How to Enable Power Reserve Mode on the Apple Watch

how to enable power reserve on apple watch

The Apple Watch shares many features with the other electronic devices that you use. One of these shared features is the need to recharge the battery periodically. However, you may find that you are unable to charge the battery for an extended period … [Continue reading]

How to Disable the Confirmation Before Permanently Deleting in Outlook 2013

how to disable prompt for confirmation before deletion outlook 2013

Deleting items from your inbox and other locations in Outlook will send those items to a separate Deleted Items folder. However, depending upon your current Outlook settings, those items may not actually be deleted, meaning that you can find them … [Continue reading]

How to Show the Vertical Ruler in Powerpoint 2013

how to show the vertical ruler in powerpoint 2013

The rulers in programs like Microsoft Word and Powerpoint can be very helpful for placing document elements, or for getting a good idea of how large something will be on your paper. But these rulers can get hidden in a variety of ways, so you may be … [Continue reading]

How to Use a Black Background in the Reddit iPhone App

how to switch to night mode reddit iphone

Do you dislike the brightness of the white background in the Reddit app? Or did you see someone else using the Reddit app whose background was black, and you would like to be able to set up your own Reddit app to look like that? Fortunately this can … [Continue reading]

How to Turn Off AutoPlay in the Reddit iPhone App

how to disable autoplay in the reddit iphone app

Autoplay is a feature that causes a video to play as soon as it is visible on your screen. Some people find it useful, but others might prefer to not play a video until they are ready to watch it, or if they want to watch it at all. The Reddit app … [Continue reading]

How to Hide Your Caller ID in Android Marshmallow

how to block your caller id in android marshmallow

We've gotten to the point with smartphones where it is unusual to receive a phone call and not know who is calling. If you don't already have the number saved in your device because it's a contact, you can typically see the phone number and choose to … [Continue reading]

How to Enable the Unlock with iPhone Setting for an Apple Watch Passcode

how to unlock apple watch with iphone

Your iPhone contains a lot of sensitive information, which is why it's so important to lock the device with a passcode or a fingerprint. But your Apple Watch can contain some sensitive information, too, which is why you may have also created a … [Continue reading]

How to Share a Song In a Text Message Through the Spotify iPhone App

how to share a spotify song in an iphone text message

Are you listening to a song in your iPhone's Spotify app that you know a friend or family member would love to hear? You could always describe the song, or provide them with the name of it, but there is another way that you can share a song with … [Continue reading]

How to Turn Off Text Message Notifications on the Apple Watch

how to turn off text message notifications apple watch

The ability to view text message notifications on your Apple Watch without needing to unlock your iPhone is one of the more convenient uses of the watch. You can even send quick replies through the Messages app on the watch. This functionality makes … [Continue reading]

How to Make an Image Transparent in Photoshop CS5

how to make an image transparent in phptoshop

Do you need an image to be transparent so that you can use it for a project? While some applications that use pictures have the ability to add some transparency to them, a full-featured image editing program like Photoshop can give you the most … [Continue reading]