How to Remote Control iPhone 12: A Step-by-Step Guide

Controlling your iPhone 12 remotely might sound like a task reserved for tech wizards, but it’s actually quite simple. With the right apps and settings, you can easily access your iPhone 12 from another device. Here’s how to do it.

Step by Step Tutorial: Remote Control iPhone 12

Before we dive into the steps, let’s understand what we’re trying to achieve here. By following these steps, you’ll be able to access your iPhone 12 from another device, such as a computer or tablet. This can be handy for various reasons, such as helping a friend or family member troubleshoot their phone or accessing your own device if you’ve left it at home.

Step 1: Download a remote control app

Choose and download a reputable remote control app on both your iPhone 12 and the device you’ll be using to control it.

Remote control apps like TeamViewer or AnyDesk are popular choices that are available on multiple platforms. After downloading the app on both devices, ensure that they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network or that the iPhone has a strong cellular connection.

Step 2: Set up the app on your iPhone 12

Follow the app’s instructions to set it up on your iPhone 12, which typically involves creating an account and granting necessary permissions.

During setup, the app may ask for permissions to access various features on your iPhone 12. Make sure to read these permissions carefully and grant only what’s necessary for remote control functionality.

Step 3: Connect to your iPhone 12 from the other device

Use the remote control app on your other device to connect to your iPhone 12, usually by entering a code or scanning a QR code displayed on the iPhone’s screen.

Once the devices are connected, you should see your iPhone 12’s screen on the other device. You can now control your iPhone as if you were holding it in your hands, using your mouse or touchscreen to navigate.

After completing these steps, you’ll have full remote access to your iPhone 12, allowing you to navigate the interface, open apps, and even type messages.

Tips: Enhancing Your Remote Control Experience on iPhone 12

  • Make sure both devices have a strong and stable internet connection for a seamless remote control experience.
  • Always use trusted remote control apps to ensure your data and privacy are protected.
  • Keep your iPhone 12 up to date with the latest iOS updates for the best compatibility with remote control apps.
  • If you’re using the remote control feature for troubleshooting, ensure the person needing assistance is comfortable with you accessing their device.
  • Familiarize yourself with the remote control app’s features and settings for a more efficient remote session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remotely control my iPhone 12 without an app?

No, you will need a third-party app to remotely control your iPhone 12, as iOS does not have a built-in remote control feature.

Is it safe to use remote control apps on my iPhone 12?

Yes, as long as you use reputable apps and follow proper security measures, such as using strong passwords and enabling two-factor authentication when available.

Can I remotely control my iPhone 12 from an Android device?

Yes, many remote control apps are cross-platform, allowing you to control your iPhone 12 from an Android device.

Do I need to jailbreak my iPhone 12 to use remote control apps?

No, jailbreaking is not required to use remote control apps on your iPhone 12.

Can I access all features of my iPhone 12 when controlling it remotely?

Most features should be accessible, but some functions, like phone calls, may not be available or may have limited functionality when using remote control apps.


  1. Download a remote control app on both devices.
  2. Set up the app on your iPhone 12.
  3. Connect to your iPhone 12 from the other device.


Controlling your iPhone 12 remotely can open up a world of possibilities. Whether it’s assisting someone with their device, accessing your own iPhone from afar, or simply exploring the capabilities of your smartphone, remote control is a tool that can come in handy in various situations. Remember to choose a reliable app, follow the setup steps carefully, and ensure a secure connection between your devices. By doing so, you’ll be able to navigate your iPhone 12 with ease, no matter where you are. So go ahead, give it a try, and take control of your iPhone 12 from wherever life takes you.

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