How Do I Keep My iPhone 7 Plus Awake Longer

how to keep an iphone 7 awake for longer

Your iPhone 7 screen being on is one of the biggest things that drains your battery. The screen can also be interacted with when it's turned on. This combination of factors mean that it's usually in your best interest to ensure that the device screen … [Continue reading]

How to Reset a Picture to Its Default State in Google Slides

how to reset an image in google slides

It's rare that you will have a picture that you want to use in a presentation that doesn't require any kind of editing. You can perform a lot of advanced image editing in programs like Photoshop, but you can also do a lot of common edits in … [Continue reading]

How to Never Remember History in Firefox

how to never remember history in firefox

If you like your privacy when you browse the Internet, particularly in situations where other people might be using your computer and could see your browsing history, then you may have gotten in the habit of using a private browsing tab, or … [Continue reading]

How to Clear History in Microsoft Edge

how to delete browsing history in microsoft edge

When you visit a Web page in Microsoft Edge and you aren't using an InPrivate browsing tab, then the browser will remember that page in your history. But if you share a computer with someone else, or if there's another person that uses your computer, … [Continue reading]

How to Start Internet Explorer with Multiple Tabs Open

how to start internet explorer with multiple home pages

Tabbed browsing is a really helpful element of modern Web browsers that lets you keep multiple Web pages open at the same time. Most browsers, including Internet Explorer, make it easy for you to create new tabs at any time. If you are often … [Continue reading]

How to Insert a Circle in Google Slides

how to create a circle in google slides

Slideshow presentations that you create for school or work often require a number of different elements. These could be tables, pictures, or even videos, all of which can be added with the tools in Google Slides. But you might find that you need … [Continue reading]

How to Unshare a Google Sheets Spreadsheet

how to unshare a file in google sheets

Sharing a file from Google Drive is a simple and effective way to let other people see and edit your file. It's great for teams that need to work on a document together, and is one of the best possible ways for a group of people to work on the same … [Continue reading]

How to Add a Web Page to the Start Menu in Microsoft Edge

pin web page start menu microsoft edge

While there are certain Web pages that you will always be able to find from memory, a far more effective way of keeping certain sites accessible is to save their addresses somewhere. One option is to bookmark the page, or to save it as a favorite. … [Continue reading]

How to Add a Website to Compatibility View in Internet Explorer 11

how to add a website to compatibility mode in internet explorer 11

Many companies that design business-to-business websites invest a considerable amount of resources into doing so. If that website was created a while ago, however, then you may find that it isn't displaying properly in modern Web browsers. This … [Continue reading]

How to Disable the Pop Up Blocker in Internet Explorer 11

how to allow pop ups in internet explorer 11

Internet Explorer has some built-in tools to protect your privacy and try to keep you safe on the Internet. One of these tools is a pop up blocker. Some sites use pop-ups in a malicious way to try and sneak dangerous content on to your computer. By … [Continue reading]