How to Delete a Folder in Outlook 2013

Brand new email accounts usually have a handful of folders by default. But if you are a heavy email user with a full inbox, finding the right email can be a chore. One way to alleviate this problem is to create new folders for your emails, and use rules to automatically sort the messages that […]

How to Display Numbers Without a Comma in Excel 2013

Are some of the numbers in your spreadsheet currently formatted to display commas as a 1000 separator? This is an option in Excel, and it is one that you don’t need to use if you don’t want it. Our tutorial below will show you how to change the formatting option for cells that are formatted […]

How to Add Page Numbers in Publisher 2013

Page numbers are an important element of multi-page documents. They not only let your readers know which page of the document they are currently reading, but they can also be helpful in re-organizing the document in the event that the pages become separated from one another. Like Microsoft Word, Publisher also lets you add page […]

How to Add the Developer Tab in Outlook 2013

Microsoft Outlook affords you the ability to perform a lot of complex email-related tasks. It has a lot of benefits over the Web-based email clients offered by many providers, but it’s possible that you can do even more with Outlook 2013 than you realize. There is an additional ribbon tab that you can enable in […]

How to Hide Gridlines in a Publisher 2013 Table

Printing and viewing gridlines in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is often a setting that needs to be enabled to make the table easier to read when it’s printed. The gridlines make it easier to separate the data visually, and can help to eliminate mistakes when evaluating that data. It’s also pretty easy to print them. […]

How to Add a Table in Publisher 2013

Microsoft Excel is often the first choice when you need to create a table or grid of data, but you may find that you also need a table when creating another type of document, such as one that you are working on in Publisher 2013. Fortunately Microsoft’s other products often allow for the creation of […]

How to Provide Feedback With Sound in Excel 2016

Excel is one of the most commonly used programs in organizations and schools, and is accessible to wide range of skill levels. Whether you need to execute complex Visual Basic operations, or you simply want to keep track of bill payments, Excel is a great choice. But in the course of learning Excel you will […]

How to Create a Custom Page Size in Publisher 2013

Letter paper is one of the most commonly used paper sizes in the United States, and is the default page size for many applications that can print, including Microsoft Publisher 2013. But, unlike other Microsoft programs like Word and Excel, Publisher doesn’t make it easy for you to switch the size of the page for […]

How to Switch Between Portrait and Landscape Orientation in Publisher 2013

Like other Microsoft Office products that you use, Microsoft Publisher allows you to customize many of the elements of your work. One thing you might find that you need to change is the orientation of the document, as certain projects will require different orientations. Fortunately Publisher gives you the option of selecting between portrait and […]

How to Insert Text from a Word File in Publisher 2013

Do you have the content for your Publisher file in a Word document, and you either don’t want to copy and paste it into Publisher, or you tried and became frustrated with the output? Fortunately Publisher has a tool that will let you insert a file into your Publisher document, and it is possible to […]