Elite Multi-Platform Games That Bring Us All Together (Regardless of Platform!)

It can be difficult to play games with your friends if one of you has an Android and one an iPhone, or if you’ve got a great PC game to play but all your friends are on consoles. Fortunately, this is not a problem when game developers create cross platform games. It’s something that, unfortunately, we don’t get with every new and exciting game, as game companies often don’t have the resources or ability to create a game for every available console. It is obviously a complicated process for the developers, but thankfully there are enough excellent multi-platform games that are available to help you game with friends on different operating systems, consoles, or platforms.

Casino Games

Understandably, online casinos have been quick to realize that creating cross-platform games is essential to their survival, as they need their games to be available on all devices to build their player portfolio. A good example of cross-platform game development can be found with Intouch Games’ creations for the pay by phone casino mFortune, as they have won numerous awards for their unique games and character designs that can be played on Apple or Android devices, as well as on a PC or Mac. Combined with a variety of payment options and chat rooms, they seem to have dealt with the complex issues of multiplatform online casino gambling effortlessly and the resulting product simply works as it should.

Pokemon Go

Such a smash hit and a cultural phenomenon of 2016, this cross platforms Augmented Reality game looks set to build on its monumental success with frequent updates, adding features to maintain player interest. With player versus player battles becoming a real possibility, as well as the ability to trade Pokemon, developers are giving fans what they have been crying out for. It’s unlikely that we’ll see the mass hysteria that the sightings of very rare Pokemon caused previously, but this looks like an app with legs and developers will be busy doing all they can to keep Pikachu and company in the public consciousness.


Microsoft has strived to make Minecraft as expansive as possible and cross platform gaming is a great way for them to unite their players in their love for building vast structures. With Minecraft Realms, players connect to servers and invite only those people they want to connect to and play beside, with different prices allowing up to a maximum of ten friends in any one realm of play. The players’ Minecraft world is then always available for access online through PC, Mac, phone, tablet – and a Windows 10 “modern app”. It’s a great way to offer a safe multiplayer gaming environment that gives you and your friends a feeling of exclusivity.

Rocket League

This one has been somewhat of a headache, as the decision to go cross platform is always dependent on a cohesion between developers and the platforms in question. Gamers in the PlayStation 4 Rocket League have been able to play this combination of Destruction Derby and FIFA against PC users for a long time now, but adding other consoles to the mix has been a lengthy and tricky process. Hopefully, this one is becoming a reality soon as this vehicular destruction sport is a perfect fit for multi-platform gaming entertainment.

These are just a handful of the multi-platform games that have made an impact to date. Fingers crossed, in the future we’ll no longer need to even use the phrase – as all games will be developed for all platforms.

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