How to Show Unread Emails First in Gmail

how to show unread emails first in gmail

There are a number of different methods that people employ when it comes to managing their email inbox. But one thing that is common among many of these methods is the need to access unread messages in your inbox. You can do this by scrolling back … [Continue reading]

How to Remove or Change Your Signature in OneNote 2013

how to remove a signature in onenote 2013

If you are an Outlook user, then perhaps you have created a signature that is added to the end of the emails you write. Signatures are helpful, consistent ways to provide your email contacts with information about you. But you may not always need … [Continue reading]

How to View Remaining Battery Life on the Apple Watch

how to check apple watch battery life

Battery life management on a smartphone like the iPhone is something that almost everyone has needed to experiment with in the time they have owned the device. Certain options like power-saving mode can help to make the phone last longer between … [Continue reading]

How to Alphabetize Folder Lists in Outlook 2013

how to sort folders in outlook 2013

Depending upon the way you use your email account, proper sorting may be a crucial aspect to how you stay organized. This can involve custom folders that you either sort to with a set of rules, or to which you manually drag and drop email messages. … [Continue reading]

How to Turn Off Automatic App Updates on an iPhone 7

how to turn off automatic app updates on iphone 7

Managing updates can be a bit of a chore, but it is often crucial to ensure that any discovered security issues are patched as quickly as possible. Additionally, by updating your apps as quickly as possible, you are sure to have any new features that … [Continue reading]

How to Quit an App on the Apple Watch

how to quit an app on the apple watch

You may be familiar with how to quit an app on your iPhone, as it can be a handy thing to know when an app is stuck or not working properly. So if you are using an app on your Apple Watch and start to experience similar issues, then you may find … [Continue reading]

How to Hide Multiple Worksheets in Excel 2013

how to hide multiple worksheets in excel 2013

The ability to hide worksheets in an Excel workbook can be very helpful when you need to share a spreadsheet with someone else, but there is data on that sheet that shouldn't be edited. Simply place that data on a separate worksheet tab, reference it … [Continue reading]

How to Start a Running Workout on the Apple Watch

how to do a running workout on the apple watch

The Apple Watch has some terrific integrations with the iPhone that let it display notifications on the watch face. This prevents you from constantly needing to check your phone, as a quick glance at the watch can often provide you with the desired … [Continue reading]

How to Set Up iPhone 7 to Erase Data After 10 Failed Passcode Entries

how to erase iphone 7 after 10 failed passcode attempts

While it may occasionally feel like it's an inconvenience, the passcode on your iPhone plays a very important role. As we rely more and more on our mobile devices, they start to hold access to the more sensitive and important bits of our personal … [Continue reading]

How to Set Firefox to Open With a Different Page

how to change your home page in firefox

Firefox is a fast, excellent Web browser that is one of the first choices for Windows users that don't like Internet Explorer or Edge. When you first install Firefox and don't have any other settings to import, you will see a Firefox page whenever … [Continue reading]