Great Touchscreen Laptop Values for October 2013

Touchscreen laptops are very popular right now, largely due to how well they work with Windows 8. When you combine that with the proliferation of touchscreen smartphones that have made people a lot more comfortable with the technology, then you have a popular class of products. Fortunately touchscreen laptops have also become a lot more […]

Best-Selling Laptops for October 2013

Shopping for a new laptop computer can be an overwhelming task, simply due to the sheer volume of options that are available to you. There are different operating systems, different manufacturers, similar model numbers and a whole other slew of information that can make it difficult to make a decision on the right computer for […]

Amazon Best Selling Laptops – Choose Your Price Range

Last updated: January 10, 2017 Looking at Amazon’s best selling laptops can be an effective way to start searching for a new laptop for yourself. There are so many options available that is can be a little overwhelming, so being able to see which laptops are selling the best will give you a good idea […]

Best-Selling Amazon Laptops from $300-$500 for September 2012

Below you will find a list of the five most popular laptop computers that are currently for sale at Amazon, and are priced between $300 and $500. Each entry includes the name of the computer, a small grid highlighting its’ important features, as well as a link to our review of that computer (if we […]