How to Rename a Pokemon in Pokemon Go

how to rename a pokemon in pokemon go

When you open the Pokemon menu in Pokemon Go you can see a list of the Pokemon that you've caught in the game. The information included on that screen for each Pokemon is its CP, its picture, and its current name. By default, the name of a Pokemon … [Continue reading]

How to Change Your Friend Code in Pokemon Go

how to change friend code in pokemon go

The friend component of Pokemon Go that was introduced in June of 2018 provides some fun new ways to enjoy the game. It allows for trading, and also creates a new game mechanic where you can receive gifts from Pokestops and send them to your … [Continue reading]

How to Turn Off Apple Watch Calendar Alerts

how to disable calendar alerts on apple watch

Your Apple Watch syncs with many of the apps and services on your iPhone. This lets you get alerts and notifications from those apps and services on your watch, meaning that you won't constantly need to check your phone. But, depending on how you … [Continue reading]

Where Can I See How Many Battles I’ve Won in Pokemon Go?

how many battles have i won in Pokemon Go

The new friend mechanic in Pokemon Go lets other people that you've befriended in the game see some stats about your play history. One of the pieces of information that is visible to your friends is the number of gym battles that you've won. While … [Continue reading]

TechOrbits Rise-X Pro Standing Desk Workstation Review

techorbits standing desk review

I spend a lot of my day sitting at my desk in front of a computer. If you are someone in a similar situation, then you are probably aware of how unhealthy of an activity this can be. While getting up and walking around periodically is helpful, you … [Continue reading]

How to Lock the Screen After Inactivity in Windows 7

how to lock screen after inactivity in windows 7

Locking your computer when you are away from it is an effective way to make sure that others can't use it without knowing your password. In many corporate environments you are required to lock your computer whenever you step away from it as a … [Continue reading]

How to Enable or Disable Night Mode in the Firefox iPhone App

how to enable or disable night mode in firefox on an iphone

Your iPhone's screen can get very bright. It may not seem like it when you are trying to read something outside on a really sunny day, but it can be blinding when you are reading your screen in a low-light environment. Making some changes to your … [Continue reading]

How to Delete Saved Cookies and Data for One Website in Firefox

how delete cookies one website firefox

Websites that you visit in Firefox will typically use cookies to remember information about you. This is usually done for things like account logins and shopping carts so that information can be saved when you navigate between different pages on the … [Continue reading]

How to Forget a Wifi Network on an iPhone 7

how to forget a wifi network on an iphone 7

Your iPhone can connect to the Internet using a cellular connection on your wireless provider's data network, or it can connect to the Internet through a Wi-Fi network. As you move throughout the world, however, you will leave the range of one … [Continue reading]

How to Delete All Saved Login Information in Firefox

how to delete all saved login information from firefox

The Firefox Web browser is able to store login information, such as usernames and passwords, so that you don't need to remember that information for the future when you log into a website. This is convenient, and makes it so that you aren't stuck … [Continue reading]