How to Use a Bigger Default Font Size in Google Chrome

how to change default font size in google chrome

Most of the applications that you use on your computer will have a default font size. This is meant to be the best text size for fitting a lot of information on your screen, while still making that information legible. But you may find that the … [Continue reading]

How to Add a Row to a Table in Google Docs

how to add a row to a table in google docs

When you initially create a table in a document, you may have an idea of what that table's data will entail. Unfortunately you may discover than you need to add more data, or that you would like to include a header row that you had forgotten … [Continue reading]

How to Enable Ctrl Tab Cycling in Firefox

how to use ctrl tab to switch between tabs in firefox

Keyboard shortcuts are a helpful part of applications that permit them, as pressing combinations of keys on your keyboard is often faster than performing the comparable move with a mouse. One particularly useful shortcut in Firefox lets you press … [Continue reading]

How to Turn Off Prediction for Searches and URLs in the Google Chrome Address Bar

how to disable search prediction in google chrome

The address bar at the top of the window in Google Chrome is where you can type the URL for a Web page and be taken to that page. But it is more than that, and is also where you can enter a search term to find something. It will even offer search or … [Continue reading]

How to Delete a Table from a Document in Google Docs

how to delete a table in google docs

A table can be a helpful elements in a document that needs to present data to its readers. But data that you initially though would be best-served by a table may later prove to be better in a paragraph. This can leave you with a document that … [Continue reading]

How to Add a Table to a Document in Google Docs

how to insert table in google docs

Tables and grid layouts like those in Microsoft Excel are popular for organizing and displaying data. It makes a lot of information much easier to read, as the structure of the data and its uniformity can help to eliminate confusion that can occur … [Continue reading]

How to Add the Developer Tab in Outlook 2013

how to add the developer tab in outlook 2013

Microsoft Outlook affords you the ability to perform a lot of complex email-related tasks. It has a lot of benefits over the Web-based email clients offered by many providers, but it's possible that you can do even more with Outlook 2013 than you … [Continue reading]

How to Hide Gridlines in a Publisher 2013 Table

hide gridlines in publisher 2013 table

Printing and viewing gridlines in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is often a setting that needs to be enabled to make the table easier to read when it's printed. The gridlines make it easier to separate the data visually, and can help to eliminate … [Continue reading]

How to View Slides as a Grid in Google Slides

how to switch to grid view in google slides

The standard view in Google Slides shows the currently-selected slide at the center of the window, and it consumes the majority of your screen space. You can also see a scrollable list of slides at the left side of the window, which allows you to … [Continue reading]

How to Increase the Number of Displayed Decimal Places in Google Sheets

how to increase the number of decimal places in google sheets

Cells in a spreadsheet can contain a wide variety of data types. Certain types of data are best displayed with certain formatting, so it's possible that some of the values you currently see in your spreadsheet aren't show exactly how you want … [Continue reading]