How to Add Yellow Shading to a Row in Google Sheets

how to use fill color in google sheets

Large spreadsheets can be much easier to manage when you use fill colors to highlight rows that are important, or share similarities. For example, highlighting multiple rows with a yellow fill color could let you highlight good months in a sales … [Continue reading]

How to Get iPhone Discord Map Links to Open in Google Maps

how to open discord google map links in google maps

Discord is a really helpful app for communicating with a large group of people. You can even send Google Maps links in the various channels, then other users in the channel can click on that link to open it in Google Maps and get driving directions. … [Continue reading]

How to Remove a Link from a Document in Google Docs

how to remove a hyperlink in google docs

The ability to add a link to a document is something that can come in handy for any program that allows that functionality. Creating a clickable object called a hyperlink means that someone can click on a word in your document and open a page on the … [Continue reading]

How to View Wi-Fi Data Usage in Android Marshmallow

how to view marshmallow wifi data usage

Longtime smartphone users often develop the habit of connecting to a Wi-Fi network whenever possible. A Wi-Fi network is usually faster than a cellular network, and you won't use any of your cellular data (typically) when you are on a Wi-Fi … [Continue reading]

How to Enable the Location Option in Android Marshmallow

how to turn on location in android marshmallow

Many of the services and apps on your Android phone need information about your location in order to function as intended. However, if the Location setting on your phone is turned off, then you may notice some unusual behavior from these apps or, … [Continue reading]

How to Turn Off Drag and Drop Editing in Word 2011 for Mac

how to turn off drag and drop in word 2011

When you are working in Word and Excel on a computer with a touchpad or a sensitive mouse, it's very easy to accidentally select words and move them around. This happens because of a feature in Word that allows you to select something in the … [Continue reading]

How to Stop Your iPhone 7 from Asking You to Join Networks

iphone 7 how to stop asking to join wifi networks

If you have had your iPhone for some time you have probably already connected to your Wi-Fi network at home, at work, and possible at your friends and family member's homes. But you might notice that your phone is prompting you to connect to Wi-Fi … [Continue reading]

How to Clear Formatting from a Selection in Google Docs

how to clear formatting in google docs

There are many formatting options available in Google Docs, and most of them can all be applied simultaneously to the same character, word, sentence, or paragraph. While combinations of formatting elements can be helpful in certain contexts, you may … [Continue reading]

How to Turn Off Autocomplete in Google Sheets

turn off autocomplete in google sheets

Autocomplete is a helpful setting in a number of different programs where you might be repeatedly entering the same word. Autocomplete works by recognizing the first few letters that you have typed, seeing that a similar word already exists in the … [Continue reading]

How to Adjust the Transparency on a Picture in Google Docs

how to change image transparency in google docs

Pictures that you want to put into a Google Docs document can come from a variety of sources. Unfortunately the versions of those images that are available to use aren't always exactly what we need, so we must make some adjustments to help them … [Continue reading]