How to Sort By Date in Excel Online

how to sort by date in excel online

Some of the features that I use most often in Microsoft Excel Online are the sorting features. The ability to reorganize your data can be a lifesaver, either when you are editing or evaluating data in your own spreadsheet, or when you are preparing a … [Continue reading]

How to Remove a Page Break in Word Online

how to remove a page break in word online

While the page break function in Word Online works fine when you don't have specific elements that you need to appear on specific pages, you may find that certain documents require the addition of manual page breaks to achieve a desired … [Continue reading]

Roku Express Review

roku express review package contents

Roku has been a competitor in the set-top streaming box market for several years, and has emerged as one of the leading options for people that want to purchase a device that lets them stream video from places like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon … [Continue reading]

How to Turn On Tablet Mode in Windows 10

how to enable tablet mode in windows 10

Many laptop computers that you can buy today have touchscreen capabilities. The ability to interact with your computer in this manner can make certain tasks a little easier, and it's likely that you purchased your laptop specifically because of this … [Continue reading]

How to Continue Where You Left Off in Google Chrome

how to continue where you left off in google chrome

When Google Chrome opens, it is probably either opening to a specific page, or it is opening to a new tab. These are two of the various startup options for the app, and are good choice if you like to start your browsing session from a clean slate, or … [Continue reading]

How to Delete a Favorite in the Microsoft Edge iPhone App

how to delete a favorite in the edge iphone app

While you may become accustomed to getting to certain websites in certain ways, it can often require a bit of typing, or even a series of a couple of steps. Luckily the Edge app on your iPhone has a feature called Favorites that lets you save a Web … [Continue reading]

How to Show Smaller Taskbar Buttons in Windows 10

how to make taskbar buttons smaller in windows 10

The taskbar at the bottom of your screen in Windows 10 is a good place to put shortcuts to your most commonly-used programs. You can add a number if different apps to this location, and make navigating on your computer a lot simpler. But you may … [Continue reading]

How to Get to Your Reading List in the Microsoft Edge iPhone App

how to find the reading list in microsoft edge

The Reading List is a common feature in mobile Web browsers. The Microsoft Edge app on your iPhone has one, too, and it's a convenient place to save articles that you want to read in the future, but may not have time to read right now. If you have … [Continue reading]

How to Save as a PDF from Word Online

how to save as a pdf from word online

When you share documents with other people, whether it's through email or as something that you upload through a website, they often want the document to be in a specific file format. Documents that you create in Word Online will typically have the … [Continue reading]

How to Hide a Column in Excel Online

how to hide a column in excel online

It's very likely that you will eventually be working with a spreadsheet that contains a lot of data. Sometimes this data might be a little too extensive, meaning that you have entire columns of information that you don't need. But deleting that data … [Continue reading]