How to Turn Writing into Text on iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you want to turn writing into text on an iPad, you’re in luck! The process is straightforward and can be done in just a few steps. You’ll use the built-in “Scribble” feature in iPadOS, which lets you write with an Apple Pencil and have it converted to text instantly. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started.

Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to Turn Writing into Text on iPad

This tutorial will show you how to use the Scribble feature on your iPad to convert your handwritten notes into typed text.

Step 1: Ensure Your iPad is Compatible

Check if your iPad supports Scribble by making sure it’s running iPadOS 14 or later.

Before you get started, make sure that your iPad is up-to-date. Scribble only works on iPads running iPadOS 14 and later. To check your software version, go to “Settings,” then “General,” and tap “Software Update.”

Step 2: Get an Apple Pencil

You’ll need an Apple Pencil to use Scribble.

Scribble requires an Apple Pencil, so if you don’t have one already, you’ll need to get one. Apple Pencil is compatible with several iPad models, so ensure that the one you purchase matches your device.

Step 3: Enable Scribble

Go to “Settings,” select “Apple Pencil,” and toggle on “Scribble.”

To enable Scribble, go to “Settings,” then tap on “Apple Pencil.” You’ll see an option to toggle on “Scribble.” Turn it on, and you’re ready to go.

Step 4: Open a Compatible App

Open an app that supports Scribble, like Notes or Pages.

Scribble works in various apps like Notes, Pages, and even some third-party apps. Open one of these apps to start converting your handwriting to text.

Step 5: Start Writing

Use your Apple Pencil to write in any text field.

Once you’ve opened a compatible app, simply use your Apple Pencil to start writing in any text field. Your handwriting will be automatically converted into typed text.

What Happens After You Complete the Action

After you follow these steps, your handwriting will be converted to text in real-time as you write. This feature is handy for taking notes more efficiently or drafting documents quickly. Plus, it reduces the need for typing, making it a great tool for productivity.

Tips: How to Turn Writing into Text on iPad

  • Keep your handwriting legible: Scribble works best when your writing is clear and easy to read.
  • Try different apps: Scribble is not just limited to Apple’s default apps; many third-party apps also support it.
  • Use shortcuts: Scribble allows you to scratch out a mistake to erase it or draw a line through text to select it.
  • Customize settings: You can adjust Scribble settings for different languages, making it versatile.
  • Practice: The more you use Scribble, the more accurate and faster it becomes in converting your handwriting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my iPad supports Scribble?

Check if your iPad is running iPadOS 14 or later in “Settings” > “General” > “Software Update.”

Can I use Scribble without an Apple Pencil?

No, Scribble requires an Apple Pencil for handwriting recognition.

Which apps support Scribble?

Scribble works with many apps, including Notes, Pages, and some third-party applications.

How do I correct mistakes while using Scribble?

You can scratch out a mistake with your Apple Pencil to erase it, or draw a line through text to select it.

Is Scribble available in multiple languages?

Yes, you can customize Scribble settings to recognize different languages in “Settings” > “Apple Pencil.”


  1. Ensure your iPad is compatible.
  2. Get an Apple Pencil.
  3. Enable Scribble.
  4. Open a compatible app.
  5. Start writing.


Turning writing into text on an iPad can significantly enhance your productivity. By using the Scribble feature, you can easily convert your handwritten notes into typed text, making it simpler to manage and share your notes. Whether you’re a student taking class notes, a professional jotting down meeting minutes, or someone who loves the tactile feel of writing, Scribble makes it easier to integrate your handwriting into the digital world.

For additional tips and tricks, consider exploring more iPadOS features or diving into third-party apps that complement Scribble. Equip yourself with the right tools and practice regularly to get the most out of this fantastic feature. Now that you know how to turn writing into text on an iPad, why not give it a try? Happy scribbling!

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