How to Combine Layers in Cricut Design Space iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide

Combining layers in Cricut Design Space on an iPad is a simple task that enhances your design flexibility, allowing you to manage your projects more effectively. By following a few straightforward steps, you can merge multiple layers into one, making your design process smoother and more efficient.

Step-by-Step Guide for Combining Layers in Cricut Design Space iPad

Combining layers in Cricut Design Space on an iPad will help you streamline your design process. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Open Cricut Design Space

First, launch the Cricut Design Space app on your iPad.

Tap the app icon on your home screen or in your app drawer to get started.

Step 2: Create or Open a Project

Next, either start a new project or open an existing one.

This gives you a canvas where you can work with your layers.

Step 3: Select the Layers

Now, select the layers you want to combine by tapping on each layer while holding down the shift key.

Ensuring that you have the right layers selected is crucial for the next steps.

Step 4: Use the “Weld” Tool

With the layers selected, tap on the “Actions” menu and then select “Weld.”

This will merge your selected layers into one single layer.

Step 5: Save Your Project

Finally, save your project by tapping the save icon.

This ensures that all your hard work is stored and ready for cutting.

After you complete this action, your chosen layers will be combined, making it easier to manage and modify your design as needed.

Tips for Combining Layers in Cricut Design Space iPad

  • Group Before Welding: Group your layers first to ensure they are aligned correctly before welding.
  • Check Overlaps: Make sure layers overlap slightly for a clean weld; otherwise, they may not merge properly.
  • Undo Function: Use the undo button if you make a mistake; it’s a lifesaver!
  • Practice on Simple Shapes: Start with simple shapes to get the hang of combining layers before moving on to complex designs.
  • Save Frequently: Save your work regularly to avoid losing any progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I un-weld layers after combining them?

Once you’ve welded layers, it’s permanent. However, you can use the undo button immediately after the weld if you need to reverse it.

Does welding affect cutting?

Yes, welding combines the layers into a single cut path, which can change how your machine cuts the design.

Can I still edit welded layers?

No, once welded, the layers become one and can’t be edited individually. Always double-check before welding.

What if my layers don’t weld correctly?

Ensure the layers overlap slightly and are selected correctly. Use the undo function to try again if needed.

Is there a limit to how many layers I can combine?

There’s no strict limit, but too many layers can make the app slower. Combine layers in smaller groups if necessary.


  1. Open Cricut Design Space
  2. Create or Open a Project
  3. Select the Layers
  4. Use the “Weld” Tool
  5. Save Your Project


Combining layers in Cricut Design Space on your iPad is an invaluable skill that every designer should master. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, this technique will streamline your work process, making your designs more cohesive and easier to handle. Remember to follow each step carefully and make good use of the tips provided for a smoother experience. If you have any issues, refer back to the frequently asked questions for quick solutions. Now, give it a try and see how much easier your projects become when you know how to combine layers in Cricut Design Space iPad. Happy crafting!

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