How to Jailbreak iPad: A Comprehensive Guide for Unlocking Your Device

Jailbreaking an iPad involves unlocking its operating system to allow for installation of unauthorized apps, tweaks, and customizations. This process requires a computer, a compatible iOS version, and specific jailbreaking software. Follow the steps carefully to avoid any potential issues.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Jailbreak iPad

This guide will walk you through the steps required to jailbreak your iPad, enabling you to customize it beyond the limitations set by Apple.

Step 1: Check Your iPad’s Compatibility

Ensure your iPad’s iOS version is compatible with the available jailbreaking tools.

To find your iOS version, go to “Settings,” tap “General,” then “About.” Look for the “Version” number. Compatibility varies, so Google your iOS version alongside “jailbreak” to see if a tool exists.

Step 2: Backup Your Data

Backup your iPad data to prevent any loss during the jailbreaking process.

Use iCloud or iTunes to create a full backup. Connect your iPad to Wi-Fi, go to “Settings,” tap your name at the top, then “iCloud,” and select “iCloud Backup.” Tap “Back Up Now.”

Step 3: Download Jailbreaking Software

Download the appropriate jailbreaking software for your iOS version.

Popular options include Checkra1n and unc0ver. Visit their official websites to download the tool. Ensure you download the latest version for optimal performance and safety.

Step 4: Disable Security Features

Turn off passcode, Face ID/Touch ID, and Find My iPad.

Head to “Settings,” tap “Face ID & Passcode” or “Touch ID & Passcode,” and turn it off. Also, go to “Settings,” tap your name, select “Find My,” and turn off “Find My iPad.”

Step 5: Connect iPad to Computer

Connect your iPad to your computer using a USB cable.

Ensure your computer recognizes the iPad. You may need to trust the computer from your iPad. Follow any on-screen prompts to establish the connection.

Step 6: Launch Jailbreaking Software

Open the jailbreaking software on your computer.

Follow the software’s on-screen instructions. This usually involves putting your iPad into DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode or simply clicking a “Start” button within the tool.

Step 7: Complete the Jailbreak

Let the jailbreaking software complete the process.

Don’t disconnect your iPad or close the software until the jailbreak is finished. This can take several minutes. Once completed, your iPad will restart.

Step 8: Install Cydia

Install Cydia, the app store for jailbroken devices.

Cydia should appear on your home screen after the jailbreak. Open it and complete any initial setup required. This will allow you to download and install third-party apps and tweaks.

After completing these steps, your iPad will be jailbroken, meaning you can now install apps and customizations that Apple doesn’t normally allow. Enjoy the newfound freedom but proceed with caution.

Tips for Jailbreaking iPad

  • Always check compatibility: Ensure the jailbreaking tool matches your iOS version.
  • Backup data: Use iCloud or iTunes to avoid losing personal data.
  • Disable security: Turn off passcodes and Find My iPad for a smooth process.
  • Use reputable sources: Download jailbreaking software from official sites.
  • Research potential risks: Be aware of security risks and possible malfunctions.

Frequently Asked Questions about Jailbreaking iPad

Is jailbreaking legal?

Yes, but it might void your warranty.

Can jailbreaking harm my iPad?

There are risks including potential security vulnerabilities and the chance of “bricking” your device.

Will I lose data if I jailbreak my iPad?

There’s a risk, which is why backing up your data is crucial.

Can I return to a non-jailbroken state?

Yes, restoring your iPad via iTunes will remove the jailbreak.

Are jailbroken apps safe?

Not always. Be cautious and only download from trusted sources.


  1. Check compatibility.
  2. Backup data.
  3. Download jailbreaking software.
  4. Disable security features.
  5. Connect iPad to computer.
  6. Launch jailbreaking software.
  7. Complete the jailbreak.
  8. Install Cydia.


Jailbreaking your iPad opens up a world of possibilities, breaking free from Apple’s restrictions. By following the steps carefully—checking compatibility, backing up data, and using trusted software—you can enjoy the added flexibility and customization options of a jailbroken iPad. However, it’s crucial to remain aware of both the benefits and potential risks, such as security vulnerabilities and the need to restore your device to undo the jailbreak.

If you’re new to this, take your time and do your research. For those looking for further reading, numerous forums and communities offer in-depth advice and support for the jailbreaking journey. So go ahead, unlock the potential of your iPad—just tread carefully and enjoy the new freedom responsibly.

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