How to Enable or Disable Microphone Access for the Spotify iPhone App

how enable voice search spotify iphone

Voice search is becoming increasingly popular across devices and apps, as it provides a convenient way to search for something, or get information, without needing to type a search phrase. More and more companies are starting to incorporate this into … [Continue reading]

How to Make a Spotify Playlist Public on an iPhone

how to make playlist public spotify iphone

If you have a playlist that you've spent a lot of time perfecting, then you might want to share it with the world. Spotify includes playlists in its search results so, if your playlist is visible to other people, it's possible for them to follow it … [Continue reading]

Renew Lease Wifi – How to Renew Your Wireless Connection on an iPhone 7

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If you're having trouble with your wireless connection on your iPhone, then there are a lot of possible ways that you can troubleshoot it. But one of the suggested resolutions may involve renewing your lease with the network. When you connect to a … [Continue reading]

How to Manually Change Playlist Order in the Spotify Desktop App

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The playlists in the Spotify app are seemingly in a random order that can make it difficult to find the one that you want. You may have gotten accustomed to scrolling to the right spot in the list to find the playlist that you want, but this can be … [Continue reading]

How to Start a Private Session in Spotify on an iPhone 7

how to enable a private session in spotify on an iphone 7

The Spotify music streaming service puts social sharing and discovery as a high priority so, if you have people that are following you, such as your friends or family, then they can see what you're listening to. But you may be listening to … [Continue reading]

How to Sort Spotify Playlists by Name on an iPhone 7

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Making and following Spotify playlists is a great way to organize your favorite music and listen to playlists put together by people that share your musical tastes. But longtime Spotify users, or even really active new users, may find that they have … [Continue reading]

How to Remove Access to Contacts for an App on My iPhone 7

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The interaction between certain apps on your iPhone makes it more convenient for you to perform certain actions. For example, your banking app might have access to your Camera so that you can take a picture of a check and deposit it from your phone … [Continue reading]

How to Add a Cryptocurrency to the iPhone Stocks App

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Cryptocurrency is becoming more and more mainstream as information about its price rising and falling seems to show up in media all the time. As a result of this increased awareness, adoption is increasing and people are purchasing coins as a … [Continue reading]

How to Reserve an IP Address on a Netgear N600

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Do you have a device that is accessed by other network computers via IP address? This is helpful when other folder sharing options aren't working, but it can be a pain if you need to reset the router, which causes all of those IP addresses to … [Continue reading]

How to Delete All Emails in a Folder in Outlook 2013

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Do you have a lot of emails in a folder in your Outlook account, and you want to delete all of them? While you might have found a way to do this by manually selecting the emails, there's actually an option on a shortcut menu that lets you delete all … [Continue reading]