there are a lot of different ways that you can use presentation software like Google Slides, much of the data that you are trying to present will fall into one of a number of categories. This commonality means that many slides will wind up … [Continue reading]

How to Rename an Input on a Roku TV

how to rename an input on a roku tv

When you purchase a Roku TV and start using it, the interface that you see when you turn it on is the standard Roku interface. But, for Roku TVs, there are separate channels on this screen for each of the inputs on the television. It's likely that … [Continue reading]

How to Change Rewind and Fast Forward Intervals in the iPhone Audible App

how change rewind and fast forward intervals in audible iphone app

When you are listening to an audiobook in the Audible app on your iPhone there are some controls on the screen that give you additional ways to navigate the book. Two of these controls are the rewind and fast forward buttons. When you press one of … [Continue reading]