How to Get Fortnite on iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Getting Fortnite on your iPhone might seem like a daunting task, especially with all the controversy surrounding the game’s removal from the App Store. But fear not, fellow gamers, for there is still a way to enjoy this popular battle royale game on your iOS device. It involves a workaround using a cloud gaming service called GeForce NOW. Ready to dive in and get back to building forts and taking down opponents? Let’s get started!

Step by Step Tutorial: How to Get Fortnite on iPhone

Before we jump into the step-by-step guide, let’s understand what we’re about to do. By the end of these steps, you’ll be able to play Fortnite on your iPhone once again, despite it not being available directly from the App Store. We’ll be using NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW, a cloud gaming service, to stream the game on your device.

Step 1: Sign up for a GeForce NOW account

Create a GeForce NOW account on NVIDIA’s website.

Once you’ve signed up for GeForce NOW, you will have access to their cloud gaming service, which has Fortnite available in its library. You can choose from a free or a paid membership, but keep in mind that the paid version offers extended session lengths and priority access to gaming servers.

Step 2: Download the GeForce NOW app from the App Store

Search for GeForce NOW in the App Store and download the app.

After creating your account, you’ll need to download the GeForce NOW app from the App Store. Yes, this app is still available on the App Store, and it’s your gateway to playing Fortnite on your iPhone.

Step 3: Log in to your GeForce NOW account on the app

Open the GeForce NOW app and sign in with the account you created.

Logging into the app is straightforward. Just enter the credentials you used when signing up on NVIDIA’s website. Once you’re in, you’re one step closer to playing Fortnite.

Step 4: Search for ‘Fortnite’ within the GeForce NOW app

Use the search function in the app to find Fortnite.

In the GeForce NOW app, use the search bar to look up Fortnite. It should appear in the list of available games. This step is crucial because it’s how you’ll be able to access the game from your cloud gaming account.

Step 5: Start playing Fortnite on your iPhone

Select Fortnite from the search results and start playing.

After finding Fortnite in the app, simply tap on it and start playing. The game will stream from NVIDIA’s servers, allowing you to play directly on your iPhone with minimal lag, depending on your internet connection.

After completing these steps, you’ll be able to play Fortnite on your iPhone just as you would with any other game on the device. The difference is that instead of the game running from your phone’s hardware, it’s being streamed from GeForce NOW’s powerful gaming servers.

Tips: How to Enhance Your Fortnite Experience on iPhone

  • Use a stable Wi-Fi connection to minimize lag and ensure smooth gameplay.
  • Consider investing in a game controller compatible with your iPhone for better control and an enhanced gaming experience.
  • If you’re using the free version of GeForce NOW, be aware of the session time limit and plan your gaming accordingly.
  • Close unnecessary apps running in the background to maintain a strong connection to GeForce NOW’s servers.
  • Adjust the in-game settings to suit your preferences and optimize performance on your iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Fortnite back on my iPhone after it was removed from the App Store?

By using NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW cloud gaming service, you can stream Fortnite on your iPhone, bypassing the need for the App Store.

Is GeForce NOW free, or do I have to pay to use it?

GeForce NOW offers both a free tier and a paid membership. The free tier has limitations, such as session length, while the paid version provides extended playtime and other benefits.

Do I need a strong internet connection to play Fortnite on GeForce NOW?

Yes, a stable and robust internet connection is vital for streaming games on GeForce NOW to avoid lag and maintain good performance.

Can I use my existing Fortnite account to play on GeForce NOW?

Yes, you can log in with your existing Fortnite account within the GeForce NOW app and have access to all your progress and purchases.

Is it legal to play Fortnite on iPhone using GeForce NOW?

Yes, it is entirely legal to use GeForce NOW to play Fortnite on your iPhone, as you’re streaming the game from NVIDIA’s servers and not downloading it directly from the App Store.


  1. Sign up for a GeForce NOW account.
  2. Download the GeForce NOW app from the App Store.
  3. Log in to your GeForce NOW account on the app.
  4. Search for ‘Fortnite’ within the app.
  5. Start playing Fortnite on your iPhone.


We’ve reached the end of our guide on how to get Fortnite on iPhone, and I hope you’re feeling confident about jumping back into the game. It’s unfortunate that direct access to Fortnite via the App Store is no longer an option, but thanks to cloud gaming services like GeForce NOW, we can still enjoy our favorite games without interruption.

Playing Fortnite on iPhone using GeForce NOW is a testament to the flexibility and resilience of the gaming community. It shows that no matter the obstacles, there’s always a way for us to come together, have fun, and engage in the games we love. The process might seem a bit roundabout at first, but once you’re set up, it’s just like old times—dropping into the map and striving for that Victory Royale.

Remember to follow the steps outlined in this article, utilize the tips to enhance your gameplay, and refer to the FAQ section for any lingering questions. As the gaming landscape continues to evolve, who knows what other innovations and workarounds we’ll discover? For now, though, happy gaming, and may the odds be ever in your favor on the virtual battlegrounds of Fortnite!

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