How to Delete a Row in Google Sheets

how to delete a row in google sheets

Does your Google Sheets spreadsheet have rows that you don't need or want? Empty rows, or incorrect data, can be a problem for any spreadsheet, so you might be looking for a way to quickly delete rows that aren't necessary. Fortunately Google … [Continue reading]

How to Set Your Contact Picture in Gmail

set contact picture in gmail

Have you ever received an email from someone and seen their picture when you opened the email? This means that they have set up their contact picture, which is a helpful way to put a face to a name, and personalize the email communication. If you … [Continue reading]

How to Switch Away from Tabs in Gmail

how to switch from tabs in gmail

Your Gmail inbox can be formatted in several different ways. The default option includes three separate tabs where emails are sorted into categories, such as Primary, Social, and Promotions. This lets you segment emails by type, making it easy to … [Continue reading]

How to Show Formulas in Google Sheets

how to show formulas in google sheets

The beauty of formulas in spreadsheets is their ability to perform calculations for you. Often this occurs with the help of a mathematical operator in combination with a cell location. In most cases the most important part of this scenario is the … [Continue reading]

How to Delete a Header in Google Docs

how to delete a header in google docs

Do you have a document that you received from someone else, or are you re-purposing an existing document for something new? If so, then it is possible that there is information in the header that is no longer relevant, or that needs to be … [Continue reading]

How to Automatically Download Books & Audiobooks on an iPhone 7

how to automatically download books and audiobooks on iphone 7

The iTunes Store offers you the option to browse for music, movies, books and more. You can then purchase and download those files to your iOS devices. It's common for individuals to have more than one iOS device that share the same Apple ID, and you … [Continue reading]

How to Remove the Dollar Sign in Google Sheets

how to remove dollar sign in google sheets

Properly formatting values in a spreadsheet is an important consideration in making the data easy to interpret for your readers. In the case of monetary values, using a standardized format, specifically one that will always use two decimal places, … [Continue reading]

How to Turn Off Grayscale on an Apple Watch

how to turn off grayscale on apple watch

Is your Apple Watch suddenly only displaying black, white, and gray colors? This could be a little alarming if you didn't do it intentionally. The bright colors and vivid display of the Apple Watch is certainly one of its more appealing features so, … [Continue reading]

How to Add a Header in Google Docs

how to add a header in google docs

The header section of a document is a good place to put important information, such as the author's name, the title of the document, or a page number. If you are familiar with Microsoft Word, then you are likely accustomed to adding information to … [Continue reading]

How Many Songs Do I Have in the Music App on My iPhone 7?

how many songs do i have on my iphone

The Music app on your iPhone is the place to go when you want to listen to songs that you have bought from iTunes, imported from your computer, or downloaded from Apple Music. It is very easy to acquire songs on your iPhone and, if you spend a lot of … [Continue reading]