How to Block Roblox on iPad: A Comprehensive Guide for Parents

Sometimes, you need to limit access to certain apps on your child’s iPad. If you want to block Roblox, there are several steps you can take to ensure they can’t open the game. This guide will walk you through using Screen Time settings to block Roblox. You’ll be able to block, limit, and monitor usage effectively.

Steps to Block Roblox on iPad

Blocking Roblox on an iPad involves using the built-in Screen Time feature. Here’s how you can do it in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Open Settings

To start, you need to access the iPad’s Settings app.

Open the Settings app, which looks like a gear icon. This is where you control and customize your iPad’s functions.

Step 2: Navigate to Screen Time

Once you’re in Settings, find and tap on Screen Time.

Screen Time is a feature that lets you monitor and control how much time is spent on the iPad. This is the key to blocking specific apps.

Step 3: Tap on App Limits

In Screen Time, tap on App Limits to set restrictions for specific apps.

App Limits allow you to set time limits or block specific apps entirely. This is where we’ll set the restriction for Roblox.

Step 4: Add Limit

Select the option to add a new limit and choose the category “Games” or search for Roblox directly.

This step lets you specify which apps you want to restrict. By choosing “Games” or searching for Roblox, you’re narrowing down the apps you want to control.

Step 5: Set Time Limit to Zero

Set the time limit to zero hours and zero minutes, then tap Add.

Setting the limit to zero will effectively block the app, making it inaccessible to the user.

Step 6: Use a Passcode

Finally, you’ll want to secure these settings with a four-digit passcode to prevent changes.

A passcode ensures that your child can’t alter or remove the restrictions you’ve set up.

After completing these steps, Roblox will be blocked on the iPad. Your child won’t be able to open the app, and you can relax knowing their screen time is better managed.

Tips for Blocking Roblox on iPad

  1. Enable Downtime: Set specific times when the iPad can’t be used at all, such as during homework or bedtime.
  2. App-Specific Limits: Use App Limits to set restrictions on other apps that might be distracting.
  3. Content Restrictions: Adjust content filters to block apps by age rating, which can also help manage what apps are available.
  4. Monitor Activity: Regularly check Screen Time reports to see how much time is spent on different apps.
  5. Keep the Passcode Secret: Ensure your child does not know the passcode to make changes to the settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I unblock Roblox later?

Yes, you can easily adjust the Screen Time settings to remove the block whenever you decide.

What happens if my child knows the passcode?

If your child knows the passcode, they can change the settings. It’s best to keep the passcode confidential.

Do I need to reinstall Roblox after blocking it?

No, the app remains installed but will be inaccessible. You don’t need to reinstall it if you decide to unblock it later.

Can I block other apps using the same method?

Absolutely. You can follow the same steps to block any other app on the iPad.

Will blocking Roblox affect other devices?

No, these settings only apply to the specific iPad you’ve configured. You’ll need to set restrictions separately on each device.


  1. Open Settings.
  2. Navigate to Screen Time.
  3. Tap on App Limits.
  4. Add Limit.
  5. Set Time Limit to Zero.
  6. Use a Passcode.


Blocking Roblox on an iPad can be a straightforward process if you follow the steps we’ve outlined. Using the Screen Time settings, you can effectively manage and control app usage, ensuring your child isn’t spending too much time on games. Remember to keep your passcode confidential and regularly check the Screen Time reports to monitor activity. By taking these steps, you’re actively participating in your child’s digital life, helping them balance screen time with other important activities. If you ever want to unblock Roblox or adjust the settings, the process is just as easy to reverse. For more information on managing screen time or other parental controls, feel free to explore additional resources or guides.

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