How to Create an Alarm in Android Marshmallow

how to create an alarm in android marshmallow

Many of the tools and features that you need out of a smartphone are included in the default apps. One of these tools is the alarm clock, which can be found within Marshmallow's default Clock app. Setting an alarm in the Clock app requires a few … [Continue reading]

How to Switch to Pro Mode on the Samsung Galaxy On5 Camera

switch camera modes on galaxy on5

The Camera app on most modern smartphones is capable of producing some high quality images. In fact, many more pictures are taken with phone camera every day than traditional cameras. But if you are someone that likes to have control over certain … [Continue reading]

How to Change the Zoom Level in Google Docs

how zoom in zoom out google docs

Many of the productivity applications that you use on your computer will have a default zoom level of 100%. Depending on how far away from the monitor you sit, or how good or poor your vision is, that zoom level might be inadequate. So if you find … [Continue reading]

How to Switch Back from 24 Hour Time on an iPhone SE

how to switch from 24 hour to 12 hour time format on iphone se

The time that is displayed on your iPhone has a few different settings that you can adjust. One of these features lets you choose whether the time is displayed in the 12-hour or the 24-hour format. But the menu where the date and time settings are … [Continue reading]

How to Stop Connecting to LTE Networks in Android Marshmallow

how disable lte android marshmallow

Depending on the type of smartphone you have running Android Marshmallow, it's likely that you are able to connect to LTE networks. These typically offer very fast download speeds and excellent service, but this can ultimately result in an increase … [Continue reading]

How to Turn Off Zoom on the Apple Watch

how to turn off zoom on the apple watch

Small devices like smartphones and digital watches have small screens that display all kinds of information. While these screens have been getting crisper and easier to read over the years, they are still quite small, which can be difficult for some … [Continue reading]

iPhone SE – How to Get a Prompt Before Deleting or Archiving Emails

how to ask before deleting an email on the iphone se

Your email inbox is something that can easily spiral out of control if you receive a lot of new messages each day. If you are someone that likes to keep their inbox clean and tidy, then deleting email messages is likely to become a frequent … [Continue reading]

How to Switch to A4 Paper Size in Word 2016

change paper size in word 2016

Word 2016 is the ideal word processing application for a number of different document-creation activities. The specific needs of each user can vary significantly, so Microsoft has included a large number of different settings and formatting options … [Continue reading]

How to Show Different Workout Metrics on the Apple Watch

how to change the apple watch workout stats

The Workout app on your Apple Watch is a great way to track your activity and measure your performance when performing certain types of exercise. For example, if you're training for a marathon by running outdoors, then you might be interested in … [Continue reading]

How to View Message Source in Outlook 2013

how to view html source in outlook 2013

Certain types of emails that you send and receive in Microsoft Outlook share some similarities with Web pages. These emails are in the HTML format, and the appearance and formatting of the information contained within those emails is handled by HTML … [Continue reading]