How to Stop Showing Snippets in Gmail

The emails in your Gmail inbox most likely consist of a row of information displaying the name of the sender, the subject of the email, and a small portion of that email. This combination of information provides you with a lot of information about the message that you have received. But you may dislike the […]

How to Remove Your Signature in Gmail

If you often write emails for work or an organization, it can be tedious to always sign those emails with your name, phone number, and perhaps other identifying information of means of contact. The signature option that is available in most email applications can automate this step for you, freeing you from the tediousness that […]

How to Switch to Tabs in Gmail

It’s pretty common for the majority of emails that you receive to be junk, newsletters, and generally things that you just don’t care about that much. While unsubscribing from many of these can really help to reduce your inbox clutter, there are other emails that you might not actually read, but are hesitant to stop […]

How to Disable Auto-Complete for New Contacts in Gmail

The auto-complete feature is something that many users rely upon in any email program that offers it. This auto-complete list is usually generated from your contact list, but Gmail has a feature where it will automatically add anyone that you email to this list. This is helpful if you don’t always create contacts, even for […]

How to Set Your Contact Picture in Gmail

Have you ever received an email from someone and seen their picture when you opened the email? This means that they have set up their contact picture, which is a helpful way to put a face to a name, and personalize the email communication. If you would like to set this up for your Gmail […]

How to Switch Away from Tabs in Gmail

Your Gmail inbox can be formatted in several different ways. The default option includes three separate tabs where emails are sorted into categories, such as Primary, Social, and Promotions. This lets you segment emails by type, making it easy to ignore the emails that you don’t typically act upon, or that aren’t as important to […]

How to Turn Off Chat in Gmail

Gmail has a lot of features and settings that help to make it one of the best free email services that you can use. One of the features that you may or may not be using is a chat feature that lets you easily communicate with other Gmail users within the Gmail tab. But if […]

How to Create a Signature in Gmail

Have you ever received a signature from someone that included information about them, such as a phone number, address, or maybe a link to their company or social media profile? Chances are good that they aren’t typing that at the end of every email they send, and that it is a signature that is automatically […]

How to Get Gmail to Ask Before Displaying External Images

Many of the emails that you receive in your Gmail inbox are likely to contain some images. For example, if you ever subscribed to a company’s newsletter, or if you receive emails about the latest deals from your favorite stores, then there are almost certainly images embedded in the body of those emails. But if […]

How to Change the Default Font in Gmail

Almost every program that you use on your computer that includes text input allows for some level of customization in the way that text appears. Whether it’s a document in Word or a spreadsheet in Excel, there are options that let you choose how text appears in those applications. So if you are unhappy with […]