How to Setup Windows 11 Without Internet: A Comprehensive Guide

Setting up Windows 11 without an internet connection might sound tricky, but it’s actually pretty simple. You can get your new operating system up and running by following a few straightforward steps. In this article, I’ll walk you through the process step by step, so you can get your Windows 11 set up without needing to be online.

How to Set Up Windows 11 Without Internet

In this section, we will go through each step to set up your Windows 11 operating system without an internet connection. This will ensure that your computer is ready for use even when you don’t have access to the internet.

Step 1: Boot from Installation Media

Insert your Windows 11 installation media (USB drive or DVD) and start your computer.

Make sure your BIOS/UEFI settings are configured to boot from the installation media. If not, you may need to press a specific key (like F2, Del, or Esc) during startup to access the boot menu.

Step 2: Start Windows Setup

On the initial setup screen, click “Next” and then “Install Now.”

This will begin the Windows 11 installation process. If you are prompted to connect to the internet, you can skip this step by selecting “I don’t have internet.”

Step 3: Enter Product Key

Enter your Windows 11 product key when prompted, or choose “I don’t have a product key” to continue.

If you choose to skip entering the product key, you can still proceed with the installation. You can enter the key later once the setup is complete.

Step 4: Accept License Terms

Read and accept the Microsoft Software License Terms by checking the box and clicking “Next.”

This step is crucial, as it confirms that you agree to the terms and conditions of using Windows 11.

Step 5: Choose Installation Type

Select “Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)” to perform a clean installation.

This option allows you to install a fresh copy of Windows 11 without carrying over any existing files or settings from a previous installation.

Step 6: Select Partition

Choose the partition where you want to install Windows 11 and click “Next.”

If your hard drive isn’t partitioned, you may need to create a new partition. Follow the on-screen instructions to do this.

Step 7: Start Installation

The installation process will begin. Your computer may restart several times during this process.

This step will take some time, so be patient. Once the installation is complete, you’ll be guided through the initial setup screens.

Step 8: Complete Initial Setup

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup, including creating a local user account.

Since you’re not connected to the internet, you’ll need to create a local account rather than signing in with a Microsoft account. Just choose “Offline account” and follow the prompts.

After completing these steps, you will have a fully functional Windows 11 installation without needing an internet connection. You can connect to the internet later to complete updates and activate Windows.

Tips for Setting Up Windows 11 Without Internet

  • Create Installation Media in Advance: Make sure you have your installation media ready before starting the setup process.
  • Backup Important Files: If you’re installing on a PC with existing data, back up important files to avoid data loss.
  • Check BIOS Settings: Ensure your BIOS settings are configured to boot from USB or DVD, depending on your installation media.
  • Have a Product Key Handy: Keep your Windows 11 product key nearby in case you need to enter it during setup.
  • Prepare Drivers: Download necessary drivers for your hardware ahead of time, so you can install them without needing an internet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I install Windows 11 without internet?

You can install Windows 11 using installation media like a USB drive or DVD. Follow the steps to skip internet connection prompts and create a local account.

Do I need a product key to install Windows 11?

You can skip the product key entry step during installation and enter it later. However, having it ready can save time.

Can I use Windows 11 without a Microsoft account?

Yes, you can create a local account during setup if you’re not connected to the internet.

Will I miss out on updates without internet?

Yes, Windows 11 won’t update without an internet connection. Connect to the internet later to install updates.

How do I download drivers without internet?

Download drivers on a different device and transfer them to your PC using a USB drive.

Step-by-Step Summary

  1. Boot from installation media.
  2. Start Windows setup.
  3. Enter product key (optional).
  4. Accept license terms.
  5. Choose installation type.
  6. Select partition.
  7. Start installation.
  8. Complete initial setup.


Setting up Windows 11 without internet might seem like a daunting task, but with these clear and concise steps, it becomes a walk in the park. By preparing your installation media, backing up important files, and following the outlined steps, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free installation. Remember, while you won’t have access to online updates and features immediately, you can always connect to the internet later to complete any necessary updates and activate your Windows 11.

Taking the time to set up Windows 11 without internet can be especially useful in situations where you have limited or no access to the web, or simply prefer to set up your system offline. For further reading, consider checking out Microsoft’s official documentation or community forums for additional tips and tricks. So, grab your USB drive, follow this guide, and enjoy your newly installed Windows 11!

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