How to View Battery Usage By App in Android Marshmallow

view battery usage statistics in android marshmallow

Battery life is one of the foremost concerns of many smartphone users, and getting the most out of your phone's battery is especially important when you don't have many options to recharge the device during the day and you rely on your phone for … [Continue reading]

How to Delete a Book from iBooks on an iPhone 7

how to remove a book from ibooks on an iphone

There are a number of different ways that you can save and store ebooks on your iPhone. One popular choice is the Amazon Kindle store, but another option is to use the default iBooks app on your iPhone. This provides both a means fro you to download … [Continue reading]

Why Isn’t My iPhone 7 Screen Turning Off?

why isnt my iphone 7 screen turning off

Effectively using the touch ID and passcode on your iPhone is one crucial step to ensuring that the important sensitive data on your iPhone is as secure as possible. In most situations, your iPhone screen should automatically lock after a period of … [Continue reading]

Technology in Sport: Positive or Negative?

technology in sports

Since the invention of the World Wide Web at the end of the 1980s, technology has quickly become a key component of everyday life. In today's world, most offices and workplaces rely on the internet for both communication and commerce – and it would … [Continue reading]

How to Download Free eBooks on an iPhone 7

how to get free ebooks on an iphone

While the Amazon Kindle store is often the first place that eBook enthusiasts will turn when looking for new books (either free or purchased), Apple has their own source for eBooks through the default iBooks app on your iPhone. They have many of the … [Continue reading]

Three of Our Favourite Games for the iPhone

pokemon go screenshot

Remember when a mobile phone was actually used for making calls and texting people?! Now, it’s become an extension of almost every part of our lives thanks to the proliferation of app technology and new means of communicating with those we love. … [Continue reading]

How to Add a Row to a Table in Word 2013

how to add a row to a table in word 2013

You may discover that you need to learn how to add a row to table in Word 2013 if you are creating one from scratch, only to find that the default table-creation tool only allows you to make an 8 x 8 table. While there are ways to copy and paste data … [Continue reading]

Virtual Reality: Success Built Upon Live Gameplay Infrastructure

windows xp dial up connection screenshot

Virtual reality is one of those buzzwords that has evolved from having relevance to the realm of science fiction to representing one of the major trends of the last few years. Alongside augmented reality, virtual reality stands at the forefront of a … [Continue reading]

How to Set a Venmo Passcode on an iPhone 7

how to set up a password for the venmo iphone app

Venmo is a convenient app that lets you send money to your friends. Whether you are using it to split a restaurant check, or you need to give someone money but don't have cash, there are many reasons why Venmo is helpful. But the app makes it so easy … [Continue reading]

How to Remove Apps from the Home Screen in Android Marshmallow

how to remove an app icon from the home screen in android marshmallow

The Home screen on your Samsung Galaxy On5 provides a convenient place for you to store the apps that you use on a regular basis. However, there is a limited amount of space on this screen, and there may be an old app, or a default app, that is … [Continue reading]