How to Paste as Plain Text By Default in Word 2010

Text formatting can be a difficult thing to deal with when you are working in Microsoft Word 2010, and it is amplified when you are copying and pasting information from other documents or programs. Fortunately there is a setting in Microsoft Word that handles the formatting that is pasted along with the text that you […]

How to Change Hyperlink Color in Word 2010

You can format nearly every aspect of a document in Microsoft Word 2010, including the colors of certain elements. Due to the general lack of color in most documents, the small accents created by hyperlink colors can have a big impact on how the document is presented. So if you find that you dislike the […]

How to Use the Thesaurus in Word 2010

Microsoft Word 2010 includes a number of research tools that can aid you in writing your document. You are probably already familiar with the spellchecker, and possibly the grammar checker, but Word 2010 also has a thesaurus. The thesaurus tool in Word 2010 allows you to select a word in your document, then look that […]

How to Save a Picture as a New File in Word 2010

Word documents can take a lot of shapes and sizes, but it is not unusual to include pictures when you are editing something in the program. For example, you might even copy and paste cells from Excel as a picture, which allows you to easily move the data around without fear that it will accidentally […]

How to Pin a Document in Word 2010

Are there a couple of documents on your computer that you are always editing or printing? The Recent Documents list in Word 2010 is a great way to find the documents that you were working on last, but occasionally an often-used document could fall off of this list, forcing you to manually seek it out. […]

How to Select a Different Printer in Word 2010

It is not uncommon for people to have access to more than one printer, especially in an office environment. And when you can print to more than one printer, certain choices can be better for certain situations. For example, you might have a black and white laser printer connected to your computer that prints everything […]

How to Add a Signature Line in Word 2010

If you are creating a contract, or sending an official letter, in Microsoft Word 2010, then you may be looking to add a place where the document can be signed. Word 2010 offers an official tool that allows you to quickly create a signature line, even including an X to let the person know to […]

How to Delete a Single Recent Document in Word 2010

If you have difficulty locating documents that you have saved in Microsoft Word 2010, then there is a location within the program that displays documents that you have recently opened. But if you share a computer with a colleague, classmate, or family member, then you might prefer that they are not able to access certain […]

How to Hide the Recent Documents in Word 2013

If you are working on a shared computer, then you may not want people to be able to easily see what you have been working on in Word 2013. One of the simplest ways to locate previously edited documents is to check the Recent Documents list in the program. In fact, many people will use […]

Increase or Decrease the Number of Recent Documents in Word 2010

Microsoft Word 2010 will display documents that you have recently worked when you click the Recent option on the File tab. This is a default setting, and is one that many people use to find their documents. This makes it a simple task to re-open and resume work on a document that you were previously […]