How to Get Day of Week from Date in Excel: A Step-by-Step Guide

Excel is a powerful tool that can help you organize and analyze data. But did you know it can also tell you the day of the week from any date? It’s a simple process using Excel’s built-in functions. After reading this brief overview, you’ll be able to quickly determine the day of the week from any date in Excel.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Get Day of Week from Date in Excel

Before we dive into the steps, let’s understand what we’re trying to achieve. Excel has a function called WEEKDAY that can return the day of the week corresponding to a date you provide. We’ll use this function in the steps below.

Step 1: Enter the Date

Enter the date you want to find the day of the week for in any cell in Excel.

Entering the date is straightforward. You can type it in a variety of formats, such as “12/25/2021” or “December 25, 2021,” and Excel will recognize it as a date.

Step 2: Use the WEEKDAY Function

In a new cell, type =WEEKDAY( and then click the cell that contains the date.

The WEEKDAY function prompts Excel to start the process of finding the day of the week. Make sure you type the equals sign first, which tells Excel you’re starting a formula.

Step 3: Close the Function

After clicking the cell with the date, type ) to close the function and then press Enter.

Closing the function is crucial as it tells Excel you’ve finished your formula. After pressing Enter, Excel will display a number representing the day of the week.

After completing these steps, you’ll see a number between 1 and 7 in the cell where you entered the WEEKDAY function. By default, 1 corresponds to Sunday, 2 to Monday, and so on up to 7, which corresponds to Saturday.

Tips for How to Get Day of Week from Date in Excel

  • You can customize the WEEKDAY function to return a number where the week starts on a different day than Sunday.
  • If you prefer to see the name of the day (e.g., “Monday” instead of “2”), you can use the TEXT function in combination with WEEKDAY.
  • Remember that Excel stores dates as serial numbers, so ensure your date is formatted correctly as a date.
  • Use the CHOOSE function with WEEKDAY to return the day’s name in a single step.
  • Experiment with different date formats to see how Excel adjusts and still returns the correct day of the week.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the default number for Sunday in the WEEKDAY function?

The default number for Sunday in the WEEKDAY function is 1.

Can I change the first day of the week in the WEEKDAY function?

Yes, you can change the first day of the week by adding a second argument to the WEEKDAY function.

How do I convert the number returned by WEEKDAY to a day name?

You can use the TEXT function with a custom date format like “dddd” to convert the number to a day name.

Is it possible to use WEEKDAY with a range of dates?

Yes, you can use the WEEKDAY function with a range of dates by applying it to each cell in the range.

Can I use WEEKDAY in Excel for Mac?

Yes, the WEEKDAY function works the same way in Excel for Mac as it does for Windows.


  1. Enter the date in a cell.
  2. Use the WEEKDAY function.
  3. Close the function and press Enter.


Excel’s versatility with dates extends beyond mere storage and formatting. By tapping into its WEEKDAY function, you unlock a practical feature—determining the day of the week from a given date. This function can be a lifesaver for both professional and personal planning. Imagine quickly knowing what day of the week your project deadline falls on or figuring out which day to throw that surprise birthday party. The possibilities are endless.

Moreover, with the tips provided, you can customize the function to suit your specific needs, whether that involves starting your week on a Monday or displaying the day’s name instead of a number. The frequently asked questions section addresses common queries and troubleshooting, ensuring a smooth experience.

Remember, Excel is more than just a spreadsheet application; it’s a tool that, when mastered, can significantly boost productivity and organization. So the next time you’re working with dates in Excel, give the WEEKDAY function a try and watch as it effortlessly transforms dates into actionable insights. Whether for business schedules, event planning, or personal curiosity, knowing how to get the day of the week from a date in Excel is a skill that will undoubtedly come in handy.

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