How to Wrap Text for Every Cell in a Spreadsheet in Excel 2013

how to wrap text for all cells in excel 2013 spreadsheet

You may have already found the option to wrap text in Excel 2013, but you might have noticed that it will only apply to the cell that is currently selected. This is not something that can only be done to one cell at a time, however. You can wrap text … [Continue reading]

How to Stop Sharing Your Location With Someone on an iPhone 7

how to stop sharing my location on an iphone

You can share your location with someone through the Messages app on your iPhone. This is very helpful if you are meeting someone somewhere and want to know how far away they are, or if you have a family member (like a child) that you want to be able … [Continue reading]

How to Make the Apple Watch Screen Stay On Longer

how to make apple watch screen stay on longer

The Apple Watch interface is surprisingly easy to use given the limited amount of ways in which you can interact with it, and the small size of the screen. But you may find that the screen is turning off too quickly, and that you need to keep … [Continue reading]

How to Delete an App in Android Marshmallow

how to delete an app in android marshmallow

The Google Play Store provides an easy option for locating and installing new apps. But you may find that you need to know how to delete an app in Android Marshmallow if the app isn't useful, or if you aren't using it very often. Our guide below … [Continue reading]

How to Set an Out of Office Reply in Yahoo Mail

how to set an out of office reply in yahoo mail

Learning how to set an out of office reply in Yahoo Mail is crucial if you need to let your contacts know that you might not be responding to their messages for a short period of time. The out of office reply, or vacation response, as it is called by … [Continue reading]

How to View Your Step Count on an Apple Watch

how to find the step count on the apple watch

The Apple Watch is a terrific accessory for keeping track of information about your daily activity. You can view information about the number of calories that you have burned, the amount that you have exercised, and the distance that you have … [Continue reading]

10 Things to Know Before You Buy an iPhone 7

10 things to know before you buy an iphone 7

The iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus are the newest models of iPhone available at the beginning of 2017. The iPhone 7 is one of the most popular cell phones in the world and, despite some specific criticisms that it received when it launched, is also … [Continue reading]

How to Change Your Move Goal on the Apple Watch

how to change your move goal on the apple watch

When you first configured your Apple Watch, you entered information about yourself and your activity levels. This calculates a calorie goal, or Move goal, and your Apple Watch tracks your progress in completing that goal each day. However, you might … [Continue reading]

How to Set an Out of Office Reply in Gmail

how to set an out of office reply in gmail

You might be looking to set an out of office reply in Gmail when you know that you won't be able to access your emails with the frequency that your contacts might need or expect. Fortunately this setting is available in Gmail, and you have the … [Continue reading]

What are the Numbers in the Message Field When I Send Text Messages on My iPhone?

why are there numbers in the message field on my iphone text messages

You may have noticed that some of the text messages you send from your iPhone will have a number that displays at the upper-right corner of the message field. You probably also noticed that this number increases as you type. That is because it is … [Continue reading]