How to Remove an Entry in the Word 2013 Dictionary

When you use spell check in Word 2013, you have the opportunity to add words to a custom dictionary. This is helpful if you frequently use words that Microsoft’s spell checker does not recognize, and that you want it to learn so that it does not flag them incorrectly in the future. But it is […]

How to Open the Navigation Pane in Word 2013

Microsoft features a tool called the Navigation Pane in Word 2013 that provides a convenient location for you to navigate through your document. You may have gotten used to using it, only to open Word one day and find that it is gone. The Navigation Pane is an optional part of the Word 2013 layout, and […]

How to Set 1-inch Margins in Word 2011

Document formatting can be a point of contention for many companies, schools, and publications, so knowing how to set up your documents to match those requirements is important knowledge to have. One common formatting requirement is related to the document margins, and a popular choice is to set all of the document margins at 1 […]

How to Change the Default Font Color in Word 2013

Using a different font color for a document in Word 2013 is as simple as changing an option in the navigational ribbon. You can even change the font color for a large section of text in a document, or change the color of an entire document. But if you change the font color of nearly […]

How to Start Page Numbering Later in the Document in Word 2013

You may already know how to number pages in Microsoft Word 2013, which will add a page number to the selected location in a document. The default page numbering system will start at 1 on the first page, and continue until the last page. But this page numbering is not ideal for every situation, and […]

How to Remove a Link in Word 2013

You can create hyperlinks in Microsoft Word 2013 from the Insert menu at the top of the window, or by right-clicking a selection and choosing to make a hyperlink. Some types of text will even become hyperlinks automatically in Word 2013 with default settings. But if your audience will be reading your document on the printed […]

How to Change the Direction of Text in Word 2013

Last updated: March 13, 2019 Microsoft Word has a lot of possible applications aside from simple document creation. For example, you might use it to create a newsletter or flyer, which will inspire you to modify your text in ways that typical document editing may not require. One such modification is the option to change the direction in […]

How to Turn Off Automatic Hyperlinking in Word 2013

Microsoft Word 2013 includes several features to make document creation and editing as simple as possible, and one such feature involves creating a hyperlink whenever you type text in a format that is often linked. But this may not be a behavior that you like to include in your documents, and going back to manually remove those […]

How to Insert a Comment in Word 2010

Last updated: March 16, 2019 Collaborating on a document can be very difficult when individuals need to identify changes made by someone else. Word 2010 offers a feature called Track Changes that makes it much easier to see the modifications that have been made to the document, but another helpful tool allows you to add […]

How to Clear All Tab Stops in Word 2013

The default tab behavior in Microsoft Word 2013 is for a tab location at every half inch. But the needs for your document might dictate that this tab positioning is not ideal, causing you to create your own custom tab stops. But if you find later that your added tab stops are not helpful, or if […]