Toshiba Satellite C855-S5194 15.6″ Laptop (Fusion Finish in Mercury Silver) Review

If you have been reading any Toshiba Satellite C855-S5194 15.6″ Laptop (Fusion Finish in Mercury Silver) reviews, then you are likely considering purchasing this affordable Windows 8 laptop.

It has a great combination of features that will appeal to a variety of users, and its’ price point is attractive both for students searching for a reliable laptop for going back to school, as well as individuals that need a home computer or one for work. So check out the main features and drawbacks below to see if this is the right computer for you. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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Specs and Features


Toshiba Satellite C855-S5194

ProcessorIntel Core i3-3120M Processor
Hard Drive640 GB (5400 RPM)
Battery Life4.1 hours
Screen15.6-inch (1366×768 pixels)
KeyboardStandard with 10-key numeric
Total Number of USB Ports3
Number of USB 3.0 Ports1
GraphicsMobiel Intel HD graphics

Pros of the Toshiba Satellite C855-S5194 15.6″ Laptop (Fusion Finish in Mercury Silver)

  • Great performance components for most users
  • Good selection of ports
  • Wired and wireless networking options
  • Great price

Cons of the Toshiba Satellite C855-S5194

  • No backlit keyboard
  • Expected battery life is a little low
  • Sound isn’t great


In this price range you will most likely be finding an assortment of laptops with either Intel i3 processors or an AMD option. The 3rd generation Intel processor in this laptop is the more powerful of those options, so this is going to be one of the better performing laptops that you will find without spending more money. This laptop also includes 6 GB of RAM, integrated graphics and a 5400 RPM hard drive.

The 6 GB of RAM is more than enough for programs like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Microsoft Office, and will even perform well while doing minor photo editing tasks in programs like Adobe Photoshop. It can also multi-task these types of programs with ease.

This laptop is not well-suited for people that want to play newer games at higher settings, although it will manage less resource-intensive games, or games played at lower settings. So you can play something like Diablo 3 or World of Warcraft, but not something like Bioshock Infinite or Battlefield 3. It is also not a good option for video editing, or other similar tasks that require a powerful dedicated graphics card.


The 4.1 hours of battery life on this laptop will be fine for shorter domestic plane flights or shorter periods of time where you need to be away from a power outlet, but it does not offer the same freedom of mobility that you would get with a more expensive ultrabook.

At 5.4 pounds and 1.31 inches high when closed it is average in both size and weight for a 15.6″ laptop. And since 15.6″ is a very common size for a laptop computer, you won’t have any difficulties finding a laptop bag into which this computer will fit.


This Toshiba laptop has all of the features, ports and connections that you would expect from a laptop at this price. The full list is below:

  • 802.11 b/g/n WiFi
  • Ethernet (RJ45) port
  • (1) USB 3.0 port
  • (2) USB 2.0 ports
  • HDMI port
  • VGA port
  • DVD Super-multi drive
  • Memory card reader
  • Webcam


While Windows 8 may be a little intimidating to people that have yet to try it, it really isn’t that bad. It runs faster and smoother than Windows 7, and the normal desktop view to which you are accustomed is still available by clicking the “Desktop” tile on the Windows 8 Metro screen. As with almost every operating system change it will take a little while for you to get used to it, but I have found that I actually prefer some aspects of it to Windows 7.

This is the perfect type of computer for people that need something for around the house, or for a student going back to college that is looking for a reliable laptop option on a budget. Gamers, video editors or photographers may want to look elsewhere, but people that really only need a computer to browse the Internet, create Microsoft Office documents and store their digital media files will enjoy using this computer.

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