How to Screen Mirror Android to TV: A Step-by-Step Guide

Screen mirroring Android to your TV might sound like a task that requires a tech whiz, but it’s actually quite simple! All you need is a smart TV or a streaming device and a Wi-Fi connection. Once you have these, you can share your Android screen with your TV and enjoy your favorite apps, games, and videos on a larger screen. Ready to get started? Let’s dive into the step-by-step tutorial!

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Screen Mirror Android to TV

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s understand what these steps will help you achieve. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll be able to see your Android phone’s screen on your TV. This means you can watch videos, play games, or use apps with the added benefit of a bigger display.

Step 1: Check Compatibility

Ensure your Android device and TV support screen mirroring.

Not all Android phones or TVs support screen mirroring, so it’s essential to check the compatibility first. You can usually find this information in your device settings or by looking up your device model online.

Step 2: Connect to the Same Wi-Fi Network

Make sure both your Android device and TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Screen mirroring requires both devices to be on the same network. This allows them to communicate with each other and share the screen seamlessly.

Step 3: Enable Screen Mirroring on Your TV

Locate and select the screen mirroring option on your TV.

This can often be found in the input or network settings of your TV. Sometimes it’s called ‘Miracast,’ ‘Screen Sharing,’ or ‘Wireless Display’ depending on the brand of your TV.

Step 4: Open the Screen Mirroring Settings on Your Android Device

Access the screen mirroring settings from the quick settings panel or settings app on your Android device.

On most Android phones, you can simply swipe down from the top of the screen to open the quick settings panel and look for a ‘Screen Cast’ or ‘Smart View’ icon.

Step 5: Select Your TV from the List of Available Devices

Choose your TV from the list of available devices to start screen mirroring.

Once you tap on the screen mirroring icon, your phone will search for devices to connect to. Tap on your TV’s name when it appears, and the mirroring should begin almost immediately.

After completing these steps, your Android device’s screen will be displayed on your TV. This allows you to enjoy your mobile content with the comfort and convenience of a larger screen.

Tips: How to Screen Mirror Android to TV

  • Make sure your Android and TV firmware are up to date for the best screen mirroring experience.
  • If you encounter lag or disconnection issues, try moving closer to your Wi-Fi router or using a 5GHz network if available.
  • For a more stable connection, consider using a wired HDMI adapter if your phone supports it.
  • Some apps may not allow screen mirroring due to copyright or DRM policy; be sure to check app permissions.
  • Remember to turn off notifications or sensitive information you wouldn’t want to display on the big screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mirror my Android to any TV?

No, your TV must support screen mirroring or have a compatible streaming device connected to it.

Does screen mirroring use a lot of Wi-Fi data?

Screen mirroring itself doesn’t use your internet data, but streaming content from the internet to your TV will.

Can I still use my phone while screen mirroring?

Yes, you can continue to use your phone, but whatever you do on it will be displayed on the TV.

Can I screen mirror without Wi-Fi?

Some devices support direct wireless connections like Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth, but these are less common.

Will screen mirroring work if my phone is locked?

Typically, the screen mirroring will pause if your phone locks, so it’s best to keep it unlocked during mirroring.


  1. Check Compatibility
  2. Connect to the Same Wi-Fi Network
  3. Enable Screen Mirroring on Your TV
  4. Open the Screen Mirroring Settings on Your Android Device
  5. Select Your TV from the List of Available Devices


So there you have it – a foolproof guide on how to screen mirror Android to TV. Once you’ve followed these steps, you’ll be able to throw your favorite mobile content onto the big screen for better viewing. Whether it’s for work presentations or binge-watching your favorite shows, screen mirroring is a game-changer. Remember to refer to the tips provided to enhance your experience and troubleshoot common issues. With technology constantly evolving, there’s always something new to learn. So don’t be afraid to dive in and get your tech on! And, if you ever find yourself stuck, come back to this guide for a quick refresher. Happy mirroring!