How to Make Widgets on iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Making widgets on your iPad can enhance your productivity and personalize your home screen. By following a few simple steps, you can add, edit, and organize widgets to suit your needs. Widgets give you quick access to important information and frequently used apps right from your home screen. Here’s a quick overview of how to do it: press and hold any blank area on your home screen until the apps jiggle, then tap the ‘+’ icon, select the widget you want, choose a size, and add it to your screen. Now, let’s dive into the detailed steps.

How to Make Widgets on iPad

Adding widgets to your iPad home screen is a straightforward process that will allow you to access information and functions quickly. Follow these steps to seamlessly integrate widgets into your daily iPad use.

Step 1: Press and Hold

Press and hold any blank area on your home screen until the apps start to jiggle.

This activates the “edit” mode on your iPad, where you’ll be able to move apps around, delete them, or add new widgets. It’s similar to setting up a new arrangement of furniture in your room.

Step 2: Tap the ‘+’ Icon

Tap the ‘+’ icon in the upper-left corner of the screen.

This action will open the widget gallery, showcasing a variety of widgets available for you to choose from. Think of it like browsing through a catalog of useful tools.

Step 3: Select a Widget

Scroll through the widget gallery, and tap on the widget you want to add.

Each widget represents an app or a function. Selecting a widget opens a mini-preview of what it looks like and what it does, helping you decide if it fits your needs.

Step 4: Choose a Size

Choose the size of the widget by swiping left or right, then tap “Add Widget.”

Widgets come in various sizes, offering different levels of information or functionality. Choosing the right size is like deciding whether you want a small picture frame or a large poster on your wall.

Step 5: Place the Widget

Drag the widget to your desired location on the home screen and tap “Done.”

You can move widgets around just like apps. Placing them strategically on your home screen ensures that the most important information is always at your fingertips.

Once you’ve followed these steps, your chosen widgets will be displayed on your home screen. They will update automatically, providing you with real-time information and quick access to your favorite features.

Tips for Making Widgets on iPad

  • Customize Your Widgets: Some widgets allow you to customize their settings. Tap and hold the widget, then select “Edit Widget” to adjust its options.
  • Stack Widgets: You can stack multiple widgets of the same size on top of each other by dragging one widget onto another. Swipe up or down to cycle through the stacked widgets.
  • Use Smart Stack: Smart Stacks are dynamic widget stacks that automatically show the most relevant widget at the right time throughout the day.
  • Explore Third-Party Widgets: Download apps that offer widgets to expand the functionality of your home screen.
  • Rearrange Widgets: You can rearrange widgets anytime by entering the “edit” mode and dragging them to new locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add widgets to any iPad?

Most iPads running iOS 14 or later support widgets. Check your iPad’s software version in the settings.

How do I remove a widget?

Press and hold the widget, then select “Remove Widget.” Confirm your choice to remove it from the home screen.

Can I resize widgets after adding them?

No, you must delete the widget and add it again in the desired size.

What are Smart Stacks?

Smart Stacks are a type of widget stack that automatically changes to show relevant widgets throughout the day.

Are third-party widgets safe?

Yes, as long as you download them from the App Store, they go through Apple’s security checks.


  1. Press and Hold
  2. Tap the ‘+’ Icon
  3. Select a Widget
  4. Choose a Size
  5. Place the Widget


Widgets can transform your iPad into a highly personalized and efficient tool. They offer quick access to essential apps and information, helping you stay organized and focused. Whether you’re checking the weather, tracking your fitness goals, or staying updated with the latest news, widgets bring the information you need right to your home screen.

Don’t hesitate to explore different widgets and customize your home screen to fit your lifestyle. For further reading, you can check out Apple’s official support page on widgets or explore forums where users share their favorite widget setups. Now, go ahead and start making the most out of your iPad by adding some handy widgets!

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