How to Download Procreate Brushes on iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re looking to enhance your Procreate experience, downloading new brushes can add a world of creativity to your art. All it takes is a few simple steps: find your brush, download it, and import it into Procreate. This guide will walk you through the entire process, making it a breeze for you to get those brushes onto your iPad and into Procreate.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Download Procreate Brushes on iPad

This tutorial will guide you through the process of finding, downloading, and importing Procreate brushes onto your iPad. Follow these steps to easily get new brushes and expand your artistic toolkit.

Step 1: Find Your Desired Brushes

Search online for Procreate brushes, either free or paid, and select the ones you want.

Many websites offer high-quality brushes for Procreate. You can find freebies on places like Gumroad or Creative Market. Always ensure that the source is reliable to avoid downloading harmful files.

Step 2: Download the Brushes

Once you’ve found the brushes, click the download button and save the file to your iPad.

After clicking the download button, the brushes are usually saved as a ZIP file. Ensure you note the location where the file is saved—either in the Files app or a specific folder you designated.

Step 3: Unzip the Downloaded File

Use the Files app or a third-party app to unzip the file.

If the brushes came in a ZIP file, you need to extract them first. You can do this easily in the Files app by tapping on the ZIP file. If you don’t have a built-in unzipper, apps like WinZip or iZip can do the job.

Step 4: Open Procreate

Launch the Procreate app on your iPad.

Ensure Procreate is updated to the latest version for the best compatibility with new brushes. You can check for updates in the App Store.

Step 5: Import Brushes into Procreate

Go to the Brushes panel, tap the plus icon, and select “Import” to add your new brushes.

Navigate to the location where you unzipped the brushes. Tap on the brush file to import it into Procreate. Your new brushes will appear in the Brushes panel, ready for use.

Once you’ve completed these steps, your new brushes will be available in Procreate. You can start using them right away to add new textures and effects to your artwork.

Tips for Downloading Procreate Brushes on iPad

  • Always download brushes from reputable sources to avoid malware.
  • Check the brush compatibility with your version of Procreate.
  • Make sure your iPad has enough storage space for new brushes.
  • Regularly update Procreate to ensure compatibility with new brushes.
  • Organize your brushes into folders within Procreate for easy access.

Frequently Asked Questions about Downloading Procreate Brushes on iPad

How do I find free Procreate brushes?

You can search for free brushes on websites like Gumroad, Creative Market, or even community forums like Reddit. Always check the reviews to ensure they’re from a trustworthy source.

Why can’t I unzip the file on my iPad?

Make sure your Files app is up-to-date. If you still have issues, try using a third-party app like WinZip or iZip to extract the files.

Can I use Procreate brushes on other apps?

Procreate brushes are specifically designed for Procreate and may not work on other apps. However, some brushes can be converted, but it requires extra steps and additional software.

Do I need to pay for high-quality brushes?

While many high-quality brushes are paid, there are also excellent free brushes available. It all depends on your needs and preferences.

How do I organize my brushes in Procreate?

You can create new brush folders in Procreate by opening the Brushes panel, tapping the plus icon, and then dragging and dropping brushes into the new folder.


  1. Find your desired brushes.
  2. Download the brushes.
  3. Unzip the downloaded file.
  4. Open Procreate.
  5. Import brushes into Procreate.


Downloading Procreate brushes on your iPad can significantly enhance your artistic creations by offering a wider range of tools and textures. Following the outlined steps ensures that even a beginner can effortlessly add new brushes to their Procreate app. Always remember to download from reputable sources and keep your app updated for the best experience.

Now that you know how to download and import Procreate brushes, why not explore different types and experiment with them? Whether you’re sketching, painting, or designing, new brushes can provide fresh inspiration and elevate your work. Ready to dive into a world of creativity? Start downloading those brushes today and see where your imagination takes you!

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