How to Turn Off Cellular Data on the Samsung Galaxy On5

how to turn off cellular data on the galaxy on5

Smartphones and the functions that they are capable of are pretty impressive. Your phone can perform a lot of tasks that a desktop computer would struggle with, even just a few years ago, and it can do these things from almost anywhere you go. … [Continue reading]

How to Clean a Full Startup Disk on a MacBook Air

how to clean a startup disk that is almost full on an macbook air

The full startup disk error on the MacBook Air is something that you will probably encounter at some point as someone that owns or works with this laptop. The 128 and 256 GB versions of the Air are really easy to max out, and a full hard drive on my … [Continue reading]

How to Turn Off Data Roaming on the Samsung Galaxy On5

how to turn off data roaming on the galaxy on5

Mobile data charges are often the most expensive part of a cellular plan. Many plans will include a fixed amount of data that is available for you to use when you are on your network, but that available data typically won't include data that you use … [Continue reading]

How to Empty the Trash on a MacBook Air

how to empty the trash on a macbook air

The Trash bin on your MacBook Air is where a lot of your files go when you delete them. This may seem to be unproductive, as the files are still on your computer, but having this additional step before you permanently delete files from your laptop … [Continue reading]

How to Disable Siri on a Macbook Air

how to disable siri on a macbook air

The Siri feature on the iPhone and the iPad has been increasing its capabilities since first being introduced, and there are a lot of actions that you can perform using its voice activated functions. Siri is also available on your Macbook Air, which … [Continue reading]

How to Add Alt Text to a Picture in Powerpoint 2010

how to add alt text to a picture in powerpoint 2010

Many of the pictures that you encounter on the Internet include something called alternate text, or "alt text." This is a description of the picture that is added to it which allows a screen reader, as well as some other mechanisms, to be able to … [Continue reading]

How to Change the Alert Volume on the Apple Watch

how to change alert volume on the apple watch

One of my favorite things about the Apple Watch is how much more convenient it makes checking phone alerts. Your iPhone syncs your notifications with the watch so, if you typically have your iPhone in a bag or in your pocket, you can simply look at … [Continue reading]

How to Remove Duplicate Files from a MacBook Air

how to remove duplicate files from a macbook air

The Mac operating system has a habit of creating duplicate copies of some of your files. This can come in the form of duplicate photos, documents, or duplicate songs in iTunes. While this duplication can serve some beneficial purposes, it has the … [Continue reading]

How to Delete Junk Files from Your MacBook Air

how to remove junk files from a macbook air

Your MacBook Air has a fixed amount of space available to use for your apps, files, pictures, and everything else that is generally accumulated over the lifespan of a typical computer owner. So when you find that you are running out of space for the … [Continue reading]

If I Block Someone On My iPhone 7, Will They Be Able to Tell?

is there any indication that someone is blocked on an iphone

In previous articles we have discussed both how to block a caller on your iPhone, and how to view the blocked numbers on your iPhone. These are both important parts of using the call-blocking feature on your device, but they are focused primarily … [Continue reading]