How to Show or Hide the Speaker Notes in Powerpoint 2013

Even if you have spent an extraordinary amount of time crafting the perfect presentation about a topic that you know inside and out, it can be difficult to give a presentation. Public speaking can be overwhelming, and large presentations often contain a high number of slides, making it difficult to memorize everything you want to […]

How to Insert a Duplicate Page in Publisher 2013

You can create a lot of different types of documents with Microsoft Publisher. Sometimes these documents will be single pages, with only one version. But other times you might be working with a multi-page document, or with something that requires similar pages with some slight modifications. Rather than spend a lot of time creating these […]

How to Reset a Slide in Powerpoint 2013

While there are several different slide formats that you can select from when you create a new slide, it’s pretty common for you to add or remove slide elements to format the slide in the way that you require. But if you tinker with that slide layout too much, you might find that you can’t […]

How to Delete a Text Box in Publisher 2013

Is there a text box in your Publisher file that is causing problems? Whether it’s an issue because there is text that you can’t remove, or because other objects keep auto-fitting around the text box, making it difficult to complete your job, an unwanted Publisher text box can be problematic. Additionally, there is no clear […]

How to Add a New Text Box in Publisher 2013

Microsoft Publisher is a little different than the rest of the Microsoft Office applications with which you may already be familiar. Publisher provides you with a blank canvas upon which you add different objects to complete your project. One of the objects you can add is a text box, which becomes necessary when you have […]

How to Add a Picture Placeholder in Publisher 2016

Pictures are a very important part of many of the types of documents for which Publisher is the best choice. Whether you’re creating a flyer for a tradeshow, a newsletter that you’re going to mail to your subscribers, or even an event invitation, there’s a good chance that you will eventually want to add a […]

How to Crop a Picture in Publisher 2013

Microsoft Publisher is a popular choice when you need to create documents like flyers or brochures that will be printed and distributed. It is often a better option than Microsoft Word, as it is much easier to position and move document objects in Publisher than it is to do so in Word. One of the […]

How to Stop Marking Emails as Read When Selecting Them in Outlook 2013

Have you noticed that Outlook often marks your emails as read, even when you haven’t actually read the email? This occurs because of a setting in Outlook 2013 where an email is marked as read when the selected message in the inbox changes. Essentially, any time a message is highlighted in your inbox, that message […]

How to Embed Fonts in a PDF in Word 2016

When you need to share a file with someone and you aren’t sure what programs they have on their computer, then sending Microsoft Office files, such as Word documents, can be a little risky. While Word is a very common application, it is possible that someone might not have it and might not be able […]

How to Flag an Email for Follow Up in Outlook 2013

Many of the emails that you receive in Outlook 2013 can be acted upon almost immediately. Whether it’s deleting it, moving it to your Junk folder, or replying to it, emails that are actionable upon receipt are quite common. But occasionally you might have an email that will require you attention later, such as a […]