How to Insert a Hyperlink in Excel 2011 for Mac

how to insert hyperlink excel 2011 for mac

Excel spreadsheets have a lot of potential applications, and some of those applications involve the integration of other programs on your computer. Once such program is your Web browser. For example, the format of your spreadsheet might dictate that … [Continue reading]

How to Turn Off Apps on an iPhone 7

how to turn off apps on an iphone 7

Your iPhone is a little different from your computer for the fact that your computer can simultaneously have multiple apps open and running at the same time so that you can easily switch between them. The iPhone can also have more than one app open … [Continue reading]

How to Change the Page Order in Word 2013

how to change the page order in word 2013

When you are creating a document with a lot of distinct parts in Microsoft Word 2013, you don't always get the order correct with your first draft. Therefore you may find that you need to move an entire page to a different part of the … [Continue reading]

How to Install a Google App Through the Chrome Browser on an iPhone

how to install google apps through chrome on iphone

The Chrome Web browser app that you have installed on your iPhone is just one of many Google apps that are available in iOS. You can search for many of these apps in the iPhone's App Store, but that would require you to know what those apps are … [Continue reading]

How to Save the Camera Mode on the iPhone 7

how to preserve camera settings on an iphone 7

If you use the camera on your iPhone to take a variety of pictures and record videos, then you are likely accustomed to choosing the camera mode each time you open the app. The iPhone camera will revert to the Photo option each time the app is … [Continue reading]

How to Enable Cellular Data Usage for iTunes Videos on an iPhone 7

how to use cellular data for itunes video playback

Your iPhone will typically prioritize a Wi-Fi network over a cellular network when both of those options are in range. This has the benefit of reducing the amount of cellular data that you use, plus a Wi-Fi connection is usually faster. But … [Continue reading]

How to Restore an Older Version of a File in Google Sheets

how to restore old version of file in google sheets

When you are working with big spreadsheets and large amount of data, it is always a possibility that you will inadvertently change the wrong data, or you will copy and paste the wrong information. This problem can be made even worse when you are … [Continue reading]

How to Delete Recently Played Songs or Playlists from the iPhone Spotify App

how to delete recently played songs spotify iphone

The Spotify app on your iPhone has a section where it lists the songs, albums, or playlists to which you have recently listened. This is very convenient if you found a song that you liked and want to be able to listen to it again, or add it to an … [Continue reading]

How to Turn Off Smart Paragraph Selection in Word 2013

how to turn off smart paragraph selection in word 2013

Formatting in Microsoft Word can be a little frustrating to work with, especially if you are working on a document that you did not create yourself. But there are some features of Word that can cause frustration that are not related to formatting. … [Continue reading]

How to Show Holiday Events in the Memories Section of the iPhone Photos App

how to show holiday events in iphone photos

The Photos app has several tabs at the bottom of the screen that provide you with options for browsing through your pictures. You can select the Albums app to look at pictures based upon the criteria defined by the albums. You can also select the … [Continue reading]