How to Check if iPhone is Original Using IMEI: A Step-by-Step Guide

Checking if your iPhone is original using its IMEI number is a simple process that can save you from buying a counterfeit device. The IMEI number is a unique identifier for each mobile phone and can be used to verify the authenticity of your iPhone. In just a few steps, you can ensure that your iPhone is the real deal.

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Check if iPhone is Original Using IMEI

Before we dive into the steps, let’s understand what we’re aiming for here. By following these steps, you’ll be able to verify whether your iPhone is an authentic Apple product or a fake.

Step 1: Locate the IMEI number on your iPhone

The IMEI number is usually found on the back of your iPhone or in the phone’s settings. To find it, go to Settings > General > About and scroll down to IMEI.

The IMEI number is a 15-digit code that is unique to your iPhone. If your iPhone is original, its IMEI number should match the one on the box and the one registered with Apple.

Step 2: Use the Apple website to check the IMEI number

Go to the Apple website’s check coverage page ( and enter your iPhone’s IMEI number.

Apple’s website has a tool that allows you to input the IMEI number and see if it matches a genuine iPhone. If the number is valid, the website will display the model, warranty status, and other information about the iPhone.

Step 3: Analyze the results from the Apple website

If the IMEI number is valid, the website will confirm that your iPhone is a genuine Apple product. If not, it may be a counterfeit.

If the website shows that the IMEI number is associated with a different model, or it cannot find the number at all, your iPhone may not be original. It’s crucial to check this before buying a second-hand iPhone or if you suspect your iPhone might be fake.

After completing these steps, you’ll have a clear idea of whether your iPhone is an original Apple product or not. If the IMEI number checks out, you can rest assured that you have a genuine iPhone. If not, it might be time to question the seller or seek a refund.

Tips: Ensuring Your iPhone’s Authenticity

  • Always check the IMEI number before buying a second-hand iPhone.
  • Compare the IMEI number on the iPhone, the box, and the Apple website to ensure they all match.
  • Be wary of sellers who refuse to provide the IMEI number or seem evasive when asked.
  • Remember that a low price might be too good to be true, so be cautious of extremely cheap iPhones.
  • If buying online, ask for the IMEI number before making the purchase and check it on the Apple website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an IMEI number?

An IMEI number is a 15-digit code that uniquely identifies a mobile phone. It’s used by networks to distinguish between devices.

Can I check the IMEI number of a sealed iPhone box?

Yes, the IMEI number is usually printed on the box’s label. You can use this number to check the authenticity before even opening the box.

Is it safe to share my IMEI number?

While it’s generally safe to share your IMEI number, be cautious and only share it with trusted sources like the Apple website.

What do I do if my iPhone’s IMEI number is not recognized by the Apple website?

If the Apple website doesn’t recognize the IMEI number, it’s a strong indication that the iPhone is not original. You should contact the seller or seek a refund.

Can an iPhone have more than one IMEI number?

Some models of iPhones, like those that support dual SIM cards, may have two IMEI numbers. Each number should be checked for authenticity.


  1. Locate the IMEI number on your iPhone.
  2. Use the Apple website to check the IMEI number.
  3. Analyze the results from the Apple website.


In conclusion, checking if your iPhone is original using the IMEI number is a crucial step to ensure you’re not falling victim to counterfeit products. With the rise of fake iPhones in the market, taking a few minutes to perform this check can save you from unnecessary stress and expenses. Remember, an authentic iPhone not only guarantees quality but also ensures you have access to Apple’s support and warranty services. So, before you seal the deal on your next iPhone purchase, make sure to follow the steps outlined in this article to check its authenticity. Your peace of mind is worth that extra effort!

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