How to Change Wallpaper on School iPad When It’s Restricted: A Guide

Ever tried changing the wallpaper on your school iPad only to discover it’s restricted? Don’t worry; it’s possible to change it with a little workaround. Here’s a quick guide: you’ll need to temporarily bypass the restriction, change the wallpaper, and then revert back without raising any alarms. This method requires a bit of tech-savviness, but it’s totally doable.

Step by Step Tutorial to Change Wallpaper on a School iPad When It’s Restricted

In this section, we’re going to break down the steps to change the wallpaper on a school iPad even when restrictions are in place. Follow these steps carefully, and you’ll have a new wallpaper in no time!

Step 1: Access Settings

Start by opening the Settings app on the iPad.

To do this, simply tap on the Settings icon. It looks like a small gear and is usually located on the home screen or in the apps menu. This is where we’ll find most of the controls needed for our task.

Step 2: Navigate to General

Next, head to the General section within Settings.

Scroll down the Settings menu until you find the General option. Tap on it. General settings cover a wide range of options and controls, including some related to restrictions.

Step 3: Tap on Device Management

Locate and tap on the Device Management option.

Device Management is where profiles and management settings are stored. This is crucial as it often holds the key to restricted settings on school iPads. If you don’t see it immediately, it might be under “VPN & Device Management.”

Step 4: Temporarily Remove the Management Profile

Select the management profile and choose to remove it temporarily.

This step might require a password. Removing this profile will lift the restrictions momentarily. Be cautious here; you’ll need to remember how to re-enable it later.

Step 5: Change the Wallpaper

Go back to Settings, and tap on Wallpaper to change it.

Now that the restrictions are lifted, navigate back to Settings, find the Wallpaper option, and select a new image from your Gallery or from the default images provided by the iPad.

Step 6: Re-enable the Management Profile

Return to Device Management and re-enable the profile you removed.

Navigate back to the Device Management section, and re-add the profile. This will restore the restrictions as they were, thus avoiding any suspicion.

After you complete these steps, your iPad will have a new wallpaper while still being under the restrictions set by your school. The management will not detect any unauthorized changes.

Tips for Changing Wallpaper on a School iPad When It’s Restricted

  • Make sure you have the password for the management profile before you start.
  • Choose a wallpaper that is appropriate and aligns with school guidelines.
  • Take a backup of any settings that you might need to restore later.
  • Do this during a time when you won’t need to use the iPad immediately, just in case.
  • Avoid making other changes while the profile is removed to limit risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t have the password for the management profile?

Unfortunately, without the password, bypassing the restrictions is nearly impossible. You might need to ask for permission or assistance from your school’s IT department.

Will the school detect if I change the wallpaper?

If you follow the steps carefully and re-enable the management profile, it’s unlikely they will notice the change.

Can I get in trouble for doing this?

There is always a risk involved when bypassing restrictions. Make sure to weigh the consequences before proceeding.

What if the wallpaper option is still restricted after removing the profile?

Try restarting the iPad after removing the profile. This can sometimes help in resetting the restrictions.

Is there another way to change the wallpaper without removing the profile?

Without removing the profile, changing the wallpaper is usually not possible if restrictions are in place.


  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to General.
  3. Select Device Management.
  4. Temporarily remove the profile.
  5. Change the wallpaper.
  6. Re-enable the management profile.


Changing the wallpaper on a school iPad when it’s restricted might seem like a daunting task, but with the right steps, it’s manageable. Remember to proceed with caution, and always consider the implications of bypassing set restrictions. This guide should help you personalize your iPad without causing any disruptions. If you need further assistance, always consult with your school’s IT department or look for additional resources online. Happy customizing!