How to Share Screen on iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide for Easy Sharing

Sharing your screen on an iPad is quite straightforward. You just need to use the built-in screen sharing feature that comes with iOS. This feature allows you to share your iPad screen with others during a video call or presentation. In a few simple steps, you can show your screen to friends, family, or colleagues seamlessly.

Step-by-Step Tutorial for Sharing Screen on iPad

In this tutorial, I’ll guide you through the steps to share your screen on an iPad. Follow these instructions, and you’ll be screen-sharing in no time!

Step 1: Start a Video Call

Open a video calling app like Zoom, FaceTime, or Microsoft Teams, and start a call.

Make sure the app supports screen sharing. Not all video calling apps have this feature, so double-check before starting your call.

Step 2: Access the Screen Sharing Option

Look for the “Share Screen” or a similar button within the app’s interface.

This button is typically located in the menu bar of the video call interface. It might look like a box with an arrow pointing up.

Step 3: Select “Screen Broadcast”

Tap on “Share Screen” and then select “Screen Broadcast.”

You might see a list of options like your camera roll, documents, or apps. Choose “Screen Broadcast” to share your entire screen.

Step 4: Confirm the Action

Tap “Start Broadcast” to begin sharing your screen.

A countdown usually appears, giving you a few seconds to prepare. Once the countdown finishes, your screen will be shared with the call participants.

Step 5: Stop Sharing

Press the red bar at the top of your screen and select “Stop” to end the screen sharing session.

It’s important to know how to stop sharing, especially if you need to end the session quickly. This action will immediately stop the broadcast.

After completing these steps, your screen will be visible to everyone in the call. You can show apps, presentations, or anything else on your iPad.

Tips for Sharing Screen on iPad

Here are some additional tips to enhance your screen-sharing experience:

  • Make sure your iPad is charged or plugged in to avoid interruptions.
  • Close unnecessary apps to improve performance.
  • Keep notifications off to prevent distractions during the sharing session.
  • Test the screen-sharing feature before your actual call.
  • Use a stable internet connection to ensure smooth sharing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop sharing my screen?

To stop sharing, tap the red bar at the top of your screen and select “Stop.”

What apps support screen sharing on iPad?

Most major video calling apps like Zoom, FaceTime, and Microsoft Teams support screen sharing.

Can I share my screen with multiple people?

Yes, you can share your screen with multiple participants in a video call.

Do I need any special apps to share my screen?

No, you can use built-in features in most video calling apps to share your screen.

Can I share specific apps instead of my whole screen?

Yes, some apps allow you to choose specific apps or documents to share instead of the entire screen.


  1. Start a video call.
  2. Access the screen sharing option.
  3. Select “Screen Broadcast.”
  4. Confirm the action.
  5. Stop sharing.


Sharing your screen on an iPad is a fantastic way to collaborate, present, or simply show something interesting to friends and colleagues. Whether you’re using Zoom, FaceTime, or another video calling app, the process is easy and intuitive. Just follow the steps outlined in this guide, and you’ll be screen sharing like a pro in no time.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Try out the screen-sharing feature before your important calls to get comfortable with it. And don’t forget to follow our tips to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted experience.

For further reading, check out the support section of your video calling app or Apple’s official support page. If you have any other questions or need additional help, feel free to ask! Now, go ahead and share your screen with confidence.