How to Change Floating Keyboard on iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide

Changing the floating keyboard on your iPad is a breeze! Whether you’re looking to revert to the full-sized keyboard or simply want to tweak its position, this guide will walk you through the process step-by-step. With a few taps and drags, you’ll have your keyboard set up just the way you like it.

How to Change Floating Keyboard on iPad

In this section, we will cover how to change the floating keyboard on your iPad. These steps will help you move, resize, or even switch back to the full-screen keyboard.

Step 1: Place Two Fingers on the Floating Keyboard

Start by placing two fingers on the floating keyboard.

When you put two fingers on the keyboard, you’ll be able to switch modes. It’s like a magic trick that unlocks more functionality. This is the first step to gaining more control over your typing experience.

Step 2: Pinch Outward

Step 2: Pinch outward with your two fingers.

Pinching outward will transform the floating keyboard back into the full-sized keyboard. Imagine you’re stretching a rubber band; this gesture makes the keyboard expand to fill the bottom of the screen again.

Step 3: Drag to Move the Keyboard

Step 3: To move the floating keyboard, tap and hold the small bar at the bottom and drag it.

Dragging the keyboard allows you to reposition it anywhere on your screen. Whether you prefer it to the left, right, or center, this function gives you flexibility.

Step 4: Pinch Inward

Step 4: Pinch inward with two fingers to switch back to the floating keyboard.

Just like zooming in on a photo, pinching inward will shrink the keyboard back into the floating mode. This is handy if you want more screen space while typing.

Step 5: Tap and Hold the Globe Icon

Step 5: Tap and hold the globe icon on the bottom left of your keyboard to access keyboard settings.

Holding the globe icon will open a menu where you can switch between different keyboard layouts and settings. This is where you can customize your keyboard further.

After you’ve completed these steps, your iPad will switch between the floating and full-sized keyboard modes. You’ve now got the hang of managing your iPad’s keyboard, making your typing more efficient and tailored to your liking.

Tips for Changing Floating Keyboard on iPad

  • Quick Access: Double-tapping the space bar can quickly switch between the floating and full-sized keyboard.
  • Custom Layouts: Explore the keyboard settings for various layout options to fit your typing style.
  • Split Keyboard: If you prefer typing with thumbs, try enabling the split keyboard in settings.
  • Third-Party Keyboards: For more customization, consider downloading third-party keyboards from the App Store.
  • Emoji Shortcuts: Use the globe icon to quickly access emojis and language options.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my keyboard back to normal size on my iPad?

To get your keyboard back to normal size, place two fingers on the floating keyboard and pinch outward.

Why is my iPad keyboard floating?

The keyboard may be floating because it was switched to the floating mode. You can change it back using the steps above.

Can I move the floating keyboard anywhere on the screen?

Yes, you can tap and hold the small bar at the bottom of the floating keyboard to drag it anywhere on your screen.

How do I split my keyboard on iPad?

You can split the keyboard by tapping and holding the keyboard button at the bottom right and selecting “Split.”

Can I use third-party keyboards on my iPad?

Yes, you can download and install third-party keyboards from the App Store and switch between them using the globe icon.


  1. Place two fingers on the floating keyboard.
  2. Pinch outward.
  3. Tap and hold the small bar to drag.
  4. Pinch inward.
  5. Tap and hold the globe icon.


Changing the floating keyboard on your iPad is simple once you know the right gestures and settings. This flexibility can significantly enhance your typing experience, allowing you to switch between modes depending on your needs. Whether you’re typing a quick message, writing an essay, or customizing your keyboard layout, these steps ensure you have full control.

For additional help, Apple’s support pages offer detailed insights and video tutorials on keyboard settings. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different layouts and settings to find what works best for you. The iPad is designed to adapt to your preferences, making it a powerful tool in your daily digital life.

Happy typing!

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