How to Manually Update an App in Android Marshmallow

how to manually install an app update marshmallow

App developers often need to release updates for the apps that they create. Whether it's a popular game or a social media app, most apps either offer their users new features in their apps, or fix problems that users have been experiencing. Some … [Continue reading]

How to Turn off All Sound on the Apple Watch

how to turn off sound on the apple watch

The Apple Watch has a bright, crisp screen that can display images and make text easy to read. But if can also play sounds, such as alerts that indicate the arrival or a new text message or a phone call. This is helpful if you rely on those sounds to … [Continue reading]

How to Stop Apps from Updating Automatically in Marshmallow

how to turn off the automatic app update in android marshmallow

Over time you can easily have several dozen apps installed on your phone. Most of these apps are not anywhere near their "final" version, so you will inevitably receive updates from the developers that fix problems and add new features. Managing … [Continue reading]

How to Convert a Google Sheets File to a PDF

how to convert a google sheets file to a pdf

Sharing a spreadsheet file, such as the ones produced by Google Sheets, will let anyone with access to the file make adjustments, provided that not cell or file protection has been enacted. If your file is finalized, or if you would prefer that … [Continue reading]

How to Enable the Flash Notifications in Android Marshmallow

how to enable flash notifications in android marshmallow

A loud environment can make it very difficult to hear an alert notification on your phone. Or, if you have hearing difficulties, those notifications can be difficult to hear in any environment. So if you have been looking for a way to make the alerts … [Continue reading]

How to Hide Text in Word 2013

how to hide text in word 2013

Sometimes when you write a document in Word 2013 there might be information that you are unsure about whether or not to include. Or, perhaps you are showing a document to multiple audiences, and those different audiences requires some different … [Continue reading]

How to Turn Off WiFi and Bluetooth Scanning for Location Accuracy in Android Marshmallow

how to turn off wifi and bluetooth scanning for location accuracy in android marshmallow

Many of the apps and services that you use on your Android Marshmallow smartphone require some access to your location. Whether it's a driving app that's giving you directions or a food delivery app that needs to find nearby restaurants, certain apps … [Continue reading]

How to Limit the Amount of Music on Your Apple Watch

how to change the music storage limit on the apple watch

While the Apple Watch doesn't have all of the same capabilities as an iPhone, there are a lot of tasks that you perform on the phone that can also be managed from the watch. One such task that you can use the Apple Watch 2 for is putting songs … [Continue reading]

How to Hide a Tab in Google Sheets

how to hide a worksheet in google sheets

Worksheet tabs in spreadsheet applications like Google Sheets can be used in a variety of ways. You might have a separate tab for different reports that you create each week, or you might have a tab for values that you use in formulas in other … [Continue reading]

How to Turn Off Email Previews on the Apple Watch

how to stop email previews on the apple watch

Your Apple Watch can show you a lot of information about the notifications that you receive from the apps on your iPhone. Many of these notifications can even completely replace the functionality of your iPhone, meaning that you won't need to take … [Continue reading]