Listed below are some of our favorite products that we have reviewed, as well as some of our most helpful reviews.

Roku Models

The Roku is the best set-top-streaming box on the market, and they sell a lot of different models. The prices range from about $50 for the entry-level Roku LT to $99 for the top of the line Roku 3. Click any of the links below to learn more about a specific Roku.

If you want to learn more about the Rokus and the differences that exist between them, check out our article about the different Roku models.


Best-Selling Amazon Laptops

There are so many different laptop models available to purchase that it can get overwhelming. One of the best places to start is with the best-seller list at Amazon. This list contains a mix of the best-reviewed laptops and the laptops that are the best value, so you should be able to get an idea of the type of computer you should be looking for.

Click here to check out Amazon’s best-selling laptops.


Amazon’s electronics deals

Amazon has tons of products on sale everyday. In fact, there are so many sales that it’s hard to find all of them. But you can click one of the links in the image below to visit their site and view their Lightning and top deals for the day.